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Why are these Game of Thrones books so different from the TV show?

Oct 28, 2017
That guy GRRM seems like a huge nerd, he even took Jon Snow's fricking awesome victory over Ramsey away (lol they fed him to his own hounds) and will probably give it to that pale geek Stannis. Talk about lame

On a more serious note note: the first 4 seasons are great, D&D just seemed to learn the wrong lessons from their success. The Red Wedding worked because it's the tragic end of the Stark family's struggles who we've come attached to. The shock value isn't actually that important, in the books the whole thing is heavily foreshadowed. But it seems like D&D decided GoT was about shocking twists (tm) and proceeded that way, but without the necessary buildup and with the violence turned up to eleven it just became edgy, grimdark and miserable for its own sake.

Season 6 and 7 make increasingly less sense plotwise, but at least with the Starks reuniting there's an emotional core again that can counterbalance the dark and edgy stuff.
Apr 14, 2018
I would never go so far as to say that the show is better (it's not bad at all, but it's not better), but the last two books were such overindulgent messes with some of the best character work in the series but in serious need of an editor. Or, well, George needed to listen to his editor. But alas, words are wind and mean little and less, like nipples on a breastplate where whores go.

At least the show will actually get an ending.
Oct 29, 2017
Alright, this thread is going to have me re-post this old thing I did so long ago:

Jon XX

Jon Snow burst out of the freezing water, the cold air piercing his lungs. He had survived, barely. And, had managed to retain Longclaw. His reward for saving the Old Bear, a triumph that seemed so long ago. He pulled himself out of his would be frozen coffin, the Drowned God would not have him today. Yet, it seemed a futile gesture. Daenerys, the Dragon Queen, and all his seemingly doomed companions had left him. A necessary sacrifice in the Great War. He recalled the look on the Queen's face as she lifted off, high away on her legendary dragon, Drogon. Her silver hair blowing in the winds of winter. He wondered what she was thinking in those final moments, was it the pain of losing a newly gained ally in her fight for the Throne or something more...

It made no difference now. He was alone, once again. A solitary wolf, his pack long gone. By now they should be safely behind The Wall, back inside the warm halls of Eastwatch by the Sea. The War would continue, but without him. The dead were all around him, there was no escape. Why did he climb out of that frozen lake? Wouldn't it have been more peaceful to die swallowed up by the sea? No, that was not the Stark way. He should die with a sword in his hand, in the lands of his ancestors, The First Men, fighting the ancient enemy. Jon's sword hand opened and closed, flexing the burned fingers beneath the glove, a habit he had grown accustomed to. Curiously, he could no longer feel any pain in his burned hand. In fact, he felt nothing at all.

Of course it stops now, I am about to die. I wonder how many I can take with me?

But, before he could finish the thought, a curious sound erupted from the eastern side of the frozen shore. Suddenly, a dazzling spark lit up and went out with a thud. Jon was paralyzed with confusion. He quickly realized it was a man on a horse, fighting the Others alone. Was he saved? But, who could it be? Immediately, his mind went to Gendry. The mad boy must have come back to save me after making it all the way to Eastwatch. Yet, as his vision cleared he noticed that the figure was wielding a flaming thurible in his hand which he whipped about before crashing it into the sea of the undead army. Jon could barely crawl to the figure before he could see that the man was coming towards him. The mounted, shrouded figure rode straight up to his shivering body before dismounting, revealing his face. At first, Jon Snow reacted with panic, it's another undead servant of the Others. His face was pale, his skin peeling apart, and most curiously there was no sign of a frozen breath as he walked toward him. Suddenly, the grotesque visage gave way to a more familiar face.

"Uncle Benjen! "

Jon couldn't believe is eyes. How long did they search for his lost Uncle Benjen, a First Ranger of the Night's Watch that disappeared in what seemed ages ago. Long before the Great War, before the return of Dragons, before his brothers had all died, before the cave...

Jon collapsed under the weight of it all. This undead figure that bared his Uncle's face, lifted him up, placing him on his horse.

"You ride for the pass." He stated, a tired sadness in his voice.

Jon Snow had so many questions, so many things he wanted to tell his Uncle, all the things he had seen, everything he had done. But, all he could blurt out was, "Come with me."

"There's no time," his Uncle stated, shaking his head in a manner that brokered no debate. He then smacked the rear end of his horse yelling, "GO!" Forcing the horse to speed off without him, a solemn look of finality on his face.

But, Jon couldn't understand, there was plenty of time. In fact, by his arithmetic they had at least a minute or so more of time before the Army of the Dead could reach either of them. And, there was plenty of room on the Horse to accommodate both of them. Even moreso, Jon was in no fighting strength. Meanwhile, his Uncle seemed perfectly able to deal with multiple undead servants. Did he think that Jon would not encounter any other Others on his way back to the Wall? What could his Uncle gain by a hopeless final battle against the Others? Why hadn't he explained to Jon just how exactly he managed to survive for so long? Why he hadn't come back to Castle Black if he was still alive? Why hadn't he tried to warn them of what was to come? There was time left, why was he insisting otherwise?

Then it hit Jon like the blast of frozen water that shook his whole body when he fell into the lake. Benjen Stark was a minor character in a grand story that was coming to a close, his looming mystery was no longer necessary. As such, the only way the cruel New Gods could think of closing off his journey was to kill him in the most nonsensical way possible. A jape at the Old God that crafted the character in the first place. The New Gods had plans for Jon Snow, plans involving a silver haired dragon Queen with a fiery portcullis which he would need to dock his ship into. Benjen Stark could undue such plans. And that, the New Gods could not allow.

