What is a POSITIVE controversial game opinion you hold?


Oct 25, 2017
Kingdom Hearts 3 had already cemented itself as my GOTY. No other game this year will have as many memorable moments that are both beautiful in places and ridicously epic in others. Really glad they didn't try and turn it into a open world game like MGSV, BOTW or FFXV. Such a breath of fresh air to get a wonderful and guided thrill ride with so much replay value. Most other hyped games this year are going to feel mundane now.

Evil Monkey DTT

Oct 28, 2017
USA West Virginia
Kingdom hearts writing is actually great because the main character literally is the protagonist because of empathy. He loves his friends and anyone can be his friend from a villian to a monster.

kingdom hearts 3 literally ends with sora giving a happy ending to everyone else except himself, hes the best boy.

Also hes someone that's like "hey after this let's play cards together" after a boss fight, you just cant get kinder writing then that
Oct 27, 2017
I mean, I'm agreeing with you? The foundation for something great is there. The premise is terrific, the shooting solid and the visual design was A++. It's just a shame that there are innumerable poor design decisions and they framed it all around a plot which really isn't that interesting and ends just as it seems to get going. I replayed it last month and wrote about it in more detail here if you care to see my thoughts