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Which WB Game Are You Most Excited To (Potentially) See At E3?

Which WB Game Are You Most Excited To (Potentially) See At E3?

  • Avalanche's Harry Potter RPG

    Votes: 169 36.2%
  • Rocksteady's DC Game

    Votes: 219 46.9%
  • WB Montreal's DC Game

    Votes: 30 6.4%
  • Netherrealm MK11 DLC

    Votes: 14 3.0%
  • TT's Lego Star Wars

    Votes: 5 1.1%
  • Monolith's Next Game

    Votes: 30 6.4%

  • Total voters
Oct 27, 2017
I mean, synergy across media isn't common anymore, but Rocksteady looks around two years away from finishing and Gunn's Suicide Squad is a little over two years from releasing so the timing might be close enough for it to make sense.
You think RS is still two years out? I mean they've been hiring for promo artists since February. They should have something to show soon based off that alone, right?
Nov 5, 2017
Ugh, WB has had some really strong games, but the rumor mill needs to leave them alone.

I am hard pressed to think of another major developer that Era gets me excited about...only to then have nothing announced....event after event. (And no, I'm not counting Mortal Kombat or Lego. Predicting those sequels in those existing engines borders on death & taxes.)
Jan 13, 2018
I am amped to see what the WB Montreal team can do with a decent time frame and budget.

Arkham Origins was the overall best of the Arkham games even though it was depicted as a B-tier filler game.
Oct 25, 2017
I have a feeling Rocksteady's project will be 'Legion of Superheroes' as a GaaS Destiny-like. Regardless I've resigned myself to the fact that it'll probably have an off-putting business model.

I'm really interested in seeing what WB Montreal do with a new Arkham game. I'm excited about how the ideas of their cancelled projects might manifest in a Batman game (I believe their previous Batman project planned to implement Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system). I'm excited to see what a Batman game trying to raise the graphical bar beyond Arkham Knight, and perhaps implementing the performance capture technologies of Injustice 2, would look like. I'm excited to see a Batman game developed knowing that stiff competition in the genre (with Marvel's Spider-Man) would exist.

Pretty much every permutation of what WB Montreal's Bataman game could be has me excited. It could be a smaller scale game than Knight and I'd find that exciting too.
Oct 25, 2017
I dunno that we're gonna see Harry Potter yet (it's clearly next gen, and next gen is seemingly 2020). But that, for sure.
I still think that leaked Harry Potter looked like something involving VR, I guess were wait and see.
Why have such a robust character creator then?

...Oh dear. Now you've got me imagining a next-gen, Harry Potter, VR MMO. I don't think my heart could handle an announcement that incredible.
Oct 25, 2017
I'm most excited about the Harry Potter RPG. It's been so many years since I've enjoyed a good Harry Potter game (Chamber of Secrets) and I'm hopeful this is going to work very well. Since this has not been so long in development yet, I'm not exactly expecting it this E3 but it would be a welcomed addition to the lineup.

Second place, Rocksteady's new game. Even though it's GaaS and I'm not super interested in that kind of games, I'll wait and see what Rocksteady can make of it.
Oct 25, 2017
Is it certain that rocksteady is working on GAAS stuff? Super disappointing if true. Their batman games are some of the most fun single player games in a minute
Jan 10, 2019
Rocksteady if it's batman, anything else will just disappoint me. Also that Harry Potter game looked damn good for a next gen game.

Is it certain that rocksteady is working on GAAS stuff? Super disappointing if true. Their batman games are some of the most fun single player games in a minute
Singleplayer games can be GaaS too....Infact most of them are already.
Jul 13, 2018
So you're telling me that Rocksteady threw out nearly an entire year's worth of work in order to pick up WB Montreal's cancelled Suicide Squad project? That sure is one hell of a head scratcher if you ask me.

I just don't see this happening unless WB absolutely NEEDS to get a Suicide Squad game out there. Who knows, it may very well end up being WB's answer to Borderlands. I'd however be a bit disappointed if after 4+ years of silence, Rocksteady's big project turned out to be just another 3rd person looter.

If WB is so desperate for a villain line-up, I'd rather Rocksteady take on the Injustice concept and develop an open world co-op action RPG based off those characters. Now that would be awesome.
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Nov 21, 2017
Rocksteady silence worries me that they’ve gone back to formula a couple times. Focusing on Gaas is not the hot ticket it was a couple years ago and WB properties seem a mess at the moment.
Oct 27, 2017
WB Montreal's game.

Even though Origins was built on the back of what Rocksteady had already established, it's still the best superhero game ever made. I want to know if it was just a fluke.
Jan 10, 2019
Such a damn shame that Rocksteady is shifting to GaaS and Multiplayer...yet ANOTHER single player developer moving to something I don't give a shit about. It hurts.
Is it certain that rocksteady is working on GAAS stuff? Super disappointing if true. Their batman games are some of the most fun single player games in a minute
GaaS can be single player only, and most singleplayer games are GaaS. Stop misusing the term.

I don't understand why people keep using it as a negative.
Jul 13, 2018
They're making a co-op loot game and all of their loot designers they hired have worked on work exclusively on guns so I'm guessing it's a Suicide Squad Destiny clone based on that info.

Summer 2021 to come out near the movie makes sense for the game.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there Suicide Squad members who actually don't use guns? I'm pretty sure there are variations of the team that include Killer Frost, King Shark, Professor Zoom, etc and those characters certainly wouldn't use guns. How do you think "loot" would work for those? Unless of course, the team was compromised of just Deathstroke, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, etc (typical gun wielding villains).
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