What Is Your Least Favorite Rap Song Ever?

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by Andrew Korenchkin, Mar 13, 2018.

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    The first time I heard "Hey Ya!" by OutKast, I genuinely thought it was Wesley Willis.
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  3. drog

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    This comes to mind, the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog impression and the terrible borderline pedophile lyrics.....awful.

  4. LionPride

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    Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

    I fuckin hate this song so damn much man
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    This is one of favorite rap songs from that time period.
  6. Violence Jack

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    I just cannot go back and listen to some of those 90s hits anymore. That includes Daisy Dukes, Tootsie Roll, Baby Got Back, C'mon N Ride The Train, and Whoomp There It Is. I also cannot stand that "My neck, my back" song. Ugh.
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    In Da Club - 50 Cent. While definitely a hot song, it was the anthem for the finalized shift in East Coast hip hop from street to club, ushered in by Puffy and Ma$e. As a near decade long the Source subscriber I cancelled my sub and ultimately gave up on the genre's new output by this point. I completely understood, even back then, the need to do something different (some might say evolve) was definitely necessary. Unfortunately, da club is the last place I wanted it taken and hearing 50's hit almost everywhere was grating.
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    Murs did a video debating whether or not hick-hop has the right to exist and honestly, it shouldn't. There's something viscerally wrong with appropriating a black artform while celebrating the culture that'd keep the originators in chains. Also, their motherfucking music stinks.

    And this is coming from someone that likes Bubba Sparxxx and Yelawolf.
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    This is comfortably one of the biggest piles of shit that music has ever produced across any genre.

    More specific to Hip Hop I think Eminem - Ass Like That is as good a pick as anything else of his from that era.
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    God pretty much 90% of the mumble rap stuff going around today. Most of it is trash
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    The rapping on that Crazy Town track is 100% ass cheeks but I kind of like the sample, not gonna lie. Song sucks tho
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    Bubba Sparxx - Ugly

    I like hip hop I can bob my head to.
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    Any song from motherfucking Lil' B.

    Based God my dick. I wish one of you would come tell me this guy is good. Knuckle up.
  14. Ricitor

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    Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja.
    I hate this group with a fucking passion and think everything they produce is trash. Especially a slap in the face when there is actual talent in SA and somehow these are our biggest export hip-hop wise.
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    Some straight up sacrilege being posted in this thread. For myself, I can't really think of anything worse than Hopsin - Happy Ending.
    How dare you disrespect the Based God.

    I'm not a big fan of most of their output, but I think most people will admit that Wat Pomp fucking slaps.
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    Some of you lames just have no joy in you.
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    Get Tipsy or whatever that song was...
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    "I Don't Fuck With You" by Big Sean sticks in my head because it's shit awful AND my college roommates played the hell out of it. I will die with it still buried somewhere in my head, and because of that, I will die poorly.
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    This so much this. Although now with whatever is going on with Jhene and him it's now my national Big Sean diss track to himself.
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    You win.
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    gucci gang or anything of the lil pump style rappers.
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    Bad and Boujee

    Anything by Post Malone. Rockstar was the worst song I have ever heard.
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    Whenever I hear people talk about Tony Montana I think about this and absolutely lose my shit. Dr Pepper ACTUALLY sucks though.

    Edit - Who said Stupid Hoe??
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    Came for this, impressed that it is the first post
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    It's tough because songs I considered wack back in he 90's is better than the songs out today.

    East Coast - tie between Jay-z and Foxy Brown - Sunshine and Nas "you owe me"

    West Coast - anything by WC and the maad circle

    South - no limit "make them say ughhh"

    Midwest - crucial conflict "hay"
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    Man Eminem really has put out some WOAT-tier shit.

    Who remembers Just Lose It.

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    ban yourself

    anything from revival for me
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    I was having a tough time thinking of rap songs I really really disliked, but yeah this is a great answer
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    Kim - Eminem, ruined that album for me.
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    Vivrant Thing broke my heart. A SOLO Tip track?
    Hot Hot garbage, and a sign of things to come for Q-Tips solo career.
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    This thread so far:

    Drunk and Hot Girls
    Barry Bonds
    God's Plan
    Make em Say Uhh
    Get Tipsy
    Hey Ya

    I hate you guys, smh
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    i never thought i would see someone stan for DnHG

    first time for everything
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    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Pure trash.
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    Everything about this song seemed specially-designed to annoy the hell out of me

    It's not necessarily the worst rap song I've ever heard, but it's definitely the most annoying for me.
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    catchy melody, funny bars, unique mos def verse, amazing sample

    i just don't get the hate
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    Just listened to this for the first time
    whew I change my mind this is the worst song I've ever heard
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    I mean, I don't like the track and think it drags down what could otherwise be considered Ye's best album, but to call it one of the worst rap songs ever is absurd. Again, Happy Ending exists.

    This was a single. For an album. In 2017. (vid is slightly NSFW)
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    Dance with the Devil is down there for me, there's literally nothing good about that song
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    Cash me ousside.
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    Probably something from Hopsin.
    There's a lot to pick from that cornball.
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    This thread is proving to me there is a such thing as "objectively bad music"
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    It's the part where he says "Drunk and hot girls"
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    The entire Encore album might just be an all time low not just for Eminem, but the rap genre as a whole.

    TIL Florida and Pitbull are different people.
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    Ok...I'm having fun in thread reading about hated tracks and disagreeing but Vibrant Thing is one of my go-to tracks to get a party hype. Even if I'm the only one dancing, haha.

    Yeah, I never saw the appeal.

    Also, lemme throw in another track that makes me angry. I file this under my own genre of "random phrases while pots and pans are banging in the background". Like it seriously to me sounds like he's ad-libbing most of the time with nonsense, while someone is hitting random keys on the synthesizer and in a kitchen attached to the studio someone is taking a wooden spoon and slamming on shit. Also, I've never seen this video or even what he looks like, so I'm guessing hes part of this new crop of rappers that idolize Naruto and put people to sleep by the first chorus.
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    Close the thread and I honestly can’t believe no one else posted these

    Ice Ice baby
    Wham rap
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    Is he wrong, though? I had Graduation on loop for weeks when it first dropped, but those songs get skipped every single time. They're not the worst songs of all time, but they sure are the worst on the album.
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    Anything full of topical references from Eminem. Bangers featuring hot takes about Carson Daly and Donald Rumsfeld sound stupid as shit now.