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When did FFX turn into a meme? The game was GOD-LIKE.

Oct 27, 2017
People get the laughing scene, it's just terribly done. People who don't understand the difference between intent and execution are far more similar to Sheldon.
No, it really wasn't. the game was aware of it, and it was meant to be silly.
people at this age do all silly things you can imagine to express themselves. look at those (reaction) videos on Youtube, at how some people feel they need to yell or exaggerate to a great degree
this is all there is to it. and not every good/great game should appeal to you or your preferences. the game had a 92 score on Metacritic for example, this is much higher than other games people here worship all the time.
Oct 30, 2017
However, the way he then ignores explicit instructions about social faux pas to stomp around temples and charge into holy places to interfere with something important to the rest of the party that he doesn't understand is just obnoxious. I get that it's a tropey 'but he has a strong sense of right and wrong!' JRPG lead, but it comes across as just a total lack of any kind of social skills in the name of a blind hero complex, even when there is no threat present.
Respectfully disagree. Tidus is socially deficient. That's a fair part of its psyche. It's why those "faux pas" moments work well.

They allow for game actions, and are consistent with the character. Tidus is actually much more realistic (all things considered) than people usually want to admit. He's a spoiled brat who's having a hard time dealing with, long story short, "daddy issues".
Oct 27, 2017
It’s the laughing scene, that’s all. Fantastic game.
Unfortunately that meme totally ignores the context of the scene as do everyone who uses it as an example of bad VA or that FF10 is a bad game. I mean, yes, it has awful VA, but that scene is them forcing themselves to laugh. Don't know about you but unless it's genuine, most forced laughs sound awful like that.
Feb 19, 2019
You are free to believe what you want. Tidus actor recorded a video before and explained how invested he was in his role.
But sure nobody cared because you said so... lol.
the guy who did tidus also did emrick in the most beloved thundercats episode song of the petelars, so him making that vid seems like damage control, because of a trash script and next to no direction.

the fact the cast has no chemistry between each other really doesn't help either.
Oct 25, 2017
It's certainly linear until the end-game, but there's nothing inherently bad about linearity, is there? The game pulled it off very well.
I think that is a primary aspect of this schism... Personally, I don't think the game pulled it off well at all; I think the game fumbled this aspect terribly. As others have pointed out, most Final Fantasy games are pretty linear, but they tend to obfuscate that element pretty effectively. Final Fantasy X feels downright dinky due to how obviously linear it is. It feels like a Final Fantasy themed version of Disney's Its a Small World ride.