What's the experience like buying a new gen console on day 1?


Jun 20, 2018
I honestly hate dealing with new consoles. Things like downloading games (no pre-load on a console you don't own/installing games for the 360/PS3 era), learning the UI, and new "features" only serve to get in the way of what I'm trying to do, actually play the games.

Joe White

Oct 27, 2017
Short-lived excitement about the shiny new plastic followed by regret after the realization that you fell for the hype and the launch games are shit, and that your shiny new box will sit there collecting dust in the near future.
That was my experience with PS4 in launch except it didn't stay in the house as I returned it after getting insulted by Killzone and Knack.
Year 2 PS4 was so much better experience.


Aug 23, 2018
It's an awesome feeling. Mid gen consoles can't match up to the feeling of booting up a new gen console in your own house.

I aim to get the PS5 and Scarlett day one. Can't wait.


Oct 25, 2017
Iowa USA
You get a rush going to the store hoping you will be one of the lucky ones to get a system that night. Back in the day you either have to be in line at midnight, or rush there first thing in the morning. I got the original Xbox day one. You come home and open the box, and boot it up and everything feels so cool. If your system is lucky to have a few good games at release then you check those out. Otherwise, you just sit there and realize there is not much you can do with the new console yet.

I stood in line for the NES mini and that was the only legit fun experience I had with a friend being in line with me, and everyone was so excited to get one. There were only 5 people that did. But other than that, you didn't get as lucky with systems like the PS2, and had to wait for months for them to be available.

No Depth

Oct 27, 2017
-Often games feel incomplete, rushed, or problematic.
-Services, perks, or other features or often inactive or coming at a later date.

-The joy felt isn’t much different from jumping in a bit later, other than the palpable excitement of experiencing cutting edge toys with friends, family, and the internet the moment it lands.


Oct 27, 2017
On launch day I stayed home from work and eagerly awaited my amazon delivery of the PS4.
I played NFS Rivals which I really enjoyed. Battlefield 4 was a buggy mess but I was really impressed with the graphics at the time, lol. Hopefully I’ll be playing Battlefield 6 at launch for PS5. I plan to take the day off from work again. Console launches are really special to me, makes me feel like a kid again and I’m from from it!
I took off of work for the Xbox launch but was disappointed with the system. I love the X tho.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
It fills the void in your soul for about 6 hours and then you look for the next big thing once it starts updating its software.


Oct 27, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
I couldn't access PSN on European launch day thus couldn't get Resogun. I think some of the features didn't work.
Played Assassin's Creed Black Flag, which was ok.

But still having a new UI and features to play with was magical. PS5 is going to be day one for me.


Oct 26, 2017
Caldicot, South Wales
I can only go on the experience of the PS4, as this was the only console i got on Day 1. Pre-ordered it after E3 2013, paid my deposit and that was that.

Had a choice on the day, either go into town for midnight release along with many others or wait until later in the day (i had secured a guaranteed Day 1 console, so no rush). Decided to wait until later on as i was living somewhere where the trains were not exactly ideal to get back home with, but had work on release day (late finish, so could go in AM and get the console). Got to the store, long queue in-store on both the left and right of the tills going back to the door. Got to the door, was asked what pre-order i had (guaranteed ones on the right queue, the left one was for those feeling lucky). Got the PS4 along with Killzone and PS+ (had NBA and Assassin's Creed at home waiting).

Waited until i got home, by then the server meltdown of everyone trying to log-in had died down so i signed in and got everything set-up quite quick.

As a first experience of a Day 1, i enjoyed it as i was definitely getting a PS4 at launch and the process was easy enough.


Oct 27, 2017
It was never a big deal when I've done it, though the only consoles I've bought at launch were the 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. Neither the 3DS or Wii U had much hype, and the Switch was delivered from Amazon. There wasn't much at all to play on the 3DS or Wii U for a few months, but with the Switch, it was totally worth it for BotW. Prior to those, everything was either a birthday or Christmas gift, or with the PS4, started a good paying job and could afford it finally.

Now, if it was anything like the SNES classic where I waited in line at BestBuy with a number, there was nothing special about it other than the joy of actually having one without resorting to scalpers on eBay.
Jun 18, 2019
I've done it a few times, and it's not really as exciting as you think it's going to be. The anticipation is way better than the reality of having a new console with not many games to play.

Probably my favourite memory of getting a console on launch day was the PS1, simply because the leap in technology over the previous gen (i.e. the SNES and Megadive) was so huge. I took it over to a friend's house, hooked it up to the 14" TV in his bedroom and loaded up Wipeout, and neither of us could believe our eyes. He had to rush to close his bedroom door because I was loudly swearing with amazement at what I was seeing, and he didn't want his parents to hear.
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Oct 25, 2017
I got PS4 at launch and it was a pretty exciting day. Booting it up, seeing all the UI stuff for the first time, holding the controller. Reading other impressions online. Playing Resogun for like 4 hours.


