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What is a subject matter you could deliver a 2 hour+ lecture on?

Oct 25, 2017
Way more stuff than I have courage to admit.

None of it even slightly usefull.
Like so you can have an ideia, a regular follow up for someone that says "lots of things" would be like "I even have this idea to write a blog/start some youtube essays" or something like that right ? My stuff is so not usefull that I had the idea to do video essays with a puppet.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Midcentury modern architecture
The history of the Roller Coaster Tycoon/Planet Coaster community
Conceptual art
The history of eggplants in art (I threw together a pecha kucha presentation on this in half an hour as a bet, I honestly think I could extend it to two hours if I spent some time preparing)
Howard Finster
Oct 26, 2017
Fairfax, VA, USA
The structure of corporations and the inherent effects of that structure
Art analysis (ie. Death of the Author)
Why criticism is inherently the most valuable kind of feedback
The Punisher

Human psychology is the tying theme of the above, in case anyone's wondering.

Unrelated: Kingdom Hearts + Dragonball
Oct 25, 2017
  • Video games
  • Dragon Ball
  • My experience learning English
  • Financial math
  • Correct grammar and spelling in Spanish (and maybe English to a lesser extent)
Oct 25, 2017
Blue Mountains
Philip II of Macedon
HIV/Aids History, treatment, symptoms etc.
Infectious diseases, infection control (I did teach in this as a job at one time so know I can do it)
British Comics
Beer, just how fucking great is it?
Oct 28, 2017
A small but varied range of topics, I find speaking to large crowds fairly easy if I'm well prepared, like Batman prep time. I'd want a powerpoint or something if I was going for 2 hours. Usually I have to do 10-15 minute meeting presentations with Q&A to 5-20 people or so in the web/tech sector. Lectures are less daunting if you're comfortable within your area of expertise and a total nightmare if you're bullshitting or not a true expert in the subject matter.

  • Business systems/integrations.
  • Start up strategies.
  • Technology/software development.
  • Process and workflow control.
  • Web design/development/hosting.
  • Online marketing.
  • Positivity and being an optimist.
  • Project management for building a house.
  • Tennis.
  • Travel.
  • I don't know how to categorise this specifically but "inspiring curiosity" e.g. looking into nature, science, space, how things work etc. Kids really help you refine that sort of parental/mentor role which I think I've always had, refined with kids and given them that spark early on.
  • Video games. Halo.
  • Autodidacticism (self education)
  • Also sandwiches. Yes fucking sandwiches, they could easily be spoken about for 2 hours. The slideshow would make me hungry though.


The Fallen
Oct 5, 2018
Aquarium keeping/proper fish care
Why mcmansions are terrible
public transportation
high beam usage
the rapid gentrification of Saint Petersburg, FL
Oct 28, 2017
I honestly don't think I could talk about anything for that long, at least not in great detail. I'd probably do best with retro gaming/collecting and maybe a broad medical topic but that would be pushing it.
Kaz Mk II
Oct 27, 2017
I guess I should have expected everyone to pick multiple subjects.

Mine would probably be:

  • The Gundam Franchise
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure parts 1 though 7
  • Pokemon
  • 90's/00's era western TV animation
  • The Batfamily and Gotham city as a whole
  • Bleach
  • The basics/fundamentals of 2D art and animation
Oct 27, 2017
Transformers, easily.

I love to talk about them, but have very few people to talk to about it. My poor girlfriend already puts up with my rambling enough. I could go on for hours about it. Heck, I could probably go on for hours about my opinions of Optimus Prime toys alone. It helps that Transformers has a crazy amount of different continuities, so just explaining that would take a while.

Other than that, I could probably go multiple hours on computer hardware, audio equipment, retro video game hardware, or roller coasters. I'm sure there's tons I'm not thinking of at the moment too.
Oct 25, 2017
Costa Rica
So many programming subjects. I teach at a local University and do 4 hour lectures on data analysis, machine learning, Python, Java, mobile development, backend development, audio/video streaming...

