Who is Hideo Kojima's best friend? An investigation

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Oct 26, 2017
Ever since leaving Konami, it seems Hideo Kojima's personal life has become a tiny bit more public - namely, we now see who he hangs out with. Four names have taken the spotlight since then. Today, we investigate his relationship with each one to decide who's Kojima's true best friend.

Friend #1 - The original BFF, Guillermo Del Toro

They are friends from before the whole Konami situation went to shit.

And have gone on fun adventures together. They're fans of each other's work.

Kojima has, in fact, been to Del Toro's horror house.

And of course, they are very professional, working together on games and panels.

Friend #2 - The Cool Friend, Norman Reedus

Kojima and Reedus also go way back.

You could say he is Kojima's coolest friend.

Reedus has, in fact, starred in two of Kojima's recent works.

And he is not afraid of shitting on Konami.

Friend #3 - The Fan, Geoff Keighley

It's a challenge to find someone who looks at Kojima like Keighley does.

He's up for anything - including helping Kojima with pranks.

Let's not forget he has publicly cried for Kojima.

And he gives great gifts:

Friend #4 - The Sexy One, Mads Mikkelsen

He never misses a party.

They have, actually, gone Christmas shopping together.

Kojima may be in love with him (sorry Geoff)

Seriously, look at Kojima's smile when he is with Mads.

UPDATE: Because folks have reminded me of other Kojima relationships, I have decided to add some more options here. Let's go.

Friend #5 - The Weird One, Nicolas Winding Refn

As many people pointed out, Refn and Kojima's appreciation for one another goes well beyond their products.

It seems they're so confortable around each other, Refn feels no need to wear pants.

And they like to do a fighting stance together.

No matter how many years pass by, this has never changed.

Friend #6 - The Traveling Companion, Mark Cerny

I can't believe I forgot Mark Cerny, Kojima's world tour buddy.

Cerny and Kojima have traveled around the globe together for work, but they didn't forget to have some fun.

In fact, Cerny may be his #1 drinking buddy.

And Cerny is very proud of friendship with Kojima.


It's definitely hard to say. Geoff clearly loves him and Kojima clearly loves Mads. Del Toro seems to be with buddy from work and Reedus is the one he calls when he wants to kick someone's ass.

Though I have to say, it seems he is more interested in spending time with Mads recently.
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Oct 30, 2017
Wouldn't his best friend be someone who speaks Japanese? Kojima barely speaks any English...
Oct 25, 2017
Secretly it's Stefani Joosten. I mean he built an entire game so she and his self insert could be in love.

But I will say Kojima and Mads are the cutest couple ever.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
Keighley is his homie for life, but he definately has a crush on Mikkelson.

Jaded Alyx

Oct 25, 2017
What about that one poster who said he is friends with Kojima on Twitter and played Overwatch with him, and Death Stranding is a Metal Gear game and the whole Konami feud was just another one of those Kojima things?
Oct 27, 2017
I'm not saying these people aren't his friends, but they are all people he works with or have business relations with. Saying any of them are his best friends are a bit of a stretch.


Oct 25, 2017
Definitely Geoff Keighley. Friends in high and low and longer than these hollywood poser.

Van Bur3n

Oct 27, 2017
Plot twist: It’s actually me. It was me all along.

Kojima why aren’t you responding to me on Twitter. Please respond back. I thought we were friends. Are you ignoring me. I know you’re not ignoring best friend me. Please respond, thanks.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm going to say none of these. These people are visible in his social media because they are also public figures and easy to spot. I'm guessing his real best friend is a non-celebrity Japanese person that none of us know.


Oct 25, 2017
This is the quality investigative report that I needed in my life. Tough questions must be answered. We can only speculate about Kojima's wonderful future friendships.


Nov 13, 2017
Jesus fucking christ, this website...
Why are you here then?

Anyway, probably none of the above, just some guy you never heard of because he's either not in the business or doesn't have a high profile role, but they can actually talk about real shit regardless of distance. Or nobody.
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