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What are your thoughts on the film Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?

Nov 9, 2017
I've never seen this movie but for some reason feel inclined to support its weird resurgence

however if it's gotta be this or Kung Fu Hustle, I'm team Kung Fu Hustle. They do seem like much different movies though
They're going at the same concept of kung fu parody but in very different ways. They'll both get to Cleveland just one is taking the train and the other via plane.

That being said kung fu hustle is better.
Oct 8, 2018
It’s a movie that takes what would be rote, one-off jokes from a weaker episode of MST3K and builds them into complete characters, standing monuments to unrelenting absurdism.

The stuff with the tongue is lame, and the cow fight is kinda weak. Everything else is transcendent.
Oct 25, 2017
I was really disappointed after my friend hyped it up so much. But it's a long time too when I saw it, maybe I'd like it more now. Really stupid and juvenile humour can definitely get a chuckle out of me too. But as I remember it right now, I don't think it was good or super funny. The same friend who recommend this to me recommended Big Lebowski as his another all time favorite, which definitely grew on me much better even though after first viewing I was left thinking "that was it?".

Edit: Okay after watching those clips shared in the thread, I probably wouldn't enjoy it more now than when I saw it for the first time over 10 years ago.
Oct 29, 2017
I saw it in theaters. I still talk about it to this day, and still make jokes about it with my friends from time to time. After a recent rewatch, it's painfully clear some of the jokes were timepieces (one of the first Matrix parodies I can remember, though), but it's genuinely funny slapstick. I still laugh out loud at the scene with Chosen training to beat Betty by letting a few guys hit him with sticks, and after he's been passed out for a good bit one of them just does a full-on jump slam on his body and it kills me.

Also, from a technical standpoint, I love how the movie was made even if it isn't a modern marvel in the CG aspect. Seems like it was really just fun to make in general.
Oct 25, 2017
I’ve never liked it. It’s not my type of humor at all.
Strangelove77 has gone too far. This opinions is wrong, and bad. There should be a new stronger word for this opinion, like BadWrong, or Badong. Yes, this opinion is badong!

From this moment on, I will stand for the opposite for this opinion... Gnodab.

jk strangelove77 ❤️