What televsion do you own?


Oct 29, 2017
Owned an Panasonic Plasma TV form 2011 till earlier this year. Panasonic TX-P55VT50E
An amazing TV, served me well for the 8 years I had it.
Then I moved and sitting 13ft away from the TV was way to far for 55 inch, so I invested in an 1080p projector ( Optoma HD29H) and a 100 inch screen.
Nice Upgrade, even If I miss the Blacks a bit.


Oct 25, 2017
Chicago, IL
I have a 60” 2017 E series from Vizio. I wouldn’t call it a top-tier set or anything, but it’s pretty nice and I got it very cheap. It’s my first 4K/HDR TV and it felt like a huge step up from the no-brand HDTV I got for $200 in 2013.


Oct 28, 2017
65" LG 9500 OLED
Sony 55" W900

Had a 65" Samsung which I gave to my mom

Will probably look into buying a new OLED next year.


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Oct 25, 2017
I have a 2018 Sony xbr something something- 65 inch 4k hdr10 - I couldn’t justify the cost for oled anyway but I have that set because a flood insurance claim (ironically a minor leak in a bathroom turned into a major flood when the original flood remediation company broke a pipe “repairing the small leak and trashed three floors including my 2016 tv) meant I had to replace with equivalent model and price - so it was an upgrade but not on my schedule.

During this Black Friday I finally jumped on something I had my eye on- we use the Sony in the game/movie space in the basement and Mrs didn’t want a tv in our living room- but watches a lot of football and tennis so I was able to convince her that a Samsung Frame would be “hidden “ in plain sight.

Samsung stock photography showing ideal installation in top perfect home. Scroll down for gahiggidy’s basement truth.

so far so good - it’s a 55 inch qled and although “art mode” is the killer app it’s actually remarkably good for games and movies and a better tv than the Sony.

Opened west facing blinds to see how direct sunlight would impact glare. Really good in fact and very watchable.

The flush mounting hardware was a joy to install (do NOT use the shitty included lag screws because unless your studs are made of chocolate you’re going to instantly strip them- I wish companies wouldn’t cheap out on essential basics but I tested one and noped all the way to the hardware store for some quality torx flush head screws made of decent metal) and the included template made it easy as hell to install. I leveled it with a laser but the mounting bracket actually rotates allowing you to adjust level after installation- so ballpark is actually okay. Just find your studs, tape the template to the wall and drill guide holes into appropriate studs.

it comes with the mounting bracket and an “invisible” thin fiber optic cable that carries power and video to the separate breakout box so even if you don’t want to cut drywall to hide cables it’s pretty inoffensive.

I have a houseguest sleeping in that room for a little bit but after they leave I’m going to hide the cable inside smurf tube for a perfectly clean look.

you can buy different bezels to change the frame to match decor but it comes with a black aluminum one. I doubt I’ll ever change it unless it’s HEAVILY discounted- about $200 for a new bezel is too much for my blood.

Art mode is great- comes with a bunch of photos and licensed and public domain paintings- but you can add your own via smartphone or a usb stick. You can subscribe for more art but no thanks when there’s so much wallpaper out there for free. You can simply full screen a picture or customize “mats” in the interface- they’re actually pretty convincing.

Opened west facing blinds to see how direct sunlight would impact glare. Really good in fact and very watchable.

there’s an “intelligent “ light and motion sensor that will adjust art based on room conditions (or turn off when nobody’s in the room) and while an av fan is going to see emissive imagery- we did a couple of blind tests on victims who genuinely assumed it was flat reflective art. I’m told it works better in some places than others but it’s waaaaaay more convincing than I expected even after demoing at Magnolia.

Chair currently hiding “invisible” cable but it’s really very discreet.

shockingly for a bezel-zero flush mounted TV the audio is fantastic. It would be good anyway but I’m genuinely blown away by the default speakers. I am replacing them with an atmos capable Echo Studio when they’re back in stock but since this is for sports games and art and maybe the occasional movie or game , I think even that’s overdoing it but the Studio speaker will do double duty on radio and whole house music.

Games are fantastic with the 2019 model- it has support for everything except Dolby Vision and there’s even frame rate and sync support (not available on smaller models of the same set so check specs).

really happy with this thing and will be happier still after I bury that cable.
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Oct 27, 2017
I have a 46" Samsung from 2011 or so. It's...fine.

It's 1080p, obviously, not the thinnest TV in the world, is kind of small and has stupid capacitive buttons on the front, but it has a matte finish and is still working well. I'll replace it eventually.