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What do you want for Bayonetta 3?

What do you preffer for Bayo3?

  • Perfect the formula, give me Bayonetta 3!

    Votes: 129 78.2%
  • Push the genre forward, I want Bayonetta 101!

    Votes: 32 19.4%
  • Other (please post and explain)

    Votes: 6 3.6%
  • Long live the Character Hack&Stylish Action term!

    Votes: 14 8.5%

  • Total voters
Oct 25, 2017
You tried it.
Bayonetta is killed off at the start and you play as Balder for the first half just like they wanted for Bayo2
I... was that seriously the original plan (yuck)? Bayo 2 wouldn't be in my top 10 if that happened.

She definitely gets sliced in half in that teaser ...

Hopefully it’s a cool new character taking her place, at least until she returns.
You are NOT helping. I've been on edge since that damned teaser.

Bayonetta's a Nintendo girl now, if she plays her cards right she could surpass Kirby and Yoshi and be nearly as big as Mario, Link, and Pikachu.


Oct 20, 2018
I'm up for anything as long as it's not open-world to be honest. Could just be more of the same and I'll gladly take it, I just want to see it already!

Sub Boss

Nov 14, 2017
Learn from the mistakes of Bayo2, both in gameplay and in story/tone.
storywise i hope they change the tone a ton, it went downhill after 1 with the only important revelation being Balder and he was boring, no fleshing out other lumen sages or witches.
At least the teaser hints at a darker direction
I... was that seriously the original plan (yuck)? Bayo 2 wouldn't be in my top 10 if that happened.

You are NOT helping. I've been on edge since that damned teaser.

Bayonetta's a Nintendo girl now, if she plays her cards right she could surpass Kirby and Yoshi and be nearly as big as Mario, Link, and Pikachu.
yeah, something like that


Oct 27, 2017
The only thing that would TRULY piss me off is if Bayonetta got killed off in this game.

Jeanne sucks.
What I expect is some sort of multiverse thing where Bayo is killed, you play as someone else for a while, and the ending would be a ridiculous revenge-porn where a million of alternate Bayo of all the other universes converge to resurrect our Bayo, and gank over the poor helpless god that tried to outwit her.
I'll be happy with just more Bayonetta. I loved Bayonetta 2 but it'd be great if Bayo 3 addressed people's criticisms of the combat compared to the first game so I don't have to read about how Bayonetta 1 is better every time the game comes up :p


Oct 25, 2017
Base of Bayo 1, a bunch of new stuff. Lots of different enemies instead of the game feeling like it's getting stretched extra hours. Globetrotting locations in addition to fighting through hell basically.


Oct 25, 2017
My number 1 wish by far is for the weapons to handle more differently than they have in the past 2 games. Every single weapon having the same basic dial-a-combo makes them feel more samey than they should; like they're just variations on a theme of range/speed/damage with a few special attributes but otherwise control very similarly. I want the combos to do things which actually feel distinct between each weapon. More command normals and special inputs please, for the crazier moves. Basically, take a page out of DMCs book for all of it. No need to copy it completely, but a bit of influence would be very welcome.

No more bosses where Bayonetta can fly, removing an entire axis to think about just so there can be some pointless spectacle.

Similarly, lose the "Bayonetta attacks stationary part of giant thing in the foreground while dodging the occasional attack from the background" bosses. Those are terrible.

Fix the issues with Witch Time and enemy difficulty that were there in 2. I also seem to recall a serious balance issue with Umbran Climax mode or whatever it was.

Obviously, no more space harrier levels, motorcycle levels, or instant kill QTEs. I didn't mind the shooting gallery stuff, but maybe that's better left for in-level secrets, not always at the end.

I'd like to see more enemy cooperation. Maybe 3 Affinities can team up to launch a mega attack. Maybe an Enrapture can smack Decorations at Bayonetta. Maybe Pride and Pain can combine to make a super robot. Maybe a Sloth becomes more enraged when you kill his Hideous escorts. Maybe there's a process, inadvertent or otherwise, through which an enemy can be converted to it's Inferno/Paradiso counterpart. And so on.

I'd also like to see more environmental interaction in combat. Bayonetta can control gravity and fly in certain circumstances; why not be able to run on walls or have a limited time non-crow flight mode? I know that, at least for wall climbing, it can be tricky to get the right geometry for it and have it not be clipping all the time, but it'd be great to see.


Nov 27, 2017
Kitwe, Zambia.
1. Decent framerate. I know that's really hard to ask from Platinum but please let it be closer to 50 fps than 40.
2. The color palette, world, levels and bosses should be more like Bayo 2 than Bayo 1.
3. Axe the enemies who are constantly breaking your combos anyhow or at the very least make it less egregious.
4. Totally remake Umbran Climax. I liked it when I played it but in further thought it needs it's own meter and not to be so powerful. That way there's an incentive to use it and you can use magic on other things.
5. Lots of outfits as usual! Always loved that about Bayo games. But don't put abilities behind outfits(Link outfit having parry without item equip)
6. More demon enemies! The cold sleek designs of the demons was great. I need more if that. I trust Platinums artists though. They've been nailing it for years.
7. A cool 2nd playable character. Someone who can be Bayonetta's Nero. Not like Jeanne who is different but only slightly.
8. No Stupid Minigames AND insta death QTEs. The amount of some of those weird sections ensure I can never like Bayo 1 more than Bayo 2.
9. I'm 50/50 on the missable fights and healing killing your rating. I think healing should prevent pure Platinum and maybe even Platinum but not completely axe your rating. Missable fights should stay, but maybe not make them as obtuse to find?
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