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What are your thoughts on the film Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?

I saw that on the front page and closed the vid after maybe the 10th nut punch. Maybe 30 seconds in.

I feel safe in assuming there wouldn’t be anything else in the video to change my mind. But I appreciate you!
Totally fair. I’d still say give the movie a watch again just to see, but I have a very “try anything once” personality.

It's completely mindless fun lol

It's high art, one of the finest films ever made.
I feel like these two posts taken together perfectly summarize why I love the movie so much.
Oct 27, 2017
There's been a lot of talk about this movie lately, what happened?

For me, I actually hated the movie the first time I saw it back in 2003 or whenever it was.
Then I saw it a second time with friends and had a blast. Then we watched it almost weekly for a while, it was always a good time.

I haven't seen it in years, but I suspect it might still need a second viewing or watching with a group to get it.
It's so incredibly dumb. Even as a kid Kung Pow was too dumb for me.

Like any movie that stupid, it's hit or miss with the jokes. And the film isn't even consistent with the 70's Kung Fu movie parody theme. That said...

It's funny as fuck lol. So many quotes and just random wtf scenes that you can't help but laugh at most of it.