Jon Snow galloped back to the Wall in the silence of the Winds of Winter.

What should have been an Amazing episode but all I could think the entire time was "dumb".
Oct 27, 2017
Bad pussy got an Emmy y'all, D&D won't change their ways and the last season will just be a carousel of shocky twists, boobs and bad writing.

I lost all the interest in this thing once Stannis kills his daughter, that was the last straw for me. Then it just became fanfic and I became happier
Nov 30, 2018
This is embarrassing. You should all feel bad for making this mistake of a thread.

It's pronounced bad poussy. You just blindly followed the novelization's spelling. Wake up sheeple!
Oct 29, 2017
I find this stuff so cringey. It's like, how long will it be before people can comprehend the differences in the mediums enough to no longer need to lose their shit over differences. Film versions of books are not, and never have been meant to replace the books. Ever. So silly charts or illustrations like this just come off as bored people with nothing else to do but hate watch literally dozens of hours of a television show based on books they read YEARS ago for the sole sake of complaining about the differences between the TV script and the pages of said books themselves.

There has to be a better use of free time... like seriously.
I hate that a human spent the time making this.
I thought it to be a joke. It's so hyperbolical it must be irony or something and can't possibly be a serious complain.


Oct 25, 2017
I thought it to be a joke. It's so hyperbolical it must be irony or something and can't possibly be a serious complain.
It never fails to amuse me how EXTREME off-topic/EtcEra has been over the years. Consuming a water before you buy it in a grocery store causes full-blown "you're a disgusting subhuman animal" meltdowns.
Jan 10, 2019
I like the show more, especially after season 3-4 It gets a boost in everything.

But, then again these are two very different mediums.

Oct 26, 2017
I’d like to read how the books handle the amazing moment where Theon inspires a group to go get his sister back by getting kneed repeatedly in his non existent genitalia
Theon VIII

He smiled for his fellow ironborn did not know his manhood was no longer a source of discomfort. His former master had relieved him of this burden, which allowed Theon the chance to land several blows against his ironborn opponent.

He would take his twenty good men and find Yara, wherever she happened to be. Euron's 1,000 ships and the golden company would prove no match for his newfound sense of self.
Oct 27, 2017
Stannis I

He had the superior numbers and years of experience, but the Bolton bastard knew the north better than he ever could.

Tyene V

"But I am not a good girl," she thought to herself. "That is not what he needs." She whispered something salacious into Ser Bronn's ear.

Jon IV

"We will not survive this mission without Daenerys' help," Jon surmised. Gendry was the fastest in the party and could run back to Eastwatch within the hour. With any luck, the band could fight off the others until she arrived from Dragonstone.


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Oct 25, 2017
Today not day Grey Worm die. Why Missandei so afraid. Queen Daenerys say white people coming.
I will say I actually am okay with the show aging Missandei up and giving her and Grey Worm a romance since it increases the amount of time People of Color are on the screen.
Oct 26, 2017
Tyrion IV

The ruthless slavers would have his head if he could not convince them of his worth. "How will they know the cock came from a dwarf?" he exclaimed desperately. "It will be a dwarf-sized cock," laughed the group's leader. "Guess again," Tyrion replied, exasperated. This reasoning appeared to have worked as they put away their swords.

The two would live until their captors could find a cock merchant.
Oct 29, 2017
The biggest difference came from not having Young Griff (which I still say will be in s8!!!), which required swapping a lot of things around, changing characters, and so on. But a lot of that will get cleaned up when he does show up :> Especially Varys, who is totally backing him in the books but in the show people think Jon is the one he will back which is completely wrong, he will back the GC leader/appointed king.

The oddest bit is Jaime and Bronn going to save Myrcella, BUT, the books aren't there yet. In fact, it is very likely that Myrcella will indeed be killed by the Sand Snakes in the books too when Arianne decides to marry Aegon VI, this is pretty much about to happen, so they will have a good reason to get Myrcella killed as a final "fuck you" to Doran, but they will also be likely much closer to where Jaime is, so I wouldn't be surprised that Jaime does go to save his daughter when he finds out what's going on and fails to do so. That's a good way of bringing him back to King's Landing, and then it likely would end up being a lot like the show. People who think Jaime dies because of Lady Stoneheart are 100% wrong: Jaime's dream in the books is him being at Winterfell and being accused of being responsible for dead Starks and Targaryens and only Brienne defends him, which will happen when he gets there in s8 as the Starks and Dany's entourage will definitely not accept him, at least at first.

Another thing: in the show, Tyrion and Dany attack Casterly Rock. This was almost 100% certainly based on where GRRM said the story would go. Aegon is on the east side, and Dany will be advised by Tyrion to land west (in the books, the original plot was likely to have Dany circumvent Planetos from east to west but GRRM got rid of the time skip), to take Casterly Rock and Lannisport. They would then lose it by attacks from Euron. It totally ties with Tyrion's game of Cyvasse with Aegon, who basically learned from him and Tyrion ends up in the position he said you shouldn't be in. It makes far more sense for Dany to be west since that is essentially where she attacks in the show, which was odd since she was seated east. So another book-to-show discrepancy because of a lack of Aegon.

But overall, it's not that different, and the theories fans come up with to claim the books will be totally different from the show are a bit funny. It's going to end pretty much like GRRM originally intended it to end, and then hardcore book fans will rage-mode because it didn't happen as they theorized it would and surely GRRM actually planned to end the books like they said it would.
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Dec 7, 2017
I LOVED the show until season 4, it became total crap from there on.

Also, thank you Era-posters for making a clearly crappy thread turn into a little gem. Love you guys.