Nov 27, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
For the Xbox One and PS4. My gamestop didn't do a midnight console releases in my area presumably to avoid crime. Picked them up day one from the store the day of. Set them up and played. The user experience was pretty streamlined also. I didn't recall any issues with setting up my account or anything. In my experience with The PS4 Pro/Xbox one X, of which I ordered on amazon I received them the day of release at my door with no issues.
Oct 27, 2017
Me and my friend went to pick up our ps4’s at launch night. We had both pre ordered from the same store. We went to get our line tickets around 5pm. They were actually cool enough to get some extra accessories and games with the ticket so we each got an extra controller and i was able to pick up my copy of knack (lol) and killzone. After that we got dinner then around 8 pm got back in line for our systems. We were the first two in line. Met some cool folks in line, but there were alot of people their to sell the systems on ebay. We got our systems and went home. From there it was dealing with alot of cardboard and cellophane wrap, alot of updates, and finally like an hour of knacking around before bed. Sadly when the 360 came out i was only 13 and couldnt go to the midnight launch, but i remember staying up and watching the launch on g4
Dec 20, 2017
Dreamcast on 9-9-99 after lusting over it for the entire summer. I got a faulty Sonic Adventure disc that couldn't be read, so I was stuck just looking at the console for the first night as I couldn't drive at the time (I was so pissed).

Switch on launch after Gamestop surprised me by honoring a pre-order for just the console -- they had pulled the link from their website but it was still on the mobile version. They even gave me same day delivery even though I chose the free shipping option --- by far my best experience with Gamestop. BotW on the go floored me. What a great day.


Oct 25, 2017
Day 1.. Dope as fuck!
Day 10.... Blank system has no games
Day 30.... make Era thread about not planning to buy a console day one next gen

Panic Freak

Oct 26, 2017
Underwhelming in most cases. You end up buying shitty games you would ordinarily never consider. I suspect that this next round will be better due to live games and backwards compatibility.


May 29, 2018
Near London UK
Since PS2 I've always bought Playstation day one. Never had to qeueu. Just reserved one. I know the games aren't going to be as good as they will be a year later, but you know what, I like games.


Sep 18, 2018
Switch is the only console I've bought day 1. That was thanks to BotW. It's the games that make the console special to me whether it's day one or not.
Oct 27, 2017
Xbox one was pretty bad
Slow downloads x installs which ruined it for me, legit had to leave it on overnight to finish that for some games
But it was pretty hype for dead rising 3 and even Ryse

Wii U to was great with ZombiU

But when you rent /beat a lot of launch games, the drought can hurt
yo that drought made me by dreck like bound by flames and watchdogs in early 2014 while i awaited infamous second son


Oct 27, 2017
It's magical. The hype, the new plastic smell. It's a great experience.

Unboxing new toys never gets old.
Yeah it’s pretty cool, though I’ve never gotten day 1 because my original PS I had to turn upside down. I usually wait a month just to make sure there aren’t any massive recalls.

I imagine this gen will probably feel the best as you can just play the same games youvd been playing but improved and probably will be at least 1 must have at launch. Xbox is already confirmed with Halo.


Oct 25, 2017
Just imagine the day you bought your Playstation 4, except with no games to play (or most of the games being cross-gen ports).

That's the launch-day experience.


Oct 27, 2017
The only experience I had was rather horrible. I wanted to buy PS4 day one, so I went to the store in the morning. There was a cue forming up and after a while, someone said that there were only 20 consoles available. I quickly counted the people before me and realized that I might have a chance. Then, the moment the store opened, the security personnel decided that they are not going to care for the queue and let people enter the shop however they pleased. Chaos ensued. The moment our mob stormed the shop, we quickly realized that some people were already there (presumably friends of the security personnel). The result was that nobody from the outside got their console this day.

This time I live in a different country so I am counting on a more civilized midnight launch. I am also more dedicated so I am going to preorder in time.


Jun 13, 2018
I've bought 3 systems at launch. The Xbox 360, the Wii, and the Switch. I was very close with the Gamecube, buying just a few weeks after launch, but I waited because I only had enough money for one game and I wanted Smash Bros Melee which didn't come out for a few weeks after launch. I could have bought the system at launch but I couldn't deal with having the system sitting there for like 3 weeks with nothing to play on it.

My first experience of a launch, with the 360, was by far my worst. I preordered 6 months before launch at Gamestop, only to find out 2 weeks before launch that Microsoft had massively overestimated how many they could deliver at launch and I wouldn't be getting my system for at least a month. That didn't work as at the time I was writing for a website and I already had several Xbox 360 launch titles sitting at home waiting to be played and reviewed. I had to have a system. This led to me getting in line at Target at 6:00 PM the night before when the store wasn't handing out tickets until 6:30 the next morning. I was 2nd in line for the four premium systems they had (the only ones that had hard drives). By 7:00 the premiums were claimed and by 10:00 the line was long enough that all 30 or so core systems they had were claimed too. It was around 30 degrees out when I got there but it dropped under 10 that night and it snowed half the night. It was pretty miserable, despite bundling up. A few friends who wanted to play the 360 did it with me though which made it more tolerable. Until 2:00 AM or so we all in line had fun, played handheld systems, it was kind of a party. Then everyone got tired and people tried to sleep and it got really bad. At 6:30 Target finally handed out vouchers for the systems to those in line and after the group who waited all night fended off a few people who showed up at the last minute and tried to steal them, we were able to leave until 8:00 when the store actually opened. Me and my friends went and got breakfast at iHop and then promptly got sick from doing so. We felt awful by the time we got the 360. Took it back to my place, hooked it up, played like 2 matches of Perfect Dark Zero, and then we all felt so miserable we fell asleep. It wasn't until the next day that we really got to enjoy the thing. All in all a pretty awful experience.

