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What food are you craving?


Oct 28, 2017
I've been having an intense desire to eat ramen for the past couple months. I've had it a few times last year and didn't think it was anything special. But this year, it's all I can think about eating when I go out for lunch/dinner. I've eaten some spicy garlic ramen with cha-shu (pork fillet), but it's not enough. I need more.


Nov 18, 2017
I just woke up and I'm waiting for my train. A cheese ham croissiant that just came out of the oven and a hot cup of coffee.


Oct 29, 2017
Schnitzel/Austrian Potato Salad, I could eat it every meal but the reality is I only make it a few times a year for the whole family for special occasions.
There are no places over here that do it :( Now I'm thinking about it.....
Mar 30, 2019
I've had enough carbonara, linguini, and strozzapreti to last a decade. I need something spicy or otherwise wildly flavorful.

Maybe I will just make a panini cubano since I'm lazy.