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Oct 29, 2017
There are a couple other issues in Firefox with the reply box.
  1. The dialogue box for "Insert Link" is broken. Cannot click anywhere except the highlighted URL box or the box goes away. Cannot click on the Text box as a result, it just disappears.
  2. Inserting an Image always inserts the image at the beginning of the box instead of where the cursor is. This makes quoting extremely difficult since it inserts before any quotes or text no matter what, forcing you to cut & paste your text to put it before inserted images.
Not really a bug but probably a stupid question but back when the site first launched I seem to recall gmail and other email providers like gmail weren't allowed when registering but I was wondering if we can use them now for an existing account? Trying to move most of my stuff away from my old ISP email address and was curious.
Nov 1, 2017
it's not just the Sidebar...the setting for the Menu bar on the top left also no longer sticks...plus 'Toggle width' no longer sticks either...this is in Microsoft Edge...so it's not just a Firefox or Chrome issue
Oct 27, 2017
Is anyone experiencing huge lag when typing a reply on mobile?

I never experience this on other sites, but when typing in the reply box, although SwiftKey (or Gboard, I've tried both) registers my typing instantly, the text box takes literal seconds *per letter* to show what's been typed.

I don't know what's causing it but it doesn't make for a pleasant experience.

Edit: This is on a OnePlus 3 on Android 8.0.
Oct 27, 2017
My keyboard is also constantly dismissesed while typing, causing me to accidentally click on ads that take me away from the forum.

This is very frustrating. Chrome, Android
I came in this thread to post this same thing, it's frustrating as hell. Sometimes the kb will disappear the moment I bring it back up. Doesn't happen when the ad changes because I've tapped on the same damn ad more than once before.
Oct 25, 2017
Bug on mobile drives me crazy whenever I'm typing a thread and a new ad loads in it shifts my screen up or down wherever the new ad loads. Because ads continually cycle in and out over time, the screen is constantly shifting up and down, losing focus of the text box.

Generally I feel like the text box is shifting out of focus often when typing. But the ad loading is the only really disruptive problem

Oh edit, I also have the problrm with the keyboard disappearing. I'm fairly certain it's whenever a new ad loads in, I suspect focus is removed from the input because the dom is being redrawn and the key board closes when that happens. It's maddening, I usually don't use the site on Mobile because of it.

Android latest, chrome latest, pixel 3