When It is adapated again for the nth time, should it have the Turtle.

Oct 26, 2017
The Turtle vomited up the universe the characters are in.

The Turtle is as powerful as It.

The Turtle is older than our conception of time.

People are demanding the turtle.

People are screaming for the turtle.

People are frothing at the mouth for the turtle.

Will they get the turtle in 10 years when It is adapted again.

The Silver

Oct 28, 2017
They'll age up the characters for the gangbang scene so the movie won't be banned everywhere.


Oct 26, 2017
they should reboot it and call it The Dark Tower and it will have the Turtle and the Bear in it.


Oct 27, 2017
They referenced the Turtle a little bit in the new IT movies
Did they in the second one? I mean, I'm sure they did, but I don't think I caught any.

I felt like the second one loved to reference or say a line from the book with zero context or payoff. Shit was just kinda there. What a fucking mess of a shit movie. So disappointing after the great first installment. Whoever does it a third time needs to stop fucking separating the adult story from the kids, 'cause the adult side of the story is far less exciting.


Nov 14, 2017
Everything is good about It: The Novel except for the ending. The second movie pokes fun at this, but it doesn't change that the ending to both movies sucked even worse. There's just no logical way to explain why a character that powerful could be defeated by a bunch of children or half-dead adults, so really you just go along with it because it's cathartic.


Oct 25, 2017
Saw the thread title and thought this was about Avatar The Last Airbender.

...then read the whole OP and still thought this was about Avatar the Last Airbender.


Oct 25, 2017
The general agreed upon reason for that is this:
Stephen King did a literal mountain of coke back then.
Any weird story points in his stories from then can be safely blamed on the coke.
It was a metaphor for "it".

you know. doing it. becoming an adult.
losing your childhood innocence for the dead-eyed existence of a grownup.


Jul 1, 2019
It was a metaphor for "it".

you know. doing it. becoming an adult.
losing your childhood innocence for the dead-eyed existence of a grownup.
Nah IT was a scarey clown. Derry was the metaphor for innocence lost. For turning away from the horror to instead be a "functioning" member of society.

The sewer gang bang was symbolism for Steve doing too much blow

If we are going to actually break It down, IT is prolly better representative of childhood trauma. If the book only dealt with the child part of the story, then your analogy would hold better. But the thing is that the Losers are shown as adults. And they have made lives for themselves despite the horror. They got threw it and past it ( the first time) by relying on each other and crafting bonds they could rely on.

Some of those that suffered at It's hands reacted differently. Some leaked in and dealt out terror of their own.
TL/DR still too much coke


Nov 11, 2017
The Turtle only really makes sense to include if you do a whole Steven King cinematic universe.