What's the experience like buying a new gen console on day 1?


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
The best part is when you open it and it’s a PlayStation or some other console, that’s when you know shits about to get real. That fresh new smell. Virgin console untouched my Cheeto/sperm covered hands.


Oct 25, 2017
you typically spend your time trying to convince yourself that you didn’t just waste your money on a piece of plastic that doesn’t have any compelling games you couldn’t play on your old piece of plastic. The one exception for me was the switch, but that was largely due to the novelty of being able to use it portably and the fact that it launched with BOTW.

I don’t think I’ll be buying a scarlet or PS5 at launch. I’ll wait this time around.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
The same as buying any console the first time, kinda excited on the new generational leap you're getting well except for Nintendo consoles, they're mostly disappointing on that regard starting with Wii


Oct 25, 2017
360, Wii, and Switch launches were magic. Great memories with those.

Stood in line midnight to get the PS4, brought it home and realized I bought myself a $400 Netflix box (stayed this way for 1 1/2 years).


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Gonna expand on my day 1 purchases throughout the years.

N64 - 10/10. Truly amazing, felt like childhood in a box, Mario 64 & Pilotwings were revelations at the time.

PS3 - 3/10. Really underwhelming sadly, especially for the price, Motorstorm looked nice but didn't hold my attention and I dropped Resistance: Fall of Man so fast, it just didn't click.

Wii - 7/10. Only bought Zelda: Twilight Princess but it was a very enjoyable launch despite that, the drought for months after on the other hand....

3DS - 8/10. Launch games were only okay, but the bigger screen and higher quality made playing DS Pokemon a joy.

PS4 - 7/10. Graphically stunning, but the exclusives outside of Resogun were really bad. Battlefield 4 saved it honestly.

Switch - 9/10. BOTW carried the console... but carried it really well.


Oct 28, 2017
I did with the wii and excitetruck and it was the best.

To be fair, it was still a time where i didnt had a lot of money so i kind of enjoyed playing the same game over and over again.

Nowadays i have too many game and my attention focus isn't there


Oct 25, 2017
I don't do it anymore. I have some good memories, particularly the gamecube launch, actually, but then consoles got internet enabled and so day one turned into not just dealing with the lines/crowds/whatever at stores but then coming home and waiting for servers to work again. So unless my kids pressure me for some future console gen, I doubt I will deal with it again
Oct 26, 2017
Meh. Switch was fine because it launched with Zelda so there was something to do with it.

Old consoles were wait in line, get home, fuck about with demo software if available or whatever usually crap launch title i was hoodwinked into, then get bored and play old games via BC.

PS4 wasn't quite launch but within the first weeks. Still had to wait in line, get home, fuck about, go back to gaming on PS3


Oct 27, 2017
you stand out in a long line of people in the cold and then you get your box and go home and plug it in and then it has updates for your console and your game and then the servers don't work cause everyone else who was out in the cold is also trying to do what you're doing and then you're like damn it's 4am and i have work tomorrow and then you go to bed and wake up tired as fuck the next day.
this this this

If you have a group of people to go with it could be fun, but if you’re alone you probably won’t have near as much fun.


Oct 25, 2017
It used to be a huge event back when the midnight release stuff was still a thing. They hype waiting in line for the ps2/ps3 was something else.
Now I just preorder from amazon and open it up after work, lol. That was pretty much my experience with the PS4. PS3 had the worst launch lineup so that was probably one of the worst day one console purchase for me. That and the $599 price point.


The Fallen
Dec 5, 2018
My mom bought me a Wii U 12 days after it came out if that counts. I played Nintendo Land, Mario U and AC3. That was it. The next physical game I bought was Luigi U. It was pretty boring, but it was so cool to have the launch year. It became an Internet browsing machine for nearly a year. It's honestly a sense of a new toy that you just got. I'll probably trade in my Pro for a PS5 because it's supposed to be backwards compatible. It's just an exciting time in the short-term, then you'll have the console for the long term.
Oct 25, 2017
new jersey
Never got a console day 1.. always thought the launch games sucked. Switch was pretty much an exception, but I still got it a month after launch. I'd be miserable if I bought a PS4, XBONE, or a Wii U at launch. Fucking nothing to play.


Oct 27, 2017
I got my launch day ps4 and Xbox one from bestbuy and never had a problem with package delivery or the system breaking I still have my launch Xbox one x and ps4 pro they run great so far.

Darryl M R

Oct 25, 2017
It feels like Christmas when you were a child and got the one expensive gift that you really wanted.


Oct 27, 2017
Seattle WA
Nothing but positive experiences for me, though I typically pick it up during the day not the midnight line up. It's fun to be a part of the hype. My day 1 consoles are all still going too. About the only down side is the desire to 'fill the library' and you end up buying a few trash *cough* EA *cough* games that you never would have any other time.


