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What scene from an RPG gave you the most feels? *Mark spoilers*

Oct 27, 2017
Does mmo count? FFXIV has plenty of moments like this. Most memorable for me would be the
Kobold kid.
God that shit was messed up.
Man when you go back to visit him in 4.4 with Alisae and he still has the same issues...that shit was sad as fuck.
Oct 25, 2017
Aftermath scene in Phantasy Star IV after fighting Zio the first time.
Thought I'd be the first to mention it. That whole arc of the story is incredible.

Alys, the central lead of the game to this point is down and slowly dying with only one hope. It's up to Chaz, her young partner and the group to track down someone who can save her. You think okay this is the moment where Chaz steps up and becomes a main character after being in the back for most of the game so far. He's going to save her and prove that hes not just a weak kid who has to be protected.

Only to find out that even though you find the one person who might be able to help her... he can't and shortly after... Alys dies. The game sets up this false expectation that Alys can be saved only to pull the rug right out from under you. To make it worse... Chaz does ultimately succeed in his goal of finding this person but she still dies anyway. It leaves him lost and confused and emotionally torn and the game presents that in such a strong way in this moment letting the various characters really show emotion. I damn well near cry at this scene ever time I replay through PSIV and its a big part of why its my favorite game of all time.

So many games have big dramatic moments that let the player feel things but they don't let the characters themselves really feel the same. Maybe in the moment they do but its not a lingering thing that lasts over the course of the game (unless that dramatic moment is used as a plot device like FF7). That is something that PSIV does that I don't think I can recall any game being able to do on the same level and that is what makes the game stand out so much to me.


Oct 27, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
For me, it was probably in Suikoden 2.

Riou/Hero and Jowy team up temporarily to protect Nanami, only to have her die right afterwards. Of course, she lives in the good ending, but still - at the moment it was heartwrenching. Two friends putting aside a massive conflict to fight together again, only to fail to protect the one they love and go back to fighting again in the end. The fleeting nature of their renewed alliance, the desire to protect someone dear to them, finally putting the asshole Gorudo in his place, and the tragic ending of the affair were all massive gut punches of all different kinds. Plus, using Jowy in battle again and seeing how far he'd come was awesome.

What's yours?
Spot on OP one of the greatest scenes in RPG history, especially when you see Jowy use the spell Hungry Friend for the first time, it was awesome.
Oct 28, 2017
Final Fantasy 6. Halfway trough. I have never seen a FF game get as dark in its story development as this.

Celes' attempted suicide.
Why everyone keeps talking about the opera sequence in this game is something I will never understand. It was just a foreshadowing of this event, and its here it reaches its climax.
Funny story: I've never once seen that scene, because
I've always been able to collect enough "good fish" for CID to make a full recovery.
Oct 26, 2017
The scene in Grandia where the hero finds a letter from his mom.

That usually doesn't get me but something about the music and voice acting hit me hard.
Oct 27, 2017
No spoilers. In no order of preference:
  • Kingdom Hearts II. The whole prologue with Roxas and all the concept around him. Even the musical compositions of Traverse Town are full of melancholy. Brilliant.
  • Lost Odyssey. The best part of this game was the stories around Kaim's past. They're presented as only text with background images, but a couple of them bring a tear to the eye.
  • Undertale. The Pacifist route makes you feel all warm and fuzzy by the end.
  • NieR. The whole game? (Seriously.)
  • NieR: Automata. Almost everything by the time you reach Ending E. But my favorite is the whole story (that ties back to the first game) around the twins Devola and Popola.
Nov 30, 2018
It didn't at the time, but when I play though it as I'm older the Final Fantasy VI opera scene gets me all nostalgic. So this is sort of a "retroactive" award for me:

Of course nothing will ever top the moment:

Dec 30, 2017
Bleeding out in the Crucible and talking with Anderson about missed opportunities. That really should've been the end of the game, it was the best place to end it.
Oct 28, 2017
Mass Effect 3 had several but:

Also Chrono Cross:

I can't choose so here you go :

The true ending of Chrono Cross made me cry and sob for a whole evening

It's an emotional ending, but the Tidus / Jecht moment just moved me so much. I'm a sucker for the stories about father / son relationship that get mended at the end.

The moment when the brothers say good bye before the true final boss... That was something.
Chrono Cross is sickeningly good at manipulating emotions. Got me immediately

Dragon Quest VII with robot feeding his master soup
Holy shit that one was a kick in the gut. Dragon Quest VII is feels central. The optional story about the star crossed lovers where the woman died in a convent and you have to accompany the man there destroyed me too...
Nov 15, 2017

TW3 bad ending too

Yeah Finding Ciri

When I first played that part, I legitimately thought she was dead and I had somehow screwed up somewhere (took too long sidequesting, wrong choice somewhere, etc.) and it broke me completely, especially as someone who has read the books.
Oct 25, 2017
Witcher 3 hit me hard in a lot of places, but in hindsight a lot of what hit me relied on my reading of the books and in its own context I don't think it would have touched me as much.

So I'm going to say the ending of Dark Souls 1. Everything about it still amazes me. That may be my favorite final boss of ever.
One scene that always wrecks me is early on, when you are on an airship heading to Alexandria. Vivi only just realised there are other black mages like him, only that they are artificial beings. They're puppets, being used as tools of war. When you're being attacked, your ship takes some serious structural damage, making many of the black mages fall overboard. Most of them are just lifeless husks, falling down. Seeing Vivi witness it all breaks my heart.

Going back in time to Kid in the orphanage is similarly rough. The whole thing burns down, you help rescue Kidd. When you made it out, you're forced to go back to the present, leaving her all alone again. The game even gives you an option to try and reassure her, but both choices made me feel so guilty and bad. The music of that scene gets me too.
Oct 27, 2017
Mass Effect 3. So, so much sadness.
First, get this tune playing before clicking the spoiler tag.

