Watch live on : Acting AG Whitaker testifies before Congress (stream has started; hearing begins 9:30 AM EST)

Oct 26, 2017

emptywheel @emptywheel

Lieu: Did you communicate abt SDNY investigations?

BDTS: I said other investigations. Refer you back to opening statement. SDNY would be included in other investigations.
Oct 27, 2017
Starting to watch just when Raskin (D) Maryland reads some highlights from Whitaker's CV

- ran a day care center
- owned a concrete supply co
- as a U.S. Attorney, persecuted Iowa's first gay state legislator on trumped-up Hobbes Act charges, which jury threw out in less than an hour
- scammed veterans out of their life savings

The utter mediocrity and cravenness of this dude is just another layer of depressing.
Nov 3, 2017
Portland, OR
They seriously need to give a mic cut off button to the representative asking questions. It's ridiculous that whenever a white dude who's never been held accountable in his life doesnt feel like cooperating he simply doesnt have to.