What's the experience like buying a new gen console on day 1?


Oct 25, 2017
I have never regretted going in on launch.

You just have to be realistic about what to expect as an early adopter. Is it worth getting what is usually going to be a more expensive and sometimes inferior product (less games and most hardware gets revised or improved) to get it first?

For me it is almost always worth it.
Oct 27, 2017
you stand out in a long line of people in the cold and then you get your box and go home and plug it in and then it has updates for your console and your game and then the servers don't work cause everyone else who was out in the cold is also trying to do what you're doing and then you're like damn it's 4am and i have work tomorrow and then you go to bed and wake up tired as fuck the next day.
Mmmmm...the accuracy. But that all melts away once you see the fucking amazing games 😉


Oct 26, 2017
You might want to try camping out in front of a store. I wouldn't call it strictly fun, but it's memorable.


Oct 25, 2017
It will be a *little* different this time around. Unboxing, standing in lines, worrying about delivery drivers will all be the same...but I think game delivery will be quite different.

I believe both consoles will be BC, so you should have all your current games installed/ready to transfer straight across. (Xbox has external drives and i think PS might).

ALSO - the stores *might* allow pre-download of new launch titles....so potentially you won't have to wait for them to download. Xbox effectively did this when the X released. You could pre-download all the high res texture packs (automatically) for games you already owned. Therefore as soon as you plugged your drive into the new console, you were playing the higher quality games.

I'd *hope* that Xbox (at least) manage this same level of functionality again.

Lady Gaia

Oct 27, 2017
The experience is wildly individual. I am an avowed technophile and enjoy having first-hand experience with technology I’m curious about, plus I have plenty of experience with early game droughts so I know what I’m getting into. Most of my consoles were bought at launch: SNES, N64, 3DO, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS4, and PS4 Pro. Only my NES, Genesis, Wii U, PS2, and Switch were bought later in the generation.

I have vivid memories of launch titles on most of these systems, some of which were truly transformative (true 3D with Mario 64 was glorious, alpha effects and surround sound support on the Xbox with Halo was a big deal at the time, and I spent much of a vacation humming the theme to Luigi’s Mansion after staying up late on launch night to play it before boarding a flight the next morning.)
Nov 27, 2017
Boston MA
Xbox one was pretty bad
Slow downloads x installs which ruined it for me, legit had to leave it on overnight to finish that for some games
But it was pretty hype for dead rising 3 and even Ryse

Wii U to was great with ZombiU

But when you rent /beat a lot of launch games, the drought can hurt


Oct 28, 2017
you stand out in a long line of people in the cold and then you get your box and go home and plug it in and then it has updates for your console and your game and then the servers don't work cause everyone else who was out in the cold is also trying to do what you're doing and then you're like damn it's 4am and i have work tomorrow and then you go to bed and wake up tired as fuck the next day.
Oh and also there are no good games to play.

But while I agree with all that I did love getting a new console on day 1 anyway.


Mar 29, 2018
Generally it's cool for a few minutes/hours but then kind of underwhelming and within a day or two you largely regret it

The only exception I've seen to that was the Switch with Breath of the Wild and a few other good releases in the opening days/weeks


Oct 27, 2017
Miami Beach, FL
I always get 2, i order 1 online on amazon and try and get a second order in for a midnight pickup with bestbuy or something like that. My amazon order is my backup in case something goes wrong, then usually i sell it to a friend for face value.
Oct 27, 2017
United States
I love it but I end up usually buying at least 2 launch games I never would otherwise just to play something on my new box. My only regrets are usually those first two games.


Oct 25, 2017
It's kinda cool. I bought the PS4 and XBOX ONE X at launch and it was overwhelming. The new plastic smell, seeing the OS running for the first time, seeing the visual quality of the games. It's awesome.

Jaded Alyx

Oct 25, 2017
I remember walking home with my Wii in a plastic bag, hoping nobody could see what it was so I wouldn't potentially get robbed lol


Oct 27, 2017
The Amazon delivery guy drops it off at your house and you take it out of the box and connect it to your TV.

It's, uh, thrilling.


Nov 8, 2017
Like with many things the hype beforehand is usually better than the actual experience.

I personally love having the newest tech so I have been day 1 on all consoles I've owned. It's exciting to inbox and try them out but at the same time there's bugs, lack of features and lack of games that take advantage of the hardware to consider.


Jul 11, 2019
So here's the thing:
The traditional upside is that you get a great basic return on your investment. Sure, you pay $50 more for the console than you would a year down the line, but you also get the excitement of having the New Hotness during that time. And the traditional downside is that (1) launch games for non-Nintendo games are generally lackluster-to-bad, and (2) you end up paying full price for all of your games during that first year.

