Why does Destiny always appear at the top of my downloads list on PSN?


Oct 27, 2017
I don’t understand. years later I stopped playing it (I barely even played the game it wasn’t even that good) And it always appears at the top of my list of Downloaded recent stuff whenever I look at my most recent downloads. It never moves from the top.

It’s really annoying because sometimes I wanna get the most recent downloaded thing off there but instead see Destiny as if Sony are shilling it to me and have some kinda forced agreement with Bungie to always display it at the top of your list no matter what? The game sucked but why do I keep fucking seeing it there? I haven’t touched the game since the first month it come out.

I really hope with ps5 it doesn’t keep showing up. Ridiculous. I hardly even play FPS games let alone online. I don’t need to see it and advertised and forced like this.

Pic of what I’m talking about here


Oct 27, 2017
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You never collected the stuff when you bought the game I presume so it's telling you that you 'have it to download'. That's what it looks like. You're looking at your download queue. Download it, cancel the download, never see it again.

Agent 47

Jun 24, 2018
It's just unclaimed content pushed to the top of your list, add it to your download queue then cancel it. I'm impressed you'd make a thread accusing Sony of pushing a game on you before using some common sense.


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Oct 25, 2017
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claimed but unredeemed extra content shows up in your download list automatically

I’ve still got a few themes i keep forgetting about on my list

i should prob clear those now that im thinking of it