What televsion do you own?


Oct 28, 2017
So many.

Visio 2017 M series 55" in livingroom
Panasonic plasma 42" in bedroom. Still best TV for dimly lit shows like chilling adventures of sabrina.
Samsung 2012 7000 series 46" in guest room
Sony kdl-55w900a 55" in game room
Visio D series 42" in gym

The Sony is what I'll replace next. Still produces a fairly good picture today and PC games down sampled from 1440p to 4K look good. Probably in 2020 or 2021. I also use it as a work from home monitor so whatever I replace it with will be top quality for all uses.


Oct 27, 2017
Panasonic VT65 plasma, one of the last sold in the US. Will probably hold onto it until it dies.


Oct 27, 2017
I have LG 55" OLED C8

While the tv is great and I got it for a good price , I would’ve still kept my old samsung 1080p 42” if my mom did not ask for it when I moved from my old place. I could've lived on without the bells & whistles, but maybe I change my mind up when I hook up a 4k supported console to it in the future.


Oct 25, 2017
The main TV I use for gaming is a Samsung 42" 1080p set that must be going on ten years old now. Could certainly be better, but it's served me very well.

Doc Holliday

Oct 27, 2017
65” Sony Bravia 950g just upgraded from a panny g10 plasma.

Very happy so far! Won’t upgrade again till microled are affordable.

Would have loved an oled but it was a bit pricey and was worried about burn in with our tv habits.


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Oct 27, 2017
Right now, a 2012 55" Panasonic VIERA Plasma. In two weeks, my 77" LG C9 will be delivered. :)

Tap In

Oct 28, 2017
Gilbert AZ
Living 70" 2018, Vizio E series -good for general living room viewing and some dark room HDR DV movies

Loft 65" 2017 Vizio M -hooked up to surround sound good for main movie watching in HDR

Game 65" Vizio 2019 M Quantum -sweet game TV and movie machine

Bed 55" TCL 615 - Great late night DV HDR show streaming

Value , bang for buck, of either the Vizios or the TCLs can't be beat


Oct 26, 2017
Have to same tv as you OP just 49 inches. Probably won't upgrade for awhile unless my tv breaks or there's one helluva sale; ain't spending another $1000+ for some minor jumps in performance coming into next gen. I'm sure the PS5/nextbox/next Nintendo console will still look great on my tv.


Nov 8, 2017
LG C7 OLED 55". Awesome TV, way better than the shitty Samsung KS8000 that I returned within a week to get it.


Oct 27, 2017
55" LG LED (55UK6500EJD).
Kinda wanted an OLED, but it was outside of my budget. Plenty happy with this one though.


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Oct 28, 2017
55" Philips OLED 803 in the living room, and a Toshiba 40" in my games room/man cave (will upgrade when 40" OLED becomes a thing)

I love Ambilight, and been wanting an OLED for a while, so bit the bullet on it this May and haven't looked back!


Oct 25, 2017
Had a Sony 55XD93 since Dec 2016. Just set up an LG 65c9. Its gorgeous, but feels a bit big so far (more like a cinema where you're looking around the picture rather than the entire picture being visible in your field of view). OK for cinematic stuff but not sure yet for day to day watching. Also that size makes regular TV - even HD which is still compressed and I think only 1080i - not look great.

But OLED is amazing and I got fed up with the blooming from the limited local dimming of the Sony, and it didn't support Dolby Vision or HLG HDR (used by BBC Iplayer) - bit of a black sheep of the Sony family - was a high end set in 2016 but for weird chipset choices it got skipped over for several updates that even the lower end 2016 models got.

Your TV still seems to be a good one so no real need to upgrade yet.If you're a console user I'd wait for HDMI 2.1 to settle down and be adopted across more TVs, and for more source components that use HDMI 2.1 features - let others be the beta testers. Also next gen consoles will hopefully adopt features like VRR but that means you can probably safely wait until this time next year for the 2020 spring models to be selling cheaply, or even wait for the 2021 models before you'll see significant benefit upgrading.

If you connect your PC to the TV, then a HDMI 2.1 with VRR like the LG C9/E9 might be tempting now for 120Hz 1440p gaming on a big screen
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Feb 10, 2018
Your TV will be fine for next gen.
It won't be able to do 4k 120fps, but not everyone can tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps, also only current gen and older games will do 120fps with maybe some indies doing it to, but I don't think it will be a big deal for most people.

