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Whose your favourite HD era GTA protagonist and why?

Whose your favourite HD era GTA protagonist?

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Oct 25, 2017
To elaborate: Agent 47 is there to blend in cool as crystal and ice his target. Doomguy is there to rip and tear demons until it is done. Trevor is there to fuck, fight, steal, and wreak havoc. These characters aren't just protagonists or player avatars, but vessels for their game's goals. There are no conflicts within them that impact the narrative anti-climatically.

Trevor has conviction in doing the main things you do in GTA. That's why he's the best.
Oct 28, 2017
Yo, why does Chinatown Wars get a choice but the PSP Stories games don't? Same portable generation as Chinatown Wars. Not that I'd vote for either of them, but still.

But anyways I'm gonna have to go with......Niko. Shit yeah Niko was honestly great. None of GTA V's protags resonated the way Niko did. Great character.

CJ is my favourite protagonist of them all though.