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Which The Witcher 3 DLC should I play?

Which DLC suits my taste better?

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Oct 25, 2017
Not to derail the OP's topic but I'm really psyched to play Witcher 3 on switch. I have it on PS4 but I haven't completed the download content yet.


Oct 25, 2017
You should play both eventually, but I'd go with Hearts of Stone. It's legitimately the best DLC I've ever played for a game. Great story and characters, memorable quests, excellent bosses. Absolutely a must play.

Ivory Samoan

Oct 27, 2017
New Zealand
The only correct answer is both...but if you must choose, HoS has the better story and is faster to finish.

Sacrilige, though, to leave out BW though ;)
Oct 27, 2017
Blood and Wine is more like an expansion, like a mini-sequel, than a dlc. Whole new huge area to explore. It’s also full of (good) fan service cause it’s fully aware that it’s the last chapter in Geralts story and wants to celebrate that and leave you with a wink and smile instead of something more serious like the base games ending. I just can’t see someone loving the game but not getting that conclusion it’s so perfect.

If you played mass effect, it’s like the Citadel dlc. A loving farewell.