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What Are You Reading? (November 2019) Be Thankful for Books

Coyote Zamora

Jul 19, 2019
I was browsing through a local used book store's online store, found a book from an author I kind of maybe remember hearing she might be decent (Red Wyvern by Katherine Kerr), checked it up on Goodreads. Searching the book, it gave another result not from Kerr called Rise of the Wyvern from the Lesbian Space Pirates series. I took a double look there, lol.

Anyway, I picked books #1-3 from Wheel of Time. I had them up unti book #14 in Finnish (they made 1-3 books out of one OG English one...) but they stopped (later turned out they just paused) translating them at one point so I gave them away with the intent of getting them all in English at some point. So now I've started this journey agai. Even though I don't think the series is among the best, I still got deep enough into it that I want to finish it one day. Also got Neverending Story, American Gods, and something called The Immortals of Meluha by Amish. Not sure what the last one is, never heard of it before, but it had over 4 as its overall rating on Goodreads and the premise/mythology seems India-based so that's a nice change of pace to the middle age European setting, so I decided to check it out. It's fun to try out new names ever so often.

Obligatory "what the fuck am I reading?" post. She's undeniably a top tier fantasy author. One of the all time greats, sitting right there with Tolkien, GRRM, Le Guin, Pratchett, McCaffrey, Gaiman and such.

Her books have incredible characterization, a cast filled with great characters with well developed & deep relationships to each other, insane long-term world-building & foreboding, great unique takes on well worn tropes, and twists that can put GRRM to shame. The worst one could say about them is that there can be a bit of repetition and they can be a bit slow to start, but the things that eventually happen once the books start hitting their stride are engaging & exciting, often tragic to a devastating degree.

EXCEPT for the the Soldier's Son trilogy. That's easily her weakest work. Not horrible but the protagonist is just such a horribly whiny, insufferable prick that it made reading the books hard. I'll have to read them again sometimes, often knowing what I'm into can make for better subsequent re-reads, but as of first read basis, Soldier's Son, Forest Mage and Renegade Magic are the worst books Hobb has written.
You kinda stepped out a bit too far onto the ledge here


Nov 11, 2017
I absolutely adore Hamilton's work. I'm reading the second book of his new trilogy set in a new universe. The Commonwealth saga is great though and I thoroughly recommend all the books in the series
I read some more yesterday and am really starting to get into it now and am enjoying it quite a lot. I've got quite a few different characters that I have to juggle in my head but they are so well drawn that I grok who they are as distinct characters easily enough. I think I mentioned before that I don't like when writers drop new characters on the reader one after the other as I find it hard to keep track of them all but here I am grokking it all pretty quickly. I think I love Hamilton a little bit for not stressing my tired old man brain too much 😸 .

I am up to the point where
Adam the socialist terrorist nutjob is getting his gear together from the arms dealer but has discovered that his nemesis (the fantastically drawn badass Myo) is on the planet so he has given additional instructions to the arms dealer to presumably help him slip the net. I love the hint that the terrorists are actively protected by the Commonwealth hierarchy, the very body that they are railing against. I do love a good conspiracy theory and dystopian bunch of aholes behind everything.
I am really looking forward to digging back into it later.