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Who do you think is the most interesting Nintendo antagonist from a story/character perspective?


Nov 30, 2017
Pokey is definitely my pick.
Kid gets slapped around by his parents, ignored by the other neighborhood kids, manipulated by a cosmic horror beast into becoming the worst version of himself, gets sent through time, becomes a dictator who desperately searches for his “friend”, and ends up trapping himself in a tiny capsule that will outlast the heat death of the universe leaving him alone and unloved forever.

Wind Waker Ganondorf is pretty good, as is Skull Kid and some of the earlier Fire Emblem villains. I have a soft spot for Lekain in PoR and Radiant Dawn because he’s just such a goddamn politician. All those Senators really, almost exclusively bastards


Oct 26, 2017
Town adjacent to Silent Hill

Motherfucker drank my juice.
Lmao I was actually bout to come post this.
Louie might not be the most elaborate villain but that's kind of why I can't stop thinking about him.
At first he just seems like a bumbling coward archetype, but...

Part way through pikmin 2 he goes missing and the mission becomes a search and rescue. And at the end he appears as the final boss atop a massive cyborg chimera spider (as you do). At first you're meant to think he's been captured by this insect but various snippets of the games plentiful flavour text seem to tell a slightly different and terrifying story?

"I entered a hole with an army of ferocious Pikmin, grimly determined to save Louie from the titan dweevil, but it seems that he was perfectly fine all along. I can't understand how he managed to avoid being eaten. Hmmm... He's always had an unusually close connection with insects, and I know he loves to cook them! Maybe he wasn't kidnapped after all... Could he have been controlling that beast all along?! No... that's craziness! Although... he does insist now that we address him by his "proper title", the King of Bugs. "

“A new employee of Hocotate Freight, Louie is often silent. Nobody knows what thoughts lurk in his mind. He appears to operate on the same wavelength as insects, often with dangerous results. After he was kidnapped, he somehow managed to hijack a colossal insect's brain!”

He also keeps a journal on all the enemies you encounter, but they're actually all cooking instructions.
And then in Pikmin 3 he reprises his role as a surprise antagonist when he runs off with all your supplies, leaving you to die. What a fucker!

Louie never seems to discuss his actions or show any sort of remorse. Is he just incompetent and selfish? is he a scheming megalomaniac? A disturbed psychopath? Does he have beef with our boy olimar? Does he have beef with pikmin? Is he on #teaminsect? Did something happen to him when he was lost in the wilderness or has he always been like this? WILL OLIMAR EVER COMPLAIN TO HR??

He might not be nintendo's best villain, but he's surely among the most mysterious and unsettling.
Pretty much who I was going to pick. He also stole from his company, lied about it and blamed others, and let his colleagues do super dangerous work out of desperation. Same type of backstabber as Ingo. You can basically never trust a Luigi, that's the lesson here.