Where is a Batman Arkham Knight follow-up by WB Montreal ?

Oct 25, 2017
The follow up idea was simple as hell but
1. they tried Suicide Squad and failed
2. they tried a weird Damian Batman game

Just make a Knight followup as a sequel to Origins that is Knight's map + Origins/City's map.
Selectable characters with co-op optional as well,
Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl.

Batmobile mostly limited to traversal

DLC chapters for
Green Arrow with Black Canary
Birds of Prey(Huntress and Katanna added to Black Canary and Batgirl )

Rodney McKay

Oct 26, 2017
This whole generation has sucked for a lot of my favorite games from last gen.

Dev times have gotten so long you're lucky to get more than one game in a franchise like Arkham. Or the game ends up stagnating over time and ends up like Mass Effect Andromeda.

The only games still getting regular releases are stuff like Assassin's Creed which I don't have time to play anymore since they're so gigantic now.
Even Arkham Knight was a struggle for me to 100% with how ridiculously numerous the riddler challenges got along with stuff like clearing out the enemy outposts (forget what they're called in AK) and other side quests.

Sub Boss

Nov 14, 2017
They deserve all the time they need, these Batman games were coming one next to another to keep the quality high it needs a refresh, or a new concept


Oct 28, 2017
It's obvious they want to ship it as a Truly Next Gen Game (TM). I bet this will be one of the launch titles for PS5 and XboxToo.


Oct 28, 2017
It's coming next gen and it is gonna blow our goddamn mind.

I just hope DC/Time Warner doesn't collaborate too closely with the developers.


Oct 25, 2017
That's the PS4. It was a disaster on PC so bad they had to stop selling it for a while.
I doubt that has any bearing on the continuation of the franchise on consoles.

AK is one of the best games this gen for me, it is the tightest structured openworld game made, they pulled off the quality of linear storytelling in an open setting, and the quality is maintained throughout. The camera work, seamless transition from gameplay to cut scene, the way his gadgets beep and sound as they open up, shut down, the sublime art direction, atmosphere and animations are some of the best in the business, I can't believe a follow up is still up in the air. If WB Montreal do have something in the works, I think enough time has passed where I'm itching for another Batman game, so fingers crossed we go back to Gothem. I also think if it is a new Batman it's going to be a much more of a drastic update then their previous release, it's been almost 4 years.