What ya'll think of the Olive Garden Neverending classics?

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by BasilZero, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. BasilZero

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    So...just need ya'll opinions.

    Never went to a Olive Garden but was told they had something called a Never Ending classic deal, how does that work, is it like a buffet or something?
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    It's y'all, not ya'll
  3. Mushroomer25

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    If it's anything like their other Neverending Pasta deals, you get the first round and then can continue to request additional servings from the host as they come around.

    $12 for multiple servings of lasagna, chicken alfredo, chicken parm, rigatoni, and spaghetti with meat sauce. Plus breadsticks. It's mediocre food, but you could make this a great deal if you had the appetite for it.

    Edit - I'm now reading the fine print - and apparently the $12 only entitles you to unlimited spaghetti & rigatoni. Everything else costs an additional price. Fuck that.
  4. BasilZero

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    Well, its the way I've phrased it before....anyways, what do you think of the topic at hand?
  5. Heath V

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    Incredible deal, I've been there twice in the last 2 weeks. Their fettuccine alfredo is great. You can't beat their breadsticks either.
  6. BasilZero

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    Is that like....you pay the amount of what the highest priced entree is for everything you eat once? Or is that $12 + whatever different dish that you choose to get that is different from the standard $12 meal?
  7. Rapscallion

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    It’s garbage food. Unlimited garbage food!
  8. Akira86

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    fuck Olive Garden. They used to be ok, but that was like 20 years ago...

    right now they're the Chili's of italian food.
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    Yeah it's just a situation where they bring a full bowl and then each subsequent bowl you order is smaller (same with their bread sticks they bring you less as time goes on). It's nice that apparently you can take any unfinished pasta home but it's also crappy food.
  10. entremet

    entremet Member

    They were never good. You just got more discerning with age.
  11. BasilZero

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    Oh they give you smaller plates as time goes...thats....not very good.
  12. RBH

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  13. Dali

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    What do i think? I think it's spelled "y'all" you phony.

    Edit: lol, I was so insulted I didn't even get to the first post.
  14. Valkyr1983

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    I’m kinda against all you can eat type deals but I do enjoy Olive Garden food, it seems like solid mid tier italian
  15. Akira86

    Akira86 Member

    at one point they were a medium tier chain Italian place. Not on the same level as a real italian place or any type, or even a higher level Italian chain like a Maggiano's . But they were passable. You could get okay pasta. An entire +14oz steak selection. This was around 1995 to 2005 I guess. My last trip there was this year and it might be my last visit.

    Now they're down to 6 oz sirloins and "steak tips", never ending pasta gimmicks, and now you can play Crystal Crusher at your table on a little tablet they give you.
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  17. staedtler

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    Well think of it this way, a box of Kraft Dinner\Mac and Cheese is a better Italian meal then Olive Garden.
  18. super-famicom

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    I wouldn't know, I don't eat at Olive Garden.
  19. FaceHugger

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    I'll just say that I don't think Olive Garden is nearly as bad as others. It's just fast casual Italian, better than most people could cook at home (because most people don't know how to cook).

    That said, I think this special is really psychological. These dishes will fill any regular person up and they cost $11.99. The food and labor cost of each dish sold is probably very low given they're mostly pasta with probably the cheapest ingredients possible - especially the pasta and meat sauce, that's probably like $1.50 a plate to them. They are making a lot off of each person who opts for it. For every customer who actually gets seconds, I figure there are many more who do not (as previously mentioned).
  20. entremet

    entremet Member

    Well they're owned by a huge corporate conglomerate, so they expect growth and profits. They're always messing around with cutting corners and trying new things to get people to eat there. So that would explain it. They've had big leadership changes too. When MBAs get into the restaurant business, this is what you get.
  21. Akira86

    Akira86 Member

    what is this now?

    edit: their cannolis are super sweet though, but I like it.
  22. Spoit

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    I mean, they're not amazing, but c'mon fam.
  23. Kthulhu

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    Do people not know this?
  24. BasilZero

    BasilZero Member Original Poster

    I dont know about that especially with that one thread about Kraft dinner few weeks back....
  25. Akira86

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    the world is a very big place and I've seen it used both ways with no questions. So yeah when did it become more than a regional dialectical choice?

    well just like the lawyer boom of the 70s-80s we got the mba boom of the 90s 00s, and yeah everything improved big time.
  26. Christian

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    Never ask for food advice on Era. Everyone on here has a classically-trained palette and only eats the finest and most expensive specially prepared cuisine. If you eat cheap or at a chain, there’s something wrong with you.

