1. Firefoxprime


    Well....I second that! I got my PS2 slim back in 06, and 2 racing games with it.

    Grand Turismo 4
    Burnout 3

    Guess which game let me drift and slide into a sweet x4 boost? :D
  2. Xx 720

    Xx 720

    I wish they would make a new ridge racer, long overdue
  3. melodiousmowl


    People are saying this isnt an arcad-y racer?

  4. Firefoxprime


    Its all about the controls controls controls.....Simcade aint gonna cut it
  5. neonxaos


    The music is by legendary Scottish composer Barry Leitch, who also did the music for the amazing Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 on the Amiga, which is the game that Horizon Chase is clearly a homage to. Horizon Chase is worth playing for the music alone, but is also happens to be a really great arcade racer. Highly recommended, it's wonderful on mobile too.
  6. Al3x1s


    Ah, no wonder this is so spot-on, it's a port of an actual (Chinese) arcade game from 2011!
  7. Zem


    Can we at least get a PS4 version of Split/Second and Blur? I know there's no chance but those two games were amazing but were cruelly overlooked last gen.
  8. CrashedAlex

    Three Fields Entertainment Verafied

    Hudo Firefoxprime - That's cool to hear. I'm sure everyone who worked on those titles years ago would be glad to hear that too.

    I was playing "Burnout" 3 earlier as well on my Xbox 360. I still keep it for Revenge and Takedown - and believe it or not, my Xmas present to myself was "Forza 2" (well worth £1.90!) so I'm playing a lot of 360 at the moment.

    MrDoctor that's such a nonsense story. we would have *NEVER* done anything like that. we were asked if we were interested in doing what became the first Forza during the development of B2, and Mad Max IIRC as well.
    To lay it to rest once and for all. One day, whilst working as full time employee at Criterion Games, a company which EA acquired from Canon - a marketing person from NoE rang me up and asked me if there would ever be a chance we could take a crack at F-Zero. I laughed at this and pointed him towards contacting a guy called Joel Linzner (who was the senior person at EA who dealt with Sony, MS and NTDO). There was no way any of this could have ever come to fruition. We were deep into making "Need for Speed Hot Pursuit" and had more than enough "stuff" to deal with on a daily basis. There was never going to be a way for us to handle making two games at the same time. Tried that when we did "Revenge" and "BLACK" at the same time - and anyone who was there would agree that both games suffered massively as a result. So please don't be "pissed" about anything. Because there really is nothing to be angry about.

    I was playing B3 earlier today - just finished the Coupe Grand Prix!
  9. Hudo


    How do you feel about Forza? I kinda feel that Microsoft edges into Burnout territory with Forza Horizon. And B3 just holds a special place in my heart (my first Burnout was Burnout 2, though!). And while I get why Burnout Paradise has become the "go to" if anyone is talking about Burnout, it never really clicked with me....but I can see why it is so popular. The more "focused" approach of B3 was more my thing, I guess. (Also, Crash Mode is my jam)

    Have you heard about OnRush? It's more in the vein of Motorstorm, but I am pretty curious about the whole "stampede" thing. I am pretty excited what you guys have in store, too :D
  10. StallionDan


    I want an off the walls racer like San Francisco Rush or Rush 2049, go up ramps and literally fly into the air for ages, the latter had little wings extend from the cars.
  11. Elwin Ransom

    Elwin Ransom

    Fuckin eh. I spent so much time playing the demo for this game on the Dreamcast. Then hundreds more hours playing multiplayer stunt and battle modes. The game was garbage really, but those modes were incredibly fun to fuck around in with some pals.
  12. Orb


    I really want to like the Horizon games because they're one of the few options out there, but they're still not arcade-y enough compared to something like Burnout or Need For Speed.

    I have high hopes for The Crew 2 and Onrush this year.
  13. Mylatestnovel


    I would love a new Outrun. Coast 2 coast was my jam. On the Switch, too. It would be perfect. Heck, even a port of C2C would be great.
  14. Isamu


    I'm still playing OR2 C2 and F-ZeroGX on a daily basis and if you haven't played these games with a force feedback wheel and pedals you're seriously missing out. Oh and F-ZeroGX in VR is nothing short of heavanly.
  15. Redrefresh


    There are some, here and there but nothing noteworthy come into light because in a macro standpoint, everything feels the same IMO.
  16. Potterson


    I just want Burnout Revenge as a BC title and I can die happy.

    Onrush will be great as well in 60 FPS.
  17. CrashedAlex

    Three Fields Entertainment Verafied

    @ Hudo How do you feel about Forza?

    I'm a huge Forza fan. I've been playing the excellent "FM5" for over four years now. Not sure I'll ever get to that mystical 1000G on it. *Loved* "Horizon 2" and went back and did all of "Horizon 1" when it went on BC. Not so much a fan of "Horizon 3" though. Am enjoying going back to "Forza 2" as that was one I didn't get on with originally.

    Have you heard about OnRush? Yes, it looks really good. I'll always throw my support behind UK development teams.
  18. chub


    I just noticed that this came out today. Even though I've got several racing games on the go at the moment, this one looks great, so I'll have to get it too.
  19. ebreda


    Any word on 90s Arcade Racer aka 90s Super GP?
    I mean, I know Nicallis signed the game from Pelikan after the KS but honestly, how can no one update its status?

    I'm flabbergasted. No tweet, nada, zero?
  20. I'm going to pick this one up today as well. Looks awesome. Love the variety we seem to be getting finally, maybe the market is shifting a little bit away from only sims and simcades.
  21. melodiousmowl


    Did you die happy? =)
  22. melodiousmowl


    I didnt like the base H3 so much, but blizzard mountain then hot wheels are just what it needed - if you haven't tried those it might change your mind about it.
  23. GrayFoxBH


    Best arcade racing game ever made. I played the Dreamcast version so much. Both single player and multiplayer (arena). If it had online racing... perfection.
  24. Yes please!

    What is Bamco up to anyway?
  25. ChryZ


    Slipstream will be released today, it looks very promising: