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Welcome New Members! Introduce Yourself Here


Jan 6, 2020
Well, I'm not exactly new - or old - but I missed the whole situation that started Era.

What was my surprise when I got back to this old life of internet foruns and saw the old place as it is now: I had great discussions back in the day there about mental health issues and whatnot.

Fortunatelly, some googling around about this whole ResetEra they keeping banging about explained it all to me and now, finally, everything in its right places.


Jan 8, 2020
Hello All,

My name is Alex, firstly thank you for accepting me, I found this site by accident and it looks like a cool place for discussion and game knowledge, so I'm excited to be jumping in.

Secondly, a brief history of gaming life I guess: I started by playing with the family Gameboy then got hooked, after that I was allowed a SNES as a child ( I know I'm old) and then progressed through PS1, N64, GameCube, Original Xbox, Xbox360, PS3, PS4, XboxOne and now XboxOne X. I have a half decent pc too but my coordination is like having two left feet instead of hands so I prefer console.

Anyway sorry that was long, I'll try and be more brief going forward 🙂.


Jan 5, 2020
Thanks for accepting my account.
I'm hoping to find a nice community here, where I can actually talk about video games instead of constant arguing.
I mainly play SDTV consoles. Right now I'm having a good time with a repaired PS1. Unfortunately I have a very large backlog.


Jan 9, 2020
Greetings folks, just posting to say thanks for activating my account. I’ve lurked this circuit for around ten years and it feels great finally being able to join in with the discussion. There is a fantastic community here and I look forward to contributing.

The weather is miserable in Wales at the moment so I’ve been playing a lot of Rockman and Castlevania around my studies. I look forward to discussing all things current gen, arcade, and FPGA.


Dec 16, 2017
Would you look at that, I joined a looong while ago but I never saw this thread, might as well do it now!

I gotta thank admins for creating an account for me despite not using my company's mail adress (because my "company" is a state institution with strict rules on private use of mail adresses). So thanks for that!

Anyways my name is Janine, some call me Janny, I'm from Germany and am what my parents would probably call "too old for video games" (I'm 28 and they are what internet society nowadays calls "boomers", so...) . I am also female. Scandalous to the main stream. I've long since stopped caring though :P.

That being said, while having friends who generally enjoy video games, some of them even own consoles, but for most of them it's priority no. 25, right behind cutting the garden hedge in a heart-shape, cause gardening is the shit and all. Well... You get my drift. None of them view it as central to their personality, and as such my enthusiasm for it is mostly not met with equal measures of excitement. That can be pretty frustrating, so here I am, talking to people who actually care! :D

So... A late hello it is! Hope we're gonna (continue to) have fun!


Jan 15, 2020
Hello everyone!
Thank you for the admin who approved my account. Gonna be honest, been lurking resetera and the old forum for a few years already (the fake 'nx' leak with the trees was an amazing read) finally managed to get an email that is allowed to register in this great community.
Hope to discuss future threads with all of you! There are some really engaging topics going around here that I always read with a lot of curiosity!

Best regards,


Jan 15, 2020
After more than a decade of lurking on GAF and now ERA I finally realized that my ISP provides me with a mail address so I can finally join y'all. I am from Germany and mostly game on PC and XBOX (still debating on buying a PS 4 for Gravity Rush 2).

I am also the greatest Saber stan ever, so expect a great influx of OG Arty on this forum for the foreseeable future.


Jan 14, 2020
Greetings. I'm glad to join the site. I look forward to joining some great discussions. Thank you for approving my account! I've heard great things about this site.


Jan 17, 2020
Hey there era - I'm new here. PS4 and PC gets most of my gaming time but I also play some stuff on the ol Switch.


Jan 15, 2020
Hi everyone! I’d say I’ve been lurking here for more than a year at this point? Decided it was high time I register an account. Anyway, looking forward to participating in plenty of awesome discussions!