But I'm not sure those downsides really exist anymore. Assuming backwards compatibility, you should be able to pick-and-choose among launch games while still happily whittling away at your backlog. And assuming that we're dealing with compatible architectures between generations, I think we're going to see a ton of next-gen remasters available right from the start. (I would expect that, even for games not released on PC, as a best-practice devs have been creating all of their assets in 4k for the past few years. So my expectation is that it should be too much work to have all last-gen games running at 4k60 on next-gen hardware out of the gate, and therefore we should see a lot of opportunities to do things like play RDR2 at max settings on the next-gen consoles very quickly.)

So if this is something that's within your budget, I'd advise you to pull the trigger.


Oct 25, 2017
Now that I think about it, I think the DC is the only console I've ever had at launch, and my Mom actually bought that for me while I was at school. Crazy but I never have purchased a console day 1 on my own.

Ōkami Haundo

Oct 25, 2017
Buying on day one can either be magical or frustrating. There's nothing like getting a new toy on the first day it comes out.


If you get unlucky enough to have a DOA unit, it can suck. My launch PS4 had a bad HDD and wouldn't boot. My options were to fix it myself (extra money and time), return it to the store (money back was my only option, all stores local and online were sold out), or have Sony fix it with a month wait time. I opted for number 2 and bought an Xbox One the following week as PS4 was still sold out. I still regret that decision to this day.


Oct 25, 2017
New Orleans, LA
The only console(s) I bought day one were the Wii U and Switch.

The Wii U was fun, though I just strolled into a Best Buy at 10AM when it launched and bought one. No muss, no fuss.

My Switch arrived from Amazon, which was decidedly less eventful.


Oct 28, 2017
Its a great experience for the first week. Then you have problems like software issues, bugs, updates. Often the UI/OS is limited compared to previous gen. im starting to consider waiting a year.

But, it is nice to know you are opening a new console day 1. Still have my day 1, X1 controller.

Lobster Roll

Sep 24, 2019
Chicago, IL
Having experienced both Day 1 and delayed console purchases, there's no difference in the feeling at all. Both times, you get to unbox YOUR brand new toy, plug it in, see the new UI, see the graphics on a few games, etc. etc. I suggest waiting a few weeks to see how the launch games are received and also to see if there are any widespread issues being reported by Day 1 people.

Kongo B

Sep 8, 2019
The only console I've ever gotten day 1 was the Switch, since I could afford it and my hype for BOTW was off the roof.
Amazon delivered it a day early. I got out of work and literally ran to hook it up to a friend's projector.
No updates, no downloads, no down time. Played BOTW til 4 AM. It was magical.


Oct 25, 2017

almost every launch lineup consists of crossgen ports or average new games.

there are some exceptions, of course. Wii and Switch launch with Zelda were incredible.


Dec 7, 2018
I only ever did Day 1 for the GameCube. One of my friends and I got to a Circuit City at like 5am and were 2nd and 3rd in line. I think around 8 someone came out and gave us some certificates so we could come back later (looking back I'm not sure how we entertained ourselves for that long). It seemed like a cool thing to do at the time until I went to buy some games and realized that the selection was not very good at all (I think I got Rogue Squadron II at the time). Now I wait until there is a decent library built up or there is a killer BOTW type game waiting at launch but I do wonder if the backward capabilities for next gen if I might pull the trigger a bit sooner.


Oct 27, 2017
The first time I did was with the Switch and I was pretty pissed because they didnt have my preorder unit, so I cancelled on the spot and went to another store.
The second time was with the Xbox One X, there was no line, but the MS representative took a picture with me lol


Oct 27, 2017
As for your question about Amazon on release day. Both my brother and I had not received our PS4s by what you would assume was end of day. Like 6pm-ish. We both got on customer support and got some like 20 dollar discount or something, and then our consoles arrived around 7 or 8pm. In totally different towns in the bay area.

Nowadays. I live in a different town. and it is a sort of crap shoot on getting items on release day. I have Prime, but seems every game I order, says its out for delivery all day on release day. Then around 8 or 9 I get some BS message that this or that happened. And I dont get my item till the next day. And Amazon has been more and more stingy on offering discounts or whatever.

I have gotten most consoles on release day, but majority by mail. Or just going in the day of and picking them up. Except maybe Wii?