    And it’s a conjunction of “you” and “all”, not “yau” and “all”. As such, it becomes “y’all”. This isn’t difficult. Our schools have failed us.
  27. Akira86

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    lol, they letting you use y'all in schools now? wow, and one is accepted over the other in the spell check. thats amazing. I'm officially old now. I noticed something legitimately transitional.

    ya'll is how we spelled it, and it was a colloquialism, so the rules were social ones not ones of english grammar.
  28. Heath V

    Heath V Banned Member

    Do you seriously believe this?
  29. mopinks

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    unlimited soup is the only reason to go to olive garden

    fill yourself with soup to overflowing
  30. itwasTuesday

    itwasTuesday Member

    Breadstick fight @ the big cast iron bowl in the corner of the room. bring it.

    It's not a horrible way to spend a lunch with people. You get to try out different variations of similar items over and over till max full.
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    I've never eaten at Olive Garden but when did we all agree we were too boujee to eat at Olive Garden? Did I miss that meeting? Or was I just not invited?
  32. Thunder11

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    Olive Garden food tastes like plastic. Last time I went, their deal somehow gave more food than a buffet would have (unlimited pasta, breadsticks while there, but then full entree that had to be to go). It was ludicrous portion sizes
  33. yuoke

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  34. entremet

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    Not about being too fancy. But you can spend your money at better options.
  35. Straight Edge

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    Because you can buy actual Italian food that isn't microwaved for the same price in most cities.
  36. FZZ

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    Olive Garden is certified DANK

    real juans know
  37. MrNewVegas

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    Just head to the Golden Corral. Big variety of unlimited food and for an extra 99 cents you get a take out container full.
  38. Akira86

    Akira86 Member

    when did they start doing this? I might go to a golden corral again. I mean you laugh but all you can eat steak cooked over flame on a grill is still flame grilled steak.
  39. Wulfric

    Wulfric Member

    I prefer Golden Corral to be honest. Same quality as Olive Garden, and they have stuff that isn't pasta.

  40. Dream Machine

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    I don't know if you think you and your family invented y'all or something, but you didn't.
  41. Akira86

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    lmao, me and my family? you're a scream, dream machine.

    unfortunate that the heritable nature of the world doesn't convey knowledge or manners.
  42. Hollywood Duo

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    Y’all are some ya’ll police
  43. Dream Machine

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    I didn't know which "we" you were speaking for (and still don't) so I took a guess at who you would have learned that spelling from. The implication was that this isn't a new spelling, so your comments about being old and seeing a paradigm shift in language don't really make sense.
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    The first portion is big but if you ask for more they bring you a tiny little dish and you’ll have to keep waiting and asking for them one by one, so that sucks. But the first dish is usually plenty of food, especially with breadsticks, so it doesn’t even really matter. I think it’s just a marketing gimmick.
  45. Biestmann

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    Yal'l need to chill out.
  46. Christian

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    Iml’l not!
  47. cryptoadam

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    I mean how much pasta can you eat or do you want to eat?

    Pasta is really heavy I couldn't imagine eating more than 1.5 maybe 2 plates. All you can eat on Pasta seems kinda pointless to me.
  48. bionic77

    bionic77 Member

    One serving is usually enough.

    I consider Olive Garden a restaurant to take your young kids because they want some salt with a side of sugar for dinner. It’s Red Robin and Red Lobster tier for us.

    I did like that shit in high school though. But I always thought Burger King made good burgers back then...
  49. HeySeuss

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    You all really wrecked this thread.
  50. peteykirch

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