‘Someone else might have gotten it wrong.’
Oct 27, 2017
Crisis Core final scene, even though I knew what was about to happen, nothing really came close to it. I was 14 or something like that, probably played a part to it.


Oct 25, 2017
First that came to mind was Witcher 3 and
Geralt finding Ciri

Also the ending and I didn't get the "bad" one, I think I got the one in the middle.

Edit: Seems like it already got few mentions, not surprising though!
Oct 27, 2017
The "return", the climactic battle and triumph, in Mass Effect.

(honorable mention for Mass Effect:
Punching out Udina

The start of Mass Effect 2.

The ending of the ISU questline in AC Odyssey
Oct 25, 2017
+1 to Mother 3's ending

The lines "Im going to where mom is now" and "You must be so tired" are specially devastating.

The eponymus "Undertale" moment in Undertale and the true pacifist ending as well.

Edit: oh shit, i somehow forgot this was about RPGs only, removed non rpg examples.
Jul 6, 2018
I know it's been said before, but the Thousand Years of Dreams stuff from Lost Odyssey are incredible. That whole game is fantastic and is on my short list of best JRPGs of all time. It WILL hit you, right in the feels.
Oct 31, 2017
The ending of Golden Sun and then playing the sequel as a 9 year old kid was all kinds of emotional. Like, as a kid its black and white, not gray and abstract.
How can the good guys be wrong? Why is the bad guy making so much sense? WHY AM I PLAYING AS THE BAD GUY IN THE SEQUEL *heavy breathing*
Jan 11, 2018
When Ryuji "sacrifices" himself at the end of P5, I got misty-eyed. This guy sucked at being even 1% chill for the entire game and has been quite irksome in some of his more extreme moments. Despite all that, the kid still has a heart of gold. Here at the end, he sacrifices himself to save the crew. I was touched, and also genuinely surprised that Atlus would take the narrative risk of killing a major party character... and then they didn't. That really undercut the moment for me, but of course I can't deny that it got me at the time.
Oct 27, 2017
It might seem weird, but this for me as well. I can't even put my finger on it, but it's the atmosphere of the place, the music, the nostalgia for my youth. Altogether it hits me right in the feels more than any other scene in the ff series. It's not even a super dramatic cutscene or anything. But yeah, it's this one.
I feel like the big notes from FFVII, they hit me the first time round but lose their potency as you replay and replay. That scenario, the perfect storm happens time in, time out.
Oct 27, 2017
One more from me. Mass Effect 1.

Meeting Sovereign from Mass Effect 1.

So let me get this out of the way. I didn't like KOTOR. I still don't like KOTOR. I had very little allegiance to Bioware. I found the dialogue so utterly tedious that I was talking to bland NPC after bland NPC in the hope that something, anything would trigger a side-quest and I could move on with life. I sit through Metal Gear Solid exposition, I skip through KOTOR exposition and read the text. That's how dry and forgettable it was for me. And the combat left me cold. Same for Dragon Age.

I went into Mass Effect three times, abandoning it after feeling the same Bioware fatigue I felt from KOTOR. OK combat, mainly tedious dialogue. The fourth time, I ploughed on and got to Virmire. I was feeling it more finally, and was in an ok groove. Then the conversation with Sovereign happened. Good lord. There was something about having the rug totally and utterly whipped away from you at that point. Again, the magic combination of placing of the event, the music, the delivery. At first you think it is a simple ship AI, then it dawns on you. Possibly the most spine chilling reveal of a the true antagonist. Kudos for keeping it in full view for the game but not letting on.

Yeah, that papered over the dry side missions and totally changed my perception of the game. The second is the better game, but doesn't have a moment which peaks like that.
Oct 25, 2017

Yeah Finding Ciri

When I first played that part, I legitimately thought she was dead and I had somehow screwed up somewhere (took too long sidequesting, wrong choice somewhere, etc.) and it broke me completely, especially as someone who has read the books.
Didn't read the books until after I had finished the game but I had a similar reaction. I was close to Alt+F4ing because I didn't want to deal with it lol.

Hasan Ali Almaci

Sep 12, 2018
Skies of Arcadia, for a large part of the game a captain has a beef with a sky whale and it gives of a strong Ahab vibe and you expect the captain to be killed by the whale. But it does not, the conclusion is the captain nursing a dying whale feeling pain in his heart for pursuing him for so long and understanding that his feud was wrong from the start.
Oct 27, 2017
Actually, I suppose it would be the Lost Oddysey short stories if those count.

Some incredibly human stuff in there. And the music is pure evil in this regard at breaking you down, it'll drive you to tears alone.
Oct 25, 2017
Holy shit that one was a kick in the gut. Dragon Quest VII is feels central. The optional story about the star crossed lovers where the woman died in a convent and you have to accompany the man there destroyed me too...
Dragon Quest VII has so many wonderfully devastating vignettes. The advantage of the game's episodic nature is that with each episode, you genuinely don't know if you're going to get a happy ending. It lulls you into complacency in the beginning with a few generic save-the-town quests and then POW! right in the kisser with the town cursed by black fog. The setup: everyone in the town is turned to stone. The resolution: everyone in the town except one kid is turned to stone. Yay?

Or the one where you keep going in back in time trying to prevent a town from being destroyed by one catastrophe after another, until eventually, you just, uh, can't. It's gone, everybody died, show's over. Next island!
Oct 30, 2017
It is hard to remember everything like that on the spot, but those come to my mind
front mission 3:
Emma's scenario ending is quite sad, especially when this song kick in
When Sue depart from the group
final fantasy 7:
Cid's backstory when he saves his assistant at the cost of his lifelong dream. He has the best theme of any FF character