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Oct 15, 2019
Washington, D.C.
Gene Park here, lifelong gamer, critic emeritus of GameCritics.com and currently the gaming reporter for The Washington Post. Longtime lurker, first time poster. hello!

currently playing:
jedi fallen order
luigis mansion 3
destiny 2 (again)
cod MW


Nov 25, 2019
Greeting everyone!

I lurked this place for a long time, but decided to make an account and actually post for once.

Been playing videogames since the snes era, while i'm somewhat eccletic, my favorite genres are strategy games and city building games, followed by rpgs.
Curretly limited to what i can run on a ordinary laptop, hoping to eventually built a PC.


Dec 1, 2019
Hey all, I'm Paulina, I like bideo game
Generally I play nintendo and indie pc games the most, but I'll try anything if it's on sale ;^)
Dec 2, 2019
Hi guys, I'm Keychain Ocelot, and if my name didn't already give it away, I'm a huge Metal Gear fan.

In terms of what I usually like to play, I find my tastes in video games to be far too wide to list out, so I'll just say that the only things I don't like playing are sports games. And even then, it's really the actual sport I dislike. I still do enjoy stuff like Football Manager, even if I'd rather do anything else than play PES or FIFA. Other than that, I'll play everything from Call of Duty to Exapunks to The Witness to Into the Breach.
Dec 2, 2019
Hello everyone, this is my very first post here. Thank you for approving my account, I hope to stay here for a long time.
I'm from Italy, so forgive my poor english please. I have absolutely no issues in reading it, but need some more improvements in writing. I'm 41 and have 4 children. Nice to meet you!


Dec 5, 2019
Hello everybody, I've always wanted to belong to a gaming community, but I just never found the right one. I think I'll really like it here :)
Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for the staff for allowing me to participate in this community. I've been a long time lurker and I've finally built the confidence to be a member and participate in conversations with you all. I'm from Brazil, 28 y'old, been gaming since 1996 and my fav genre is Survival Horror. My Top 3 Survival Horror Games of All Time would be:

1 - Alan Wake
2 - Silent Hill
3 - Resident Evil 2

I also enjoy RPGs (WRPG and JRPG) and Hack'N'Slash a lot.

My second hobby is music, i play drums just for fun (or just to drive my neighbors crazy, as my wife would normally say). And that's it, I hope to be a part of this community for a long time . Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about anything.