I to have a mid range 2017 4k Panasonic, It was actually a stop gap TV, because my 2009 1080p Samsung broke, and I was going to get an OLED a few yrs later, but after using the Panasonic for a few yrs now I'm pretty happy with it, sure it does not have HDR and 4k 120fps ability but those things are not that important to me. They won't effect my enjoyment of the game.


May 20, 2018
Living Room - TCL 75in (758PM) and Sanyo Z700 (10 years and counting on original lamp)

Bedroom - TCL 60in (P6US) was my living room TV until a couple months ago.

Kids Room - LG 55in (UB850T) and Seiki 39in (cant remember model). Both old living room tvs.

Im getting the kids Kogan 50inch S8 JU8100 4K HDR screens for christmas. Only a cheap brand but a big technology jump for them.

Dan Thunder

Nov 2, 2017
My gaming TV is just some old 40" Samsung, probably over 10 years old now. The TV tuner doesn't even accept HD channels so it's a bit long in the tooth but still does the job. I'll upgrade to a 55" when the PS5/Xbox Next come out.


Apr 7, 2019
32 inch 1080p LG old TV

Was about to pull the trigger on the RU7100 but people here advised against it due to poor HDR performance.

Don't have a PS4 Pro so can wait a bit for a proper one


Oct 25, 2017
Living room: 65" LG E6
Den: 55" LG B9 (6yr old Sony XBR just died recently)
Bedroom: 55" Sony A8F


Aug 22, 2018
65" X900F, which I've been very pleased with, it's a great set for a brighter room.

I don't own it, but I'm lucky to spend most of my work week in front of a BVM-X300, which is incredible, but we have some B8, C8, & C9 sets which I sometimes use and are lovely. The live zoom function on those is pretty cool.


Oct 29, 2017
Essex, UK
Got a 55 inch Philips 4K TV for £370 last year. Absolute bargain. Very happy with it for the price. 4K has renewed my love of film tbh.


Oct 27, 2017
I have a 55'' LG C7 4K OLED in the main room and a Philips 55'' 4K LED 7304 in the back room (my lair). The OLED is clearly better in all respects but the Phillips was cheap, gives a reasonable picture, especially with a good source, and seems to have low latency - and has ambilight.


Dec 10, 2017
A Sharp Aquos LC-50LE650E from 2014. I hate it, it has a terrible picture, especially when hooked up to the media pc, and it has had a problem right from the start where it can't update it's firmware. Going to be replacing it next month finally with a 4K television, probably another 50".

I'd like an Ambilight but I doubt the local retailers have any.


Oct 25, 2017
65" LG B8 OLED

Got it early this year as an upgrade from my 12-year-old 42" Panasonic plasma, which is now a bedroom TV.


Nov 13, 2017
Some 40" 1080p Sony set which I bought due to it receiving low lag scores online. Best TV I've ever had.


Jan 15, 2019
Low - mid tier Panasonic 55” I got for quite cheap from work instead of paying around 900 euro I paid 550.

It got all the standard stuff like 4k, hdr10 and so on.


Oct 30, 2017
Vizio 55" E55

It's great for what it is, I wish the OS was a bit better and that the Chromecast ultra built into it had the correct amount of memory allocated, but hey.


Oct 27, 2017
Current main tv is a Vizio 65” E series I bought in early 2018, it was the previous years model that got a bad rap for not having a tv tuner so I was able to buy it on clearance for a good price.


Oct 27, 2017
Basement: 50" Panasonic plasma. Only 720p, but it still looks great to me. Bought it in 2008, and I will be sad once it eventually craps out.

Living room: 49" LG 4k something or other. Good tv, but it has a weird issue where on Prime video, the audio and video won't sync up, and you have to use an optical cable to get it to sync. You'd think they'd have figured this shit out by now, especially since the 11 year old Panasonic has no such issue.


Oct 25, 2017
42" FullHD Panasonic plasma from 2009. It survived one power supply board failure, still kicking. I kinda wish I had a bigger TV, but I'm not giving up a plasma while it still works. I'll be sad to see it go one day.


Oct 28, 2017
TCL 6 Series 2018 55”. Absolutely amazing TV for the money. The only thing that sucks is it makes my old TV (a budget LG 42” from 2013) I wanted to use as a spare look like crap lol.

When I eventually move I’ll probably upgrade to whatever is 6 series adjacent at 65” and move the 55” to the spare room haha.