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What is a subject matter you could deliver a 2 hour+ lecture on?

Oct 25, 2017
I've always told people if I could come up with a college course on any topic, it would be Kanye. Especially now with how polarizing he's become, I'd love to see what people come up with for theses on him, both from the standpoint of someone who still loves his music, and as someone who hates his politics.

Also I could teach a course on why Parks and Recreation is a better show than The Office.
Oct 25, 2017
Without preparation? Something web related. I've done 45-60min "lectures" (talk) and taught 2-3 hour workshops on different web technology / programming concepts. I've never given a 2 hour straight lecture though. For a niche web topic, I could probably do "Why you should care about the semantic web," and have a 2 hour lecture ready for this afternoon.

With preparation outside of my profession? Something about videogame storytelling and narrative.
Oct 28, 2017
Without preparation maybe a lecture on "have you met our lord and savior: functional programming and you", you can probably spend an hour alone just trying to explain what monads are, so that is an easy one.
How to program is an easy one since there is just so much ground to cover that you are unlikely to cover it in just 2 hours, and you can just ramble from subject to subject.
How to select and deploy security cameras for an off the grid installation with all the math involved should be easy enough to do without any preparation since the math on it is pretty simple stuff.

With some time to go over the math beforehand could definitely do a 2 hour lecture on the basic car physics to make a driving game.

Then more shaky stuff where I could probably do 2 hours or more without preparation but would probably not end up very good:
Basics of electrical engineering (more in the context of electronics).
How to build a 3d printer from the ground up, along with how to make models for 3d printing both using polygonal modeling and cad software.

If we are talking about lectures as in just talking about shit aimlessly for 2 hours, then it is too much stuff to count not particularly hard to say talk about World of Warcraft for 2 hours when you spent years playing the game, same as talking about bunch of other games like America's Army, Red orchestra 2, the souls series and what not.


Aug 6, 2018
I wrote a 12 page paper almost completely off the cuff about how the decline of unions in the US was not an inevitable result of market forces or a failure of unions to adapt, but instead an orchestrated assault by conservatives starting with the Nixon administration.

It's interesting reading and would make an easy 2 hour talk.
Jan 17, 2018
Transformation of North Caucasian traditional law institutions under the rule of Russian Empire, the Caucasian War, WWII, polisci, CRPGs (maybe).
Nov 3, 2017
Star Wars
Video Game Narratives and Theming
Basic Philosophy

Granted these probably wouldn’t be mind-blowing or even particularly interesting 2-hour lectures, but I could definitely ramble on for 2-hours on these topics.
Oct 28, 2017
GIS, Location Intelligence, Retail Site Selection, Consumer Insights, Massive Mobile Data..
I could talk about them independently or weave them all together.

Then again, I do it for a living and have to pitch it to customers who have no understanding of it on a weekly basis.


Oct 27, 2017
I mean im sure every human could probably talk about 2 hours about something . I would think someone incapable of it would be hindered incapable etc
Nov 8, 2017
I feel like I could probably say a lot about C++ and game engine technical design, but as I'm only doing it for a hobby, I'm sure many people would correct or improve the things I'd have to say.
Oct 27, 2017
How to swing trade the stock market for a 400% annual return (I got 630% last year despite working full-time, and I do have a finance degree).

Anything business related, I have degrees in management, marketing, finance, and international business. I could talk knowledgeably about topics like operations management, organizational behavior, strategic management, digital marketing, and so on. I just love business, the glory of 'winning' or 'losing', and making money.
Oct 27, 2017
Networking Fundamentals
Virtualization and Server Infrastructure
Security & Firewalls
System and Software Deployment
Why Trump is an idiot
Renaissance Art History
The importance of having two bathrooms in your house

I dunno, most things related to IT.
Oct 27, 2017
I wrote a 12 page paper almost completely off the cuff about how the decline of unions in the US was not an inevitable result of market forces or a failure of unions to adapt, but instead an orchestrated assault by conservatives starting with the Nixon administration.

It's interesting reading and would make an easy 2 hour talk.
I’d listen to this.
Oct 27, 2017
software engineering
game design, various
Various tematics of philosophy
ancient roman history
natural disaster physics
pop psychology and it's impact on modern thinking
song of ice and fire.

I'm pretty sure i can do 2h flat explaining why is Keyforge innovative compared to mtg.
Oct 27, 2017
I've had conversations just analyzing Kingdom Hearts 2 in real life that had lasted about as long.
That's a conversation though. 2 hours for one person talking is quite long. I chat a lot of poop, but I don't think even I could ramble on for 2 hours.

(Then again, I have 20 minute videos on YT on single action figures so...)


Coward ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oct 25, 2017
We actually have to do a 45 minute lecture/presentation as part of our class at one point, so I'd probably say cybersecurity as that's what I'm familiar with.
Oct 25, 2017
Goku in Smash.
Why we need an HD DS.
What to do with Gohan in Dragon Ball.
Why Kalos League finale was bullshit.
Why I think I'm incapable of love.
Mar 23, 2018
Why the Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars trilogy are shit and why George Lucas is an asshole for not releasing the movies in their original form. Also, why it sucks that I have to search the internet to find HD versions of Star Wars that don't include the awful Jabba scene in a New Hope or the ridiculous Toy Story--esque music number in Jedi.
Oct 25, 2017
I've done many multi hour lectures, but I think the most niche one I did was Kingdom Hearts. I know enough about Kingdom Hearts to have been asked to host a two hour "101" lecture on it. Good times!
Oct 27, 2017
I don't feel confident that I could lecture about anything for two hours. Maybe some programming stuff? Given time to organize my thoughts, I could probably also talk about WoW.
Oct 26, 2017
Film, probably. It wouldn't be world class, but I could easily fill two hours going into the philosophy behind certain forms of filmmaking.

I could also do a two hour lecture about why you shouldn't go to a two hour lecture by a random guy from the internet.
Oct 27, 2017
Star Wars lore. Or Batman.

Could do politics or history but it would be stressful and require preparation. Star Wars I can just go off spontaneously ranting for hours. It would definitely be my filibuster subject. “How is this relevant you ask, well you see the empire rose out of a republic. So let me tell you about the force cause it plays a role.”
Dec 27, 2018
Lot of stuff, ancient DNA research (if I can use cheat sheet to memorize the names). East Asian history, Central Asian history, contemporary geopolitics....stuff I take a fancy in.

If the format is just like the causal TED talk style not a lecture I can have a say in a lot of topics.