The Wii and Switch were less interesting. I preordered both and picked both up mid day on launch day. The Wii was from Gamestop, the Switch from Best Buy. In both cases the stores were somewhat busy still but lines weren't terrible and my preorder held. No updates for either, just took them home and played them. I may consider a PS5 at launch if it is fully (or 99%) backwards compatible, but only if I can preorder. My days of waiting hours in lines are long past.


Oct 25, 2017
The Switch midnight launch felt like MAGIC. I was so pumped for that thing. Getting it home and opening it up and playing with it was once in a lifetime awesome.


Oct 25, 2017
I was there for N64 day -2, Dreamcast day ~-200, PS2 day 1, GC day 1, Xbox day 1, 360 day 1, Wii U day 1, X1 day 1, PS4 day 1... Also maybe some handhelds I'm forgetting...

It's been thrilling each time. Most of these consoles have had some cool new tech and some great launch games.

In hindsight it's surprising to me that N64 really was my first launch console...


Nov 10, 2017
I bought a launch Switch and now have a bent system with Joycons that drift like ive owned them for 15 years...

Besides that last one was Dreamcast and that was one of the best days of my life. Felt like you were strapping yourself into the future.


Oct 17, 2018
I think the only console I've ever day 1'd was the Nintendo DS, which amounted to going to a store 30 minutes away at like 8 PM because all the other stores were sold out.

But let me tell you, playing Super Mario 64 in portable form blew my freaking mind. It was absolutely worth it.

Other than that I never get consoles at launch and always wait for at least a couple of games I really want to play.


Oct 27, 2017
Only time I've done it was for PS2 and it was a fun experience. No updates, no installs, just got to play the games. I'd love another console without online crap. SSX was a great surprise, I'm not really into sports games but got it because of the good reviews and had lots of fun with it. Graphics and sound were mindblowing for the time.


Dec 9, 2018
6 years ago was a long time. I had used money that I saved up myself, it wasn't my parents' money, but of course I was not an adult so they had final say.
It was a long time ago.

(for you - I guess~ 1/4 of your life ago?)

I'm just saying that for a parent to go and get the console for you day 1, was actually kind, and you should recognise the kindness rather then griping about choice of games or sharing a tv.


Oct 30, 2017
The year I got held at gunpoint waiting outside a Best Buy for an Xbox 360, not so great. Others have felt 'magical' in a sense.
Oct 28, 2017
I've only been there day 1 for two systems. Vita and Switch. Day 1 Vita was magical. Spoilt for choice for what to play. The wonder. The happiness. That goddamn screen. The feeling of hope for the future of gaming. It was wonderful.

And the Switch had Breath of the Wild so that was awesome. Switch didn't have a massive amount to play or the kind of variety Vita did, but the one thing it did have was really fucking good.


Oct 27, 2017
Honeymoon period: It’s great! You’ve got the latest console and you’re playing the latest games. It’s a good time, and hey there’s some nice stuff releasing soon. I’m excited.

A few months later: Oh damn they’re packing in “X” game now? Damn I would’ve liked that. And they dropped the price. Damn those late adopters are making out.


Aug 26, 2019
I can only speak on my experience with PS4.

You bring it home from the store with Killzone: Shadow Fall. You unbox everything and set it up. You start playing and are immediately amazed by the visuals. After an hour or two, you realize that it plays like every. single. last-gen. FPS. You accept that none of it was worth buying at launch. You turn off the PS4, hook up your 360, and continue playing GTAV.


Oct 28, 2017
I got up at 6am, got in my car, drove 50km to a large City nearby and waited in line for like 30 minutes with a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Chatting about the new console Xbox 360 with fellow peeps who were waiting there. It was the most jolly waiting in line ever. When it was my turn I got the Premium Edition, think 8 or 9 launch games and a second controller. Then I got home, installed everything and played Call of Duty 2 the whole fucking day. Then I booted up condemned and played for another 6 hours til I passed out. I missed work the next day and my girlfriend had to wake me up on the floor.


Oct 30, 2017
Preorder and have it delivered day one? It’s not as exciting for sure but it’s way more convenient.


Jul 26, 2019
PS4 launch was super meh. PS4 Pro launch though? That shit was tiiiiiiight.

Switch launch was okay too.


Oct 27, 2017
I forget if it was day one, but it was very early. I just went and picked the PS3 up. There were people there, but not really any lines or anything to speak of.

When you get home it's wow shiny awesome.
Then you realize all you've got is Talladega Nights and Motorstorm, and wonder what you've done.

So I've done that once.
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