Non-job related, several gaming companies, figured and franchises and a couple of animated shows probably.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Denver, Colorado
Technical writing. I've been doing it for 20 years now, so I would like to think I am fairly knowledgeable on that one particular subject.

Whether or not any of you would find it interesting at all is another story. Technical writing is not exactly like being a rockstar or an actor or something. Believe it or not, it can be kind of boring.
Oct 25, 2017
New Jersey
Off the top of my head, things I could talk about for 2 hours right now with no preparation:

The evolution of US television dramas in the last 20 years
Identity Politics
The Quality of Treatment of the Mentally Ill in America
King of the Hill
The Venture Brothers
How the 2nd Amendment got Hijacked by the Far Right
Strauss-Howe Generational Theory
Psychedelic Downtempo Electronic Audio Production
Trump and Russiagate
How to Lose Weight Successfully
Floridian Folklore (I actually don't know if I know two hours worth of this)
An infinity of anecdotes from working in an entry-level call center
Massage Therapy
Family-Based Inertia
How to Load Excel Files to the Database Server at Work
How to Run a Call Center

There's probably a lot of other stuff but that's what I'm thinking of right now
Oct 28, 2017
Overwatch, specifically dive meta, double sniper and goats. Maybe overwatch league too. Those are the metas I nerded out on and learned/understood properly.
I could probably do a lecture on proper scientific method too.

Also I just remembered Christmas music and what makes a good Christmas playlist
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Oct 26, 2017
contemporary japanese portrait photography
sexism in purikura ( I already did a 90 minute lecture on this topic, so 2 hours would not be a problem)
at least 45 minutes about christianity in japan during the sengoku jidai
the motives in nobuyoshi arakis book sentimental journey (his best work btw. everyone go look at it)
why halo 2 is one of the best online mp games ever
probably some other stuff in the IT/programming/devops space.
Oct 25, 2017
Aerospace financials, cloud financials, ERPS, international contacts, government military contacts, international taxes and project launch management and how far video games have come since Mario
Oct 25, 2017
Indie filmmaking:

- why “I put effort into this so you have to like it!” is bullshit

- why “well no one sets out to make something awful” is also bullshit

And probably smash bros


Oct 28, 2017
Mexican food (you filthy gaijins basically don't know anything about it and it's a real shame)
Language learning
Life in Japan vs. life in Mexico
Central Mexico history and culture

Dang that's pretty Mexico-focused.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Wilmington, NC
Cinematography; lighting in particular. I've been offered a job teaching a college class on cinematography but nah.
Filmmaking in general (studio or indie, whatevs).
Indie rock. All kinds of left of the dial rock I guess.
Alteryx for Idiots.
Stratified Statistical Sampling: The Financial Application
The Cross-Strait Relationship and Beyond: Economics vs. Democratic Ideologies
The impact of pension funding on US state politics
Geography and how it shaped East-Asian Deities.
The History of Western Anime Fansubbing: From VHS to Digisub and Streaming Services.
Unreal Logic: The history and rise of Japan's "New Mystery" Fiction
Usogui: "Some manga recommend by some JoJo Artist", or me whining about only mainstream manga titles getting translated."
Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin: Of Man and Machine
E-Hentai Moderation: Logic to Renaming and Tagging
Enron: Only 3 Omegas.
Aug 4, 2018
Please tell me how you derive QM from a classical theory.
The nonlinear shroedinger equation (nsle) is actually a classical equation that has the same mathematical form as *the* shroedinger equation. Since it's only used to describe light that's relatively narrow (i.e. a laser), this particular optical equation didn't really see use until... probably the 60s, well after basic quantum theory was developed.

In either case, confusing name aside, nsle is a classical equation in optics.
Oct 25, 2017
The Netherlands
My field of study gives me a lot of stuff to work with, but there’s some weirder stuff I could talk for ages about.

Gynaecology/obstetrics and general surgery
Works by Caravaggio
The scandinavian black metal scene of the 90’s
Ikea furniture
Video games
Graphic design and typography
Woodworking for beginners