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"Who?" or: What Are Your Biggest Posting Pet Peeves?


Oct 27, 2017
I find it annoying when people worry about how other people spend their money. Complaining about the pick-ups thread, popping into a thread to say the thing the thread's about isn't worth the money, stuff like that. This template is the worst:

I can't believe people spend *amount* on *thing*. I was able to get *totally different thing* for *much smaller amount*.

Like okay, good for you? However, in the context of thread on *thing*, your post added no value whatsoever.
Oct 25, 2017
United States
"Both sides" and "just asking questions."

Not every issue has a grey area. Trump shutting down the government over a useless border wall is a topic with clear culpability, and any compromise would have obviously damaging consequences for our democracy. This shouldn't have to be explained a dozen times in every page in the same thread.

Most JAQing comes off as incredibly lazy and entitled to me -- like the person didn't bother at least skimming the thread for insight, or didn't take any time to search for an answer on their own. It's rude to essentially demand emotional and intellectual labor from others under the guise of polite naivete. It smacks of "You should be grateful for the opportunity to enlighten me." Make your own effort first, and THEN ask questions -- or, failing that, at least ask for resources to check out instead of straight-up asking for answers. Especially in threads about social justice, where many posters experience the ramifications of inequality frequently and even traumatically, and JAQing may be adding to their burdens in a painfully ignorant and entitled fashion.

I hate it when there's a thread about something supernatural like divine being, religion, ghost experience out of nowhere some prick posted "I don't believe in ghost, God, alien etc and you should too". Okay, we get it, you're cool and edgy but c'mon man why can't you just mind your business and don't shitpost on other thread.
Agreed. I'm a practicing witch and my undergrad degree is in religious studies, especially new religious movements 1800s-present. Spiritual topics are a special interest of mine and a major part of my life. They're a major part of a lot of people's lives. I'd love to discuss some of that in threads with other individuals here, but I've seen how those threads go. Tons of shitposting and edgelordy performance, tons of people who conflate religion and spirituality with "extremism" and "fantasy" and "anti-science" and "Judeo-Christianity" (PSA, not all religions are one of or even similar to the Abrahamic faiths, yet somehow that's nearly always the base assumption).

I'm not interested whatsoever in evangelizing anyone with my practices and beliefs, in fact such a thing is itself antithetical to my practices and beliefs, but it seems like lots of people here are threatened by the mere fact that those practices and beliefs exist. If it's not your thing, great, stay out of the fucking thread, it's not for you.

Dismissive posts that basically just say "this thread doesn't apply to me but I'm going to post anyway," are just so annoying. Like that "What did you get for Christmas?" thread that had a ton of posts that literally just said they don't do Christmas/Christmas presents, often with a condescending "Christmas is for kids" tone. I remember someone saying that the thread (or people in the thread, they didn't actually elaborate much) should be more 'inclusive' as if it wasn't blatantly obvious what the thread was about from the title.
Yeah. Agree with this as well. I don't celebrate Christmas, but that doesn't mean I felt entitled to go shit up the Christmas threads with my Paganism.

I do think there's a discussion to be had in terms of inclusivity -- such as how the overbearing assumption in everyday life/systemic dynamics that everyone must observe the holiday (or else they are "weird" or "sad") can be harmful -- but that would be a conversation for a different thread entirely, and even there it still wouldn't be appropriate to actively demean people who do celebrate Christmas.
Oct 27, 2017
"...is the greatest ever". The necessity of being hyperbolic (usually with contemporary stuff) is fucking annoying and tends to display a complete lack of nuance and inability to contextualize anything in time (strongly correlated with ignorance in the subject in question).
Oct 27, 2017
'Tell us how you really feel'
If you want to accuse people of things, just fucking say it, I hate people who are baiting like that.


343 Industries
Oct 25, 2017
Unidentified and obscure images as the answer to "what's your favorite..." deliberately done like that because you should know what this frame of a little seen anime or TV show is.

Or a 34 page thread, no OP update, with a significant update on page 23, with posters barking, "Read the thread!" when you ask for clarification or an explanation for the contradictory information or conversation.