Oct 26, 2017
Sydney, Australia
It all depends on the games. I enjoyed getting the Switch at launch because Breath of the Wild is incredible, but was far less enthusiastic about the PS4, Wii or PSP launches (although WipEout Pure was pretty damn cool).
Oct 28, 2017
Its always cold outside. I can't remember a console ever launching in warm weather. Switch was close but early March might as well be mid winter in Philly.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Depends really; bought the Wii and Switch at launch.

I got the Wii a week later, because I was number twelve on the list, the store got eleven consoles... but even a week later it was insane; people coming in and out asking if new shipments came in and becoming desperate. I got mine and the staff there assured me that “I am lucky, because shortages are insane”.

Playing both Twilight Princess and Wii Sports felt a bit more special then.

Switch launch was good too; walked into a store where I was number two on the list and had the system in my hands early in the morning. Setting up and playing Breath of the Wild for the first time undocked was awesome though.

Shame I had to work that day in the afternoon and evening, as I worked at a customer service for a webshop and I had to hear complaints about how people did not get their hands on a Switch.


Oct 25, 2017
I love new tech so its amazing for me. I like going through menus and settings and exploring a new OS. I like the casing and controller and all that and even the packaging of products. Idk im weird tho.

if you’re just getting it to play a launch title, unless it really draws you in like BotW or Mario 64, it can really suck. Imagine $400-$600 to play 1 game you dont even like or if servers are bad not at all.


Oct 30, 2017
Switch was the first console I bought at launch. Basically no one other than me was there due to being a school week and was my break from work. Was playing for the whole day and amazed by the experience. Was a long game so at least it kept me going for a long while. Can't imagine what it'll be like to buy games that end up not interesting. Kind of why BC is important in a way so at least you can fall back to older titles to play.


Oct 25, 2017
The only console I’ve bought at launch was the Switch, waited 2h outside the store with probably 15-20 other people, was pretty nice, and it was absolutely worth it, great console and BOTW is incredible.
Sep 25, 2018
So I've just realized that I don't think I've ever actually bought a new gen console right at release. I bought both PS4 and Switch several months after each's release, when they were on sale and once notable exclusives were available. For PS3 and Wii U, I picked them up several years after the gen started, and everything prior (360, Wii, PS2, GC, N64, GB) was released back when I lived with my parents, and so I just got them as presents for various holidays.

Now, if Sony announces that Bluepoint really is working on a Demon's Souls Remake as a launch title for PS5, I'm probably going to try to be there right at launch for the first time. So I'm curious what experience is like jumping in on day 1. Have you had any problems getting your order delivered from Amazon right on release day? Any network problems trying to connect to XBL/PSN?
you play a lot of ports, it’s not until second year going to third year you get more original games, I pick up a lot of ports for my ps4 and switch when I say ports I mean games not built ground up for the system but the game still look better than last gen but not by much


Oct 25, 2017
With the right launch games, it can be a pretty magical experience. But even in the best case scenario you'll eventually be yearning for something different and eventually make some purchase you'll regret. Worst case scenario would be the 3DS, where I don't think I even owned an actual 3DS game for 3 months after getting it. I basically just had DS games and the built-in software (which to the system's credit, there was a whole lot more of than is typical) for months.


Nov 13, 2017
Nintendo console releases, I always enjoy because there's usually 1 game I'm hyped for. And the hardware is usually interesting.

Everything else is more like unboxing a new TV, kind of underwhelming once you're set up.


Dec 3, 2018
It’s heat for the first few hours and then you go back to playing the old console cause there isn’t any games on the new one worth playing yet.


Oct 25, 2017
Typically, personal mileage may vary, of course, you spend a lot of money and don't have the best games to play. They come in a year or two. But it's exciting for sure. Last time I had Assassins Creed Blackflag to play so it worked out okay. For PS3 I only recall the GT5 HD Demo. PS2 - Was there a demo of MGS2 at launch or am I tripping? I think I'm tripping but SSX was I think for sure. Damn my memory sucks. Anyway, SSX is one of my favourite games of all time so if it was then that further cements the PS2 as the GOAT. The best games always come later though. Always.


Dec 13, 2017
It's the only time most people will ever have a shot at legitimately saying they have "all the games" for a system.


Oct 25, 2017
Hype and excitement until you realize your playing mostly last gen games and the one or two next gen exclusives look pretty but are completely shallow in every other area.
Oct 26, 2017
Virginia, US
Getting a new console on launch is exciting. It also varies on how good the console is and the hype surrounding it and the games at launch. Here are my console launch stories.

N64- I was 14 at the time and was very hyped for the N64. About a month before the N64 launch Nintendo Power sent out a VHS promotion video of the N64.

I actually able to get the N64 a day early at Kmart since they started selling them right away. I didn’t even have to wait overnight or when opened. I just called up Kmart the day before launch to see if they will be selling it and they said they already were and I was able to buy by just walking in to the Kmart. Mario 64 was amazing when first playing it. The launch lineup only had Pilotwings 64 and Mario 64 so after that there was not much to play. Also I remember it was very difficult to get some games especially Star Wars Shadows of the Empire which came out in December 1996 that game was so hard to find it stores at the time.

