Welcome Your New Admins and Mods!

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Cerium, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    This list will be updated over time


    Sweet Nicole

    System Administrators



    Professor Beef
  2. Kaotic

    Kaotic Member

    Congrats all. Thanks for all your hard work putting all this together for us! It's a new ERA ;-)
  3. OneAndOnly

    OneAndOnly Member

    *pops the champagne*

    Congrats everyone!
  4. donkey show

    donkey show Sumo Digital Dev Verified User


    Great work everyone! ^^
  5. Supernorn

    Supernorn Game Developer @ Chucklefish Moderator

    Excited to be a part of this. Everyone has worked really hard behind the scenes so i take my hat off to them!
  6. Jayson's Rage

    Jayson's Rage Member

    Thank you all for being so patient while we setup our new home. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this adventure and to carry on forward, even though to most of you I'm an outsider. I look forward to good times <3
  7. shinobi602

    shinobi602 Newman Administrator

    Welcome to your new home everyone. :-)
  8. #8
    Congrats to all. I'm proud of everything that's been achieved in such short time.
  9. Hecht

    Hecht I don't need a prop Administrator

    Just want to say welcome to everyone! Big shout out to the devs for all the hard work, as well as everyone else who figured out the rest!
  10. MiraculousSwidge

    MiraculousSwidge Power Beyond Time Member

    Fantastic job all. Let's do this.
  11. Rösti

    Rösti Member

    I want to thank them for the great work they have accomplished. It will be a privilege for me to continue writing for this community. New challenges require new responses, and the coming weeks and months will set the framework for a new beginning building on our already great achievements. I am very excited to be part of this, and I would be happy to help you in any way I can. Thanks again to everyone involved.
  12. Royalan

    Royalan Buy Bionic. Please. Moderator

    This is ridiculously exciting. And hats off to the dev team. I'm breaking into a sweat just reading the updates. So I applaud all the work you're all putting into this. #Werk
  13. blackace

    blackace Member

    Just popping in to say congrats! Good stuff!
  14. SweetNicole

    SweetNicole Community Manager Administrator

    Hi everyone! Welcome.
  15. Kyonashi

    Kyonashi Member

    Very excited to be a part of this and still in awe about how strongly the community has come together to work on this new project. Let's get started.
  16. Nibel

    Nibel Enfant terrible Administrator

    Thanks to everybody who helped working on this.

    And welcome home, ResetEra community.
  17. Cyndane

    Cyndane Resettlement Advisor Member

    Well done, everyone!
  18. Robin

    Robin Restless Insomniac Moderator

    HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE MOD STAFF!! Whoo! I'll hitch my introductions post here to avoid topic clutter, if this should be moved somewhere else, I'll delete the post :) :

    Hey y'all, it's me Robin! You might know me as the Terrorblot from NeoGAF, or as one of the Discord Mods! I'm ridiculously excited to be here, I'm sure you are all too! It's been a wild weekend, but we're finally here! I love this community, each and every one of you are what is going to make this place great, and I can't wait to see you all in the Nintendo Switch and LGBT posts! <3
  19. Chaparral

    Chaparral Resettlement Advisor Member

    We're wheels up ladies and gentlemen. It feels so good to be apart of this.
  20. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    I love you all!
  21. Pirate Bae

    Pirate Bae Community Resettler Member

    we made it kids
  22. Sentry

    Sentry Resettlement Advisor Member

    Congrats everybody party at my house
  23. GulAtiCa

    GulAtiCa Community Resettler Member

    Awesome. Really looking forward to this new team. :)
  24. Cetashwayo

    Cetashwayo Member

    Congratulations are in order, of course.
  25. samthebreadman

    samthebreadman Resettlement Advisor Member

    Thank you all for making this possible! This is monumental for everyone in our community and for those yet to come.
  26. Deacon

    Deacon Member

    Nice! Congrats and Thanks. Looking forward to the future!
  27. Kilrogg

    Kilrogg Resettlement Advisor Member

    To everyone involved in the creation of this forum: thank you for all your hard work and positivity. Let's make this a great community. To ResetEra!

    [EDIT] And my avatar is screwed lol.
  28. Beanman25

    Beanman25 Member

    Hello everyone! Here is to a new Reset ERA!
  29. Flambe

    Flambe Member

    Thanks everyone for your work getting this all together =D It's already feeling positive and like home <3
  30. Arimanaguchi

    Arimanaguchi Member

    To a new start
  31. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    And we're back! Congrats and thanks to everyone involved.
  32. Ahri

    Ahri Lying PR Member

    Not usually a forum guy, but your project is really cool. Thanks for putting this together and working hard to build a decent & positive community.
  33. Quake1028

    Quake1028 Member

  34. KZXcellent

    KZXcellent Member

    Thanks to Cerium and everyone involved with getting this new forum off the ground in such a short amount of time. You have all done amazing work!
  35. FCMaxi

    FCMaxi Member

    Congrats! Here's to new beginnings <3
  36. Sgt.Pepper

    Sgt.Pepper Member

    Amazing work everyone. The forum looks great. Really appreciate what you have done!
  37. Rumblebones

    Rumblebones Member

    Site looks dope.

    Mode team looks promising.
  38. Mewn

    Mewn Member

    Good shit, peeps. Can't wait for Dark Theme though!
  39. Dream

    Dream Member

    Thanks for getting this project up and ready as quickly as you all did. ^_^

    Site looks pretty nice.
  40. deli

    deli Member

    Good job on the forum guys!
  41. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

    Good to be here! Testing out this stuff plus checking out my avatar.

    Think we'll ever get animated avatars?
  42. TDLink

    TDLink Member

    So glad to be here. Thanks everyone for getting this going!
  43. Nikus

    Nikus Member

    Oh, hey, fresh paint. Smells nice.
    Hi everyone, and here's to many years of crazy OT !
    It's great to see familiar faces already :)
  44. Bronx-Man

    Bronx-Man Member

    suh dudes

    nice place y'all set up
  45. Derkon

    Derkon Member

    Glad to be here and thank you for taking the time and investment to do this for everyone!
  46. RoyalFool

    RoyalFool Banned Member

    Heya, thanks to everybody involved in getting this setup. Proud to call this place home from now on.

    Viva la Resetera!
  47. Tyrant Rave

    Tyrant Rave Member

    Nice job so far fellas. Looking forward to this.
  48. #48
    I got in. I can't believe how quickly the admins and mods put this together, thanks for the incredible work.
  49. brinstar

    brinstar Member

    Thanks for all the hard work! Place is already mad comfy
  50. ClearMetal

    ClearMetal Member

    Hey everyone. Good to be here. Even the light theme looks good!
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