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What are you expecting for the 25th Anniversary of Playstation this December?


Crisis Dino
Oct 25, 2017
Ibis Island

The original PS1 came out on Dec 3, 1994. For the 20th anniversary Sony announced this Limited Edition Console Bundle and Controller (That could be bought separately).

With that being how they celebrated the milestone (more or less).The obvious answer for the 25th Anniversary would be to release a new Limited Edition Console. However, I wonder if the earlier talk of PS5 being about "History" might lead us to something more interesting for the 25th Anniversary. Such as a Anniversary Sale similar to the Days of Play event earlier in the year (Where we can see a multitude of Classic Titles on Sale).

If the future of Playstation is about the history of the system, what better way to start than on the 25th anniversary. While an actual PS5 reveal might be too soon, A state of play focusing on classic titles (There are those rumors of a Demon's Souls Remake) would be interesting as well.

Typically Anniversaries aren't treated all that well if they don't fit within a FY plan, but I'd love to see the 25th celebrated with a bit more oomph. Even something like the PS Classic commercial that perhaps entails numerous fan favorites from all of their consoles would be quite the treat.



Oct 25, 2017
A video and some other social media stuff. Maybe some free avatars or a theme. I wouldn’t really expect much more. Maybe a sale.
Oct 27, 2017
To be honest...

They already did the 20th anniversary system and fucked up the PS Classic, so...

Though I’d love to finally get PS1 classics on PS4 for the occasion.


Aug 28, 2019
a montage of their history so far teasing backwards compatibility and an announcement of the PS5 reveal event. Which will take place in early February.


Nov 13, 2018
The should release an official Playstation 1 mini classic console. Whatever company released that shitty bootleg one last year really fucked up.


The Fallen
Jul 14, 2018
I'd love for them to release either a PS2 Mini or try another PS Classic (if it's based on the PSOne design, better)


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
A couple IGN features.

I know I might get heat for saying this, but I miss the old Colin Moriarety on IGN before he went off the deep end. He wrote some really good pieces the history of Playstation Studios


Mr. Gematsu
Oct 25, 2017
Well the PlayStation Awards are being held on December 3, which is the actual 25th anniversary date, and has 25th anniversary branding. It’s also where they announced the 20th anniversary edition PS4 five years ago. I don’t think we’ll get another LE console, but I’m hoping for a PS5 reveal event date at the very least. I do think there will be at least one State of Play before that though.

Oct 27, 2017
Nothing but a tweet. Would be great if they released some Ps1 games on PS4, especially since PS5 will be BC and play them then. They clearly have an emulator on PS classic and other PS4 games have ps1 emulators so it can be done.


Oct 25, 2017
A very expensive PS4 model that will be impossible to get and mysteriously appear on BST six months later priced at the cost of half a year's mortgage.


Oct 28, 2017
The thread on here about it to be nothing but the same handful of people that usually end up arguing doing it again by page 6.


Oct 13, 2019
I’m not expecting this but it would be amazing if there was an announcement saying PS5 will play not only PS4 titles but PS1, PS2 and PS3 as well.