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Watch live on Twitch.tv : Acting AG Whitaker testifies before Congress (stream has started; hearing begins 9:30 AM EST)

Oct 25, 2017
He didn't call himself "acting" AG, he just said AG.

And in the same breath he said he didn't have any written documents about recommendations to recuse or not, that it wasn't recorded for a "close call" decision.

That's a YIKES
He didn't want to bind future AGs....


Aug 26, 2018
Keep thinking I'll come back into OT and see this guy has been subpoenaed but nope.

I expect nothing and I'm still let down. :(
Oct 31, 2017
Does he have the same glasses as congresswoman Escobar?
"Thank you for the question, Killthee. I understand this question is very important to you. As I sit here, I would like to point to my opening statement. I cannot discuss an open investigation. But no, my glasses are smaller."
Oct 27, 2017

Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur

This is quite remarkable given how central the nexus of illegal immigration and crime is to the president's political identity.

Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur

Matt Whitaker, grilled by Rep. @MaryGayScanlon, won't say if the Justice Department has come up with evidence that people in the US illegally commit crimes at higher rates than legal residents.

......so what's the fucking wall for......


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017

emptywheel @emptywheel

Escobar: Do you have any reason to disagree with FBI data?

BDTS: WE regularly rely on.

Escobar: That's not my question. DO you have any reason to disagree w/FBI data?

BDTS: I do not have reason to.

emptywheel @emptywheel

Escobar: Did you ever create docs relating to pardons of indviduals.

BDTS: I'm aware of docs relating to pardons.

Nadler; Since it is blackletter law that someone may apply for asylum, entitled to legal assistance. Constitutional problem?

BDTS: Safe third country.
Dec 19, 2017
It is amazing how people keep getting sucked into Trump's orbit despite seeing incidents like this. Nobody who has ever interacted with Trump walked away clean, his filth corrupts everyone around him, and he will throw you under the bus without hesitation. But sooner or later, we'll be in another thread months from now watching another newcomers to his orbit endure a 7 hour hearing.