NES - Got late
Genisis - Got late
Game Boy - Late
SNES - Late
Jaguar - Mail on release(dont recall if it was actually received on release day)
TG16- Prob a little late, by mail
PS1 - Dont really recall, release day by mail pretty sure or store pick up(no lines I recall)
N64 - Release day by mail or store pick up(no lines I recall)
GBA - Dont recall, probably by mail.
PS2 - Brother shipped Japanese version to me from Japan on release
Xbox - year or 2 after release
GC- Order Japanese version on release from Japan, (Rogue Squadraun released a week early in US before console was out in NA, and was playing that on a self modded Japanese GC)
DS - Dont recall, was on release or around it.
PS3 - Year or 2 after release
DS Lite - Think I traded up DS around release.
360 - few months after release
Wii - pre ordered from GS, got up early in the morning a waited a few hours in line, wasn't bad.
3DS - Pre ordered from GS, went in middle of day on launch day and picked it up, no lines.
WiiU - Prob pre order from GS, picked up on morning of release day, don't recall any major waiting.
PS4 - Explained above, delivered night time on release day.
Switch - Delivered to work on release day from Amazon.
Pro - delivered from Amazon on release day.

I feel midnight game launches have been a bit more eventful and longer waiting than consoles imo. But only maybe did 3 or 4 of those(mostly for Halos), and they are not really a thing anymore. But I never waited for more than a couple hours.

enjoyed getting all the consoles on release or there abouts. No real regrets, I can be patient waiting for games I guess. Was most hyped for N64, PS1, GC, Wii, 3DS, WiiU, PS4 and Switch. Those were definitely the highlights.
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Oct 29, 2017
Dublin, Ireland
It's great tbh, I love picking up on launch day, I've bought N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, XBOX and PS4 on launch, and they've all been exciting moments.

I remember being handed my N64 in a black sack by the cashier and him telling me to be extra careful because people were being robbed for them, I was around 16 at the time, it was a nervy walk to the bus home, but getting it home was incredible. Mario 64 was mindblowing, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire took a backseat for a few days.

Picking up the PS4 was a different kettle of fish, was sat in a pub until midnight and went around to GameStop half cut, I'd pre-ordered so was able to skip the massive queue and was in and out in a flash. Went back to the pub for another few pints and then home to sear my eyeballs off with (the then insanely impressive looking) Killzone Shadowfall.

As someone else in the thread said, picking up a console on launch is like Gamer Christmas, it doesn't get any better imo.
Dec 2, 2017
Unboxing new consoles is fun. Lot less fun with modern consoles than it used to be, now its just setting the thing up to download updates and patches.

DS launch was great, I really had a good time with it, loved that console even though its an ugly unit.
PSP launch was kinda hype too, I didn't get to play mine until Christmas but it was a lot of fun. I remember being flabbergasted at the price of Pro Duo memory cards at the time, which is funny.
DSi launch was lame, no hype for it at all as I recall.
3DS launch was kinda lame too. It was super expensive, and the launch line up was so mediocre. I'd traded a giant pile of games in to get mine and I regretted it pretty quick.
PS Vita launch was my favourite launch of all. Hype was through the roof, I'd got into a Game shop every weekend for like a month and used their demo unit. Great games, great looking, great functioning console. Shame it died so fast.
PS4 launch was... hype I guess? I had to go way out of my way to get one since Gamestop lost my pre order, had to go to an Argos about two hours drive from me to get one day one. The games were a big disappointment, only one I really liked was Resogun.
New 3DS launch was very understated, kinda like the DSi. Still fun, better than the DSi, launching with Majoras Mask probably helped.
PS4 Pro again, very understated, not really a big deal. Didn't even buy a new game with it.
Switch is tied with Vita with my favourite console launch. Very very hyped, pre ordered. I don't recall their being any buzz for it locally though. No midnight launches, no queues, no one else I saw in the store was even buying one. I didn't care though cos the switch fulfilled my desires for it and then some. Zelda was more than enough for that launch.
Then the most recent one I guess is switch lite? Wasn't a big deal, I ordered a good deal from Curry's online.

I will definitely be doing the midnight launch hype stuff for PS5 stuff.
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Oct 25, 2017
It's a very fun experience, but you're REALLY rolling the dice on a launch game being transcendent.

There will be at least a good game at launch, that's not the problem, but the "Holy shit what am I playing" moments are rare. I think the last launch game that TRULY impressed me was Halo 1. Yes, that long ago.

That said, it's really cool to see the new shit day fucking one man. I don't recommend it in general, but if you're gonna buy it at full price anyway you might as well do it then.


