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Weight Loss Challenge 8: Not Sorry For Your Loss

Oct 27, 2017
I'm doing intermittent fasting, while cutting out junk foods and just trying to eat more proteins than carbs.

Fasting has been fantastic for me so far, I can now do 16-8 easily without problems with hunger.

edit: changed my mind about officially participating, but will definitely follow along with the thread!
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Mar 1, 2018
Seeing as school is over in a week and i have no plans for summer i might as well participate in this. Currently 470lbs.

Gonna aim for 2000 calories a day with a 16:8 IF schedule and some walking for exercise. Had some success with a similar routine in the past.

I got some old jeans i want to be able to wear by August.
Mar 21, 2018
Dang, seeing that people sit at a desk for hours at a time is crazy to me now that I'm so used to being in motion on a recumbent bike or standing at my standing desk. I feel bad when I have to go to the movies now. That is the longest I sit still besides when I sleep.

From 102 > 100.8kg

I dont know, everytime after the day when i was at the gym, i am not loosing weight
If you're lifting you could be gaining muscle and/or holding water weight in repairing muscles. You should focus on the mirror and take measurements. The scale is only one of several ways to measure progress. I am heavier than I was a year ago yet look much better.
Jun 19, 2018
Looking at food scales on amazon atm. I guess I need to do start getting in the habit of doing this.
its really difficult to eyeball weights. I’ve only seen my grandma (who had a small grocery store and weighed stuff all day) do it accurately hahah. I personally dont weigh most food anymore, but thats only because I eat the same meals that I cycle through for about the last two years, with almost no condiments. Its boring af, but reliable. If I want to have mayo or chips or something equally calorie rich, I definitely weigh it because small mistakes make such a big difference.
Oct 27, 2017
April 11th: 200.2lbs
April 18th: 198.6lbs

Next weigh in will be a few days late because I'll be on vacation. Which probably won't be too good for my diet, but I'll try not to go too nuts...
194 lbs today, new low over previous which was 195.5. My goal for this challenge is at least 170lbs. The first time I weighed myself was at 212, but I am sure before that I was at least 220 at perhaps 230 at most. Since March 4th (weighed 212), I have lost 18 lbs.


A bit about my plan. As stated, I am doing intermittent fasting and keto. I started out with 16/8 only with no keto. Then I read it's not a bad idea to do keto-lite. Did like 50g carbs for a week or two. I told my friend about IF and keto and his enthusiasm about starting it got me to go full keto. One day I decided to try OMAD (one meal a day) and decided it wasn't hard at all. I think really easing into this lifestyle/diet has been a big positive for me, rather than jumping into the deep end.

So I never actually tried dieting before. My goal here is creating a sustainable lifestyle. I'm trying to tackle this diet/lifestyle with the same gusto I would any other hobby I am really into. I don't know what weight I really am aiming for. I do want to have very low body fat % and I want to maintain a respectable amount of lean mass. The calculator I am using has me at 12% bodyfat at 170 lbs. That would be unquestionably the best shape of my entire adult life and I think I would be only motivated to push that further.

I am still pretty hyped over my weigh in today. I had like a 2-3 week period where I bounced between 200.5-201.5, and that was just a bit over a week ago. So every time I don't see improvement I am kinda immune to it emotionally. I went 2-3 weeks sticking to the plan without improvement, basically faith even though I had my doubts at times. But every time I do see a nice jump now it's like a sugar high.

I do want to say one thing about the 2-3 weeks of stalling. I didn't just follow the plan, I tried to do something about it. I asked at r/keto and I adjusted my macros and ate more. I didn't just hope things worked out. I did more research and I continue to try to learn more to improve my plan.
Nov 15, 2017
Feel like I'm slowly figuring out weight training as far as form and whatnot. I never gave it much focus last time I was working out regularly, but since I also want more strength, I'm putting the time in to creating a routine.

Today was only my second workout, but it was already easier than the first as far as how confident I felt.
Oct 28, 2017
No change here in 8 days. Still 215lbs and 19.5% body fat. Funny how I've stalled again at exactly the same time as last year. I'm not expecting to lose much if any in the next 2 weeks either as there is easter food plus 2 birthdays to celibrate as well as meeting up with old friends for drinks. I might even gain weight!