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Which FF should get the FFVIIR treatment next?

Which FF should get the FFVIIR treatment?

  • FFIV

    Votes: 23 2.9%
  • FFV

    Votes: 18 2.2%
  • FFVI

    Votes: 466 57.9%

    Votes: 157 19.5%
  • FFIX

    Votes: 109 13.5%
  • Others (i.e. how dare you not include "put your numbered ff game here", etc)

    Votes: 32 4.0%

  • Total voters


Apr 3, 2019
Let's say the FFVIIR trilogy (?) is out and the next mainline FF game is worked on by another team, what should Nomura (?) focus on next (except KHIV)?

I vote for FFVI. Just imagine the damn possibilities.

No choice for FFI, II, III (too old), no MMO FF's, no FFXII (just got a remaster that imho still keeps it looking good whereas the FFVIII one needs one so I kept that one in) and none of the latter entries (FFXIII trilogy still looks good to this day).


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I'd say Vi than VIII, Especially since VI has barely been touched and is the best game in the series.


Oct 28, 2017
VI is a very cinematic game that would gain a lot from it.

FFXII still stands strong as is with the remaster. It's the most cinematic game until FF7R comes out and hopefully one-ups this game.
Oct 25, 2017
I have wanted a FFVI remake since I played the FFIV remake on the 3DS years ago. Modern graphics Terra and Celes...give it to me now.


Oct 27, 2017
I feel like 8 would suit the style much better than any of the others, so that's where my vote goes.


Oct 25, 2017
FFVI still needs a remake of any kind. (I don't count the mobile port and feel that the GBA port doesn't compare against what Square Enix did with later remakes of I-IV. At the very least, it's stuck on that platform.) I don't know if it needs a FFVIIR-style remake, as I'll take an Octopath Traveler-style remake. But I say this all as someone who has never played it, so someone can correct me if I'm totally off.


Nov 3, 2017
Tactics should be the answer.
I'm itching to see a remake of the NES FFs this way, much more room for reimagining without betraying the source material.


Oct 27, 2017
FF8 really needs a remake to fix the story and add a lot more interactions and background for certain characters. And 8’s gameplay is the one that people don’t have a ton of attachment to, so you can revamp it with real-time action and it would be absolutely fine. It wouldn’t even need to be as massive of an undertaking as FF7R considering it could just be one single game.

FF6 deserves a remake more, though.


Oct 25, 2017
Lmao it’s taken them over a decade of constantly being asked to do this one. They ain’t doing it again.


May 3, 2019
If by "FF7 treatment" you mean splitting the game in multiple 60$ parts and adding new side quests to inflate the playtime, I would say none.
No other FF is this popular so they can get away with it.


The Fallen
Dec 26, 2018
My kingdom for a FFVI Remake, and an updated opera scene!

I do admit some of the charm of this iconic scene was the 16-bit graphics and chip tune music, but I gave the longest standing ovation of my life when I went to see the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert and they played the 14 minute opera piece.

I still get chills!


Dec 27, 2018
I vote 9. It’s always been my favorite but it’s not surprising to see 6 the most votes on. Both Great games.


Oct 31, 2017
This will probably never happen again. FF7 was too big of a cultural milestone in comparison to any other, and the amount of work and money being thrown at it is staggering. No other FF game is worth this again.

But if we are talking about what I want then gimme FF6 done in full gorgeous 3D.


Nov 23, 2017
VIII. Fix up the story jank from disk 3 and 4, make junctioning more fun, add Rinoa=Ultimecia. Boom. Money. let's go.


Oct 25, 2017
VIII always had the scale and ambition that could really suit modern technology and a high budget. I like the charm and style of VI and IX as they are and wouldn't really like to see it in a modern style and I think FFX has aged very well so the impact would be lesser.


Oct 28, 2017
None. No other FF will have the hype that VII has, so I don't think they would get the return that VII will have.

Also, VII will be 3 games, so last one will come in 2025? (very optimistic!) Would another remake also span 3 games and however many years of development? I don't think so...

I expect them to make XVI after VII. Hopefully it will be better than XV.


Oct 26, 2017
No other will have that i would say, cause it's a huuge money risk. Even with VII they were basically forced to do it by pressure and they're super cautious with it (the episodic thing is clearly a way to bail out if necessary) AND FFVII is like 50 times more popular than any other.

Gaia Lanzer

Oct 25, 2017
Top 3 would be:

1. VI- Because it's my favorite (FFVII is my second favorite FF). Would be cool to see FFVI's world in HD 3D, esepcially memorable landmarks like the Opera House, Zozo, Vector and Narshe.

2. FFV- This game tends to get forgotten. The world is pretty cool with lots of variety of locations (LOTS).

3. IX- Running around a 3D Alexandria and Lindblum like how we will run around Midgar ing FFVIIR... THAT WOULD BE GLORIOUS!!!


Oct 25, 2017
V isn't the best Final Fantasy game, but it is the most underrated. It deserves a GIANT glow up. For a lot of people it would be like getting a new Final Fantasy game that is good. Think of what a gift that would be.

I would also be down with VIII if they were willing to completely change the last act and completely rework the draw/junction mechanics. Final Fantasy VIII could be so much better than it is.


Oct 25, 2017
It's VI and if you say otherwise you're objectively wrong.

Who doesn't want to see this reimagined?!

But srsly its my favourite game ever please Square, it's overdue.


Oct 24, 2017
Honestly I & II work as polished up retro titles, they could just do with a fresh labor-of-love port with sharp pixel art (no smoothing), and proper text/menus. III & IV's DS ports are still very charming and again, just need a fresh port with a bit of polishing. V & VI are the real outliers as V didn't get the treatment that the previous two did, and VI is a fan favourite. VII is obviously getting the full remake, VIII just had a good remaster, and IX-XV all have good modern ports/releases.

Frankly the best course of action in my opinion is to give I/II/III/IV fresh ports onto modern consoles in the guise of their most recent releases, give V a remake in the style of the DS games, and then remake VI at the level of FF7R. This would make almost every game in the series playable at a decent standard on modern platforms.

Beyond that you could eventually give IX & VIII higher-level remakes but the clear outliers are V & VI in my opinion, and V should match III & IV's remakes.


Oct 30, 2017
I assume that they've learned some hard lessons along the way with producing FFVII Remastered, knowing that they've started the project over again and reused tech from FFXV.

With that in mind, I think another game in this style would be easier to produce if they followed a similar style of project management and incorporated those lessons. I'd adore FFVIII getting this treatment.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
As much as I'm enjoying the VIII remaster I can't stop imagining it getting the VIIR treatment. Balamb Garden remade...... I need it y'all.

Occult Fan

Oct 31, 2017
FFVIII has the most to benefit from a modern remake. From its lack of characterization outside of the leads to a few narrative/gameplay stumbles, it could use some extra love and polish. Also, the aesthetic would translate well to modern expectations of the series.

But of course XVI is what I want most after VIIr.


Oct 27, 2017
It needs to be VIII.

The best part of VIII is the story, characters,music and the world.

The worst part is the actual gameplay.
Perfect for a remaster.
Oct 26, 2017
Can I vote none at all? I'd rather have a new game. Because let's not kid ourselves, we would have had Final Fantasy XVI: Episode One in eight months.