Oct 25, 2017
As long as the titles are there, nothing really beats it, it's super exciting getting home and unboxing something you've been waiting for for a while. Especially since last time the consoles launched with a new COD and Battlefield. Kept me entertained through the holidays.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
you stand out in a long line of people in the cold and then you get your box and go home and plug it in and then it has updates for your console and your game and then the servers don't work cause everyone else who was out in the cold is also trying to do what you're doing and then you're like damn it's 4am and i have work tomorrow and then you go to bed and wake up tired as fuck the next day.
First post nails it.


Oct 27, 2017
Auckland, New Zealand
Have to say its like Xmas every single time even though you know what you're getting. Opening the box is an event... at least for me haha.

I think the best day 1 was the Xbox One for me. They held a huge event on the waterfront in Auckland with live bands, lots of stations with all the launch games and EB (who hosted the event with MS) dishing out the systems at midnight. They also had stores so you could pick up any games etc. you hadn't pre-ordered.
They had even lit up the Sky Tower (tallest building in Auckland) Xbox green.


Oct 25, 2017
It's magical. The hype, the new plastic smell. It's a great experience.

Unboxing new toys never gets old.
It's all about that new console smell. It stays with you for the rest of your life. Something that hasn't changed since I opened N64 + OoT as a child, it's still just as eventful.


Oct 27, 2017
Short-lived excitement about the shiny new plastic followed by regret after the realization that you fell for the hype and the launch games are shit, and that your shiny new box will sit there collecting dust in the near future. Then usually a long post-launch drought until there's anything worth playing, during which you try to find reasons to turn the console on for.

PS4 was the last console I bought at launch. Never again, unless there's actually software worth buying a system for at launch, such as BOTW (unless you were a Wii U owner like me) or Wii Sports, which was amazing at the time and everyone wanted to play it, even people who didn't play games.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Kitchener, ON
Launch day is almost always awful for a Sony console.
Launch day was always incredible for a Sony handheld.

However, the best console launch day experience I've ever had was on 9.9.99.

Taking that Dreamcast home, hooking it up and experience SoulCalibur, Sonic Adventure and NFL 2K was a jaw dropping experience. Literally the only time I've invited my friends over to show off a home gaming experience like none other before it.


Sep 12, 2019
Every experience is a little different but for the most part, it has sucked. I end up regretting it because there's not much I want to play on it, and I spend money on things I wouldn't actually play very much, and the games I want to play don't come out for a year or longer.

PS3: Resistance Fall of Man - I don't even really like FPS games, and then it was a while before anything cool came out
3DS: I bought Street Fighter IV on 3DS. Played it maybe three times. I have it on a few other platforms. Then Nintendo dropped the price.
Wii U: lol
Switch: Breath of the Wild was incredible and I played it for months. Best launch console I ever bought.


Oct 27, 2017
you stand out in a long line of people in the cold and then you get your box and go home and plug it in and then it has updates for your console and your game and then the servers don't work cause everyone else who was out in the cold is also trying to do what you're doing and then you're like damn it's 4am and i have work tomorrow and then you go to bed and wake up tired as fuck the next day.
Haha perfect summary XD


Oct 27, 2017
Mixed... I got the PS4 day one and it was super exciting. Damn.. Next gen is here, a new console to unwrap, touch and play. I was glued to my window waiting for the delivery guy.

Then the realization that there is not that much to do with it at the moment. Resogun was great (actually one of my favorite games this gen), I liked Killzone and AC Black Flag was alright. Only Killzone gave me a feeling of next gen (-graphics). All in all the games at launch could have been much better.
Regarding the console itself.. if you look back how many features were added over the years, you realize it was kinda barebones at launch.

It highly depends on the launch games, I guess. That being said, I will buy the PS5 on day one no doubt.
man you missed out on BF4 for PS4 launch then, that was the game to get. was all about finally getting the full BF experience on consoles. Amazing graphics and full 64 player servers(up from 24 on PS3/360) all running at "mostly" 60fps. though launch was a little messy for that game as is usual.

Resogun was cool, but didnt really hold my attention for long, and I found Killzone dreadfully boring. Sold it fairly quick.


Oct 27, 2017
North Carolina USA
For every system I didn’t stand in line for at midnight launches, I’ve never had a problem getting them Day 1 with Amazon. I would pre-order as soon as pre-ordering started tho. So that might make a difference.


Oct 27, 2017
As always I don't buy a console unless there are five or more games that I want to play on it, so I rarely buy consoles at launch. I made the mistake of buying a PS4 at launch and I regretted it until Bloodborne came out a goddamn year and a half later.