What JRPG are you playing right now?


Oct 25, 2017
I just finished Berseria as my first tales game and I'm debating on doing Zestiria as well or just trying to avoid burnout before Arise.


Oct 26, 2017
Plodding through Vesperia now. If not for Judith I would have thrown the towel. Have also made use of the DLC items to make the fights go a bit faster. Thankfully the story is picking up around the 18(!)hr mark.

Have also resumed playing FF15, getting chocobos made it 10% better but still a massive chore with some the quests(goddamn frogs). Fishing on the other hand is the best thing about the game.


Jan 30, 2019
Canadian Wilds
I just finished DQXI a week or two ago. My first Dragon Quest, and an excellent RPG. Really enjoyed the cast and the wonderful translation, even if the game was maybe a little too long for me. Still got a good chunk of side quests wrapped!

I was impressed enough that I was going to go right into some other DQ, but with the FFVIII Remaster seemingly coming in hot, I’m gonna wait and see.


Oct 27, 2017
I think I'm at the final dungeon for Cold Steel 2. I've been enjoying it so far; better pacing than CS1. Hopefully CS3 gets a PC release date sooner rather than later (and Geofront releases their Zero no Kiseki translation).

After CS2, I'll probably continue my very casual playthrough of Octopath Traveler until DQ11 S.


Oct 25, 2017
Two misc things:

RPGFan is (currently) (and for the next couple weeks) streaming the Geo Front translation of Zero no Kiseki for those who wanna see it in action (I'm so blue they've passed on bringing this overseas still). Good prep for CS3 I hear.
EDIT: Also a good time to post the Reddit link that teaches you how to legally buy the game.

Also Super Groupies has been featuring a lot of cool JRPG (and anime) product lines for those who want gamer gear that ...at least tries to be kinda chic. :P



Nov 6, 2017
Finished my first Japanese playthrough of Soul Blazer a couple days back.
It's so bare-bones I don't know that there was much to gain from replaying it in Japanese, but the game itself was still enjoyable, if very simple.

I have a gauntlet of biz trips now (at gamescom as I type this!), so I'm going to have play a handheld. I brought my 3DS with me, so I might either put some more time into Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon or start Order of Ecclesia.


Oct 25, 2017
The Legend Of Heroes Trails in the Sky First Chapter (Steam/PC)
-on chapter 1, lv 13 Estelle , made it to Bose - 10 hours in

Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light (DS) - lv 15, town of urbeth - 6 hours in


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Working on Final Fantasy XII on PS4. I finally beat King Bomb after it taking the better part of last night. Made it to Phon Coast and called it a night. Judging by the walkthough I've used I think I'm getting close to the end.