Why are you a feminist, are you gay or something?

Oct 27, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, I present ResetEra, the super progressive mega-woke forum where men tell women what their interests are and how to be a proper feminist. Then act bemused when the women don't cooperate.
There's actually a pretty handy thought experiment for this, that even men can perform, which seems to necessitate something like feminism (among other things). The point is that it is intuitively in everyone's best interests, whether that's acknowledged or not.

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Oct 8, 2018
I am a feminist because my beliefs align with the definition of feminism.
If I were to claim I was not one, then It would mean I don't actually know what feminism is.
I suppose I would question them on what they think feminism means. So many people think it's "Man hating".
Nov 6, 2017
LOL gotta love the logic that loving women makes you gay. but yeah, this mindset is sad. why do they have to frame altruism & regard for people other than yourself as negatives?
It's not loving women that makes you gay to these people, it's respecting women. To them respect and empathy for women is weakness. Women are to be used like objects and they associate that respect and empathy with being gay. Dumb all around but that's their logic.
Oct 30, 2017
As a gay feminist I can confirm that people won't let you so much as nibble their finger through the local gloryhole unless you repeat a feminist screed by heart. And it changes every week! Outrageous.
Dec 27, 2017
Being a guy and declaring yourself a feminist sounds weird in my head. Like you can say you support feminists. But you cant be one yourself unless you've shared their experiences. Yeah I know I'm probably wrong.
There is this, and there's also the stigma that simply being male has in feminism.

When most people want to criticize something, what's the first thing that comes to mind? "single, (white) male", and using the words like "masculinity" being a toxic thing. It's got nothing to do with feminism but I think a lot of people just associate it with it. Oh you're a feminist? then you must hate men. Conversely you can't call yourself a feminist if you believe in your own masculinity and so on.
Oct 25, 2017
Pro Tip: Using gay panic as a retort is just as bad. (ie. Asking/implying someone is gay because they aren’t a feminist/don’t like feminine things.) Don’t do this.
Just wanna signal boost this because I didn't see many (any?) other people mentioning it. I get the intent people have when they do stuff like this, but it just contributes to the general idea that gay = bad, which is just shit. Better to avoid it altogether and just call someone out on their crap legitimately (or get their goat in some way that doesn't throw a whole group of people under the bus).
Oct 27, 2017
Uhmmmm no. If you have a daughter, you dont want to live in a society where the people secondize women.
Even in progressive countries as some Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands it's still far from perfect. Let alone in a lot of other countries. Still too many insecure entitled men with their nonsense opinions. I would never call myself a feminist as the most important part is all in your actions towards women. I think it's a disease within society and we should be very careful with this in the upbringing and education of our sons and daughters. Parents (moms are very guilty of this as well) ruin their sons with treating them as gods and kings of the house in many cases. Laughing and enabling them when they act like players or stereotypical alpha males. It all starts with parenting. Drop the toxit bullshit. It's not good for men either. But it's the women who suffer the most.
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Oct 28, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, I present ResetEra, the super progressive mega-woke forum where men tell women what their interests are and how to be a proper feminist. Then act bemused when the women don't cooperate.
if you think every woman is automatically a feminist you are so fucking wrong.

everybody should be a feminist, period.
antifeminists go for all angles:

If they can get you with homophobia/emasculation, theyll do that, but if that doesn't fly in some circles where the majority isn't homophobic/queerphobic, theyll get you with the ol' "maybe you are a fake feminist whos trying to beta-male your way into some sweet sexual currency"

Rest assured they do the same with women, if you're a feminist you must be fat, lesbian, single, or one of those oversensitive millennial maladjusts. Whatever archaeic dogwhistle of bigotry they can get you with basically.

Rest assured the lady feminists like me um... don't care. Laughing all the way to feminist utopia with all my soy boy cuck gay queer white knight friends. LOVE you.

I live for getting slyly accused of being a white knight on the internet though. Mmmm rub that sweet being completely wrong all over my pasty femoid face.