Dreamcast- I was 17 at the time and I had a summer job to save money for the Dreamcast and the games I wanted. I was able to preorder the Dreamcast at EB Games and my friends and drive to EB games to pick the console. I bought Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Ready 2 Rumble, Powerstone, Mortal Kombat Gold, Hydro Thunder, and NFL Blitz 2000. Dreamcast had a pretty good launch lineup. Soul Calibur was awesome. There was one issue though and that the Midway games had issues with discs and bugs in the games where there would be sound glitches in Ready 2 Rumble, Mortal Kombat Gold and Hydro Thunder so I had to exchange the games for a new copy that had a green sticker on the case that Midway put that meant that it was the fixed version of the game.

GBA- I don’t remember too much hype surrounding the GBA. I was able to pre order the GBA pretty easily. The games I got at launch was Super Mario Advance, F-Zero Maximum Velocity and Castlevania Circle of the Moon. The games were fun but not having a backlight screen it was hard to play some games like Castlevania. I was so glad Nintendo came out with the Game Boy Advance SP 2 years later.

Gamecube- I was pretty excited for the GameCube . It was a little bit more difficult for me to pre order. EB Games sold out of their preorders fast, however I was able to pre order at FYE. I remember the GameCube launch being rather subdued because I think the PS2 was very popular at the time and the Xbox was being released around the same time as the Gamecube. The games I got at launch were Luigis Mansion, Wave Race Blue Storm, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader. The games were pretty good, it did hurt not having a Mario game at launch though.

Xbox 360- I was very excited for the Xbox 360 launch. I tried to preorder at FYE and EB Games but was unsuccessful. So my brother and I decided to go the morning before launch at Walmart so we could wait in line. I was in college and had during the day so my brother held our spot in line. It was fun talking to people waiting in line. It was very hard to get a 360 at the time. Wal-Mart only got 6 units and only one had a hard drive. My brother and I got the unit with hard drive.The games we got were Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, and Need For Speed Most wanted. 360 had a lot of hardware issues with the RROD. I went through five 360’s during the generation. Launch 360 lasted about a year.

Wii- I was not able to pre order the Wii at launch. I went to Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Meijer and all the lines were full of people. However I went to the the rural Kmart and no one was there waiting in line. I was able to get a Wii with Zelda the Twilight Princess. It also came with Wii Sports. The Wii was really hard to get for a long time.

Wii U- This was the first console to pre-order online. I pre- ordered from GameStop website. This was probably the least amount of hype and excitement around a console launch. Many of the games that came out for Wii U were basically the same as the 360 and PS3 versions like Assassins Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3 and so on. I played those games on the 360. The game I got at launch was New Super Mario Bro’s U. It also came with Nintendoland.

PS4- I preordered right after the 2013 Sony E3 Press Conference on Amazon. The hype surrounding the PS4 launch was huge. I took off on launch day and waited for the UPS delivery to show up. The games I got on launch day was Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, Battlefield 4 , Call of Duty Ghosts, with Resogun and Contrast as PS Plus titles. The updates and waiting for the games to install was irritating.

PSVR- Ordered from Walmart website but they messed up my order but was able to buy from Best Buy website. The games I got at launch was Wayward Sky, Rez Infinite, Thumper, Battlezone, Super Hyper Cube, Eve Valkyrie, Batman VR, Super Hypercube and it came with PlayStation Worlds because I got the PSVR bundle with the Move controllers and the camera. Was very excited to try VR at the time.

PS4 Pro- Pre ordered from Best Buy website. I was excited to see games in 4K HDR for the first time.

Nintendo Switch- I was lucky in pre ordering online at Best But because they were sold out hours later. The games I got launch were Zelda Breath of the Wild, I am Setsuna, and Fast RMX.

Xbox One X- This was very much like the PS4 pro launch. I was able to pre order online at Best Buy.

I will probably pre order the PS5 or the Next Xbox online since it is so much convenient and easier.

Ploid 6.0

Oct 25, 2017
Exciting, but very limited on games to pick from (PS2 and 3 experience). Good times though, I remember selling so many of my PS1 games to buy another PS2 game (SSX). Worth it, especially since I beat and was done with those old games many times over. Being a kid and being limited on the amount of games you could get.

Now being an adult and being swamped with games, the thrill is gone, and I doubt I'd get a PS5 anywhere near it's launch. I didn't get PS4 near it's launch either, someone actually got that for me and I wasn't that interested especially because of online play being paywalled. PC is in perpetual next gen if I wanted it to be.

Kid Night

Oct 27, 2017
I'm happy to get it home, I'm happy to get it set up. After I play the 1 good launch game, you wait 6 months for another good game or 2. Dis period is the most important for backwards compatibility for me, because I can play all the late generation games for the previous system.

Then after 18 months you are overwhelmed with all the good stuff coming out.

This has generally applied to X1, PS4, Switch, Wii U, 3DS, Wii. This may come off as negative, but I actually really enjoy watching the quality of software progress from the beginning to the end.