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What happen to actual Nvidia graphics card upgrades?


Oct 27, 2017
EDIT: Shoot. Meant to do an edit.

Except people go gaga whenever they see raytracing they can actually play (Minecraft PTGI videos). And they get sour grapes when it costs $1000.

The difference is clear. Everyone sees it. Raytracing is absolutely critical and inevitable, and when more people can afford it they'll stop acting like children.
I think it's stupid to save a couple dollars for the non-RTX AMD alternatives.

That said, I still think it's best served for a post silicon world when we have the computing power to do things full ray-traced.

And AAA is dead to me. The infestation of MTX designed gameplay gives me zero interest in any of it.

I want new GPUs solely for VR perfomance. It's the only thing in the gaming space free of that infestation. So I don't act like a child because I can't afford it, I'm miffed that I was asked to pay 1080 prices for a 2070 RTX when I could have just bought a 1080 years earlier and gotten the same performance (while enjoying it for years earlier).

But thanks for being condescending and generalizing.


Dec 3, 2017
How am I putting words in your mouth when I simply restated your position? You want a big Pascal.

Regarding the second part, you had no clue how much of the die was “baggage” yet you do feel knowledgeable enough to critique the evolution of their architecture.
You restated my position omitting a key part that gives lots of context, you are doing it again in this very post. Stop.
"I had no clue how much of the die was baggage" and that's true but the original reasoning of mine still works, the noticed differences were more cache, a wider instruction set to accomodate tensor cores and rt cores, out of these four things three of them are for a feature in real time graphics department that:
- Is still limited in scope (and that's completely normal, can't expect to have a fully raytraced scene at the technology's debut.)
- In today's applications offer arguably few benefits (because of the first point)
- Has still low adoption rate despite being out for more than one year
- Occupy a significant part of the die
- Tanks the framerate when applied

Yes, i was wrong about the "more than half of the die" but turns out the essence of the problem i had with it wasn't that off after all.


Let's be clear RTX cards are a bet that didn't fire back exclusively because Nvidia has no competition, in a world where AMD would have been competitive and would have released a gpu with full rasterizing performance with the same die sizes as Turing with the same performance/mm2 and same price now we would be probably talking about how Nvidia dropped the ball for a gimmick... or have Nvidia release the 1880Ti or something like that instead of exclusively selling RTX cards for the full performance.


Rap Genius
Oct 27, 2017
Dark Space
They released the 1660Ti. Why not offer the full spectrum non-RTX cards as a complement and let consumers decide whether they value ray tracing or not? At some point, it has to happen. That can even be now. But there are ways to make the transition less bumpy.
There would be no transition if Nvidia didn't force it upon us. These hypothetical non-RTX cards would have been faster across the entire range, and we wouldn't have seen any RT support past the release of Battlefield V. It would have ended as a single generation gimmick, the next PhysX. Developers would hate Nvidia for not committing. The new consoles would not have RT either, as AMD wouldn't have rushed their ray tracing R&D.

How is that a better timeline Thanos?