Wikipedia's "List of video games considered the best". What's your take?

Oct 26, 2018
This list is like one of the main reasons I got back into gaming in 2016, to see if these games deserve the hype . I started with the PS2 and can say, IMO FFX, shadow of the colossus and GTA San Andreas deserve the goat title, Whereas I feel re4, while a very great game, is not on the level as the other games. Kingdom hearts too, love it, but it's missing something for me. One I feel was highly overrated is GTA vice city... Just wasn't that fun to me.

I also feel that Zelda: wind waker and chrono trigger deserve the goat title as well.
Tlou is the most recent game I've played that is a goat title. One of the best games ever made( my personal favourite after San Andreas and twewy)
Oct 25, 2017
Pretty well-rounded list tbh. I’d personally add Xenoblade Chronicles, a few more handheld games (Nintendogs, Pokemon Gold/Silver), and switch Wind Walker with Twilight Princess.

Obligatory “Where is ____” statement: where’s Persona 5?!


Oct 28, 2017
It's a weird list because it's not the best of each year but some of those games are also titles that haven't aged well and aren't the 'best' that you'd play today. Like, I wouldn't recommend Goldeneye, Little Big Planet or Wipeout as anything other than historically important titles but they're listed whereas other games that are the best of their time (Metroid, Game Boy Tetris, Undertale, SF4) aren't on there.
Nov 24, 2017
There is nothing really on the list except Little Big Planet and maybe Advance Wars that jump out as inappropriate for the title to me.

Serious lack of PC, arcade and handheld centric titles though. OutRun, OutRun 2 and Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution not being there at all is just bizarre.
It's prettty simple as to why newer games aren't well represented here. The page citations are of individuals' lists of the greatest games of all time, and very few people making their personal GOAT lists like this would choose a recent game like Celeste. More importantly, the cited content was made in different time periods, so naturaslly it's less likely to see a lot of "GOAT" praise on recent games since most lists are older than that. In a few years, games like Celeste might end up on this list.
Nov 29, 2017
Listing the games I played:

- Overwatch - Not the best, but I see why others thinks so.
- Inside - deserve indeed a spot in the list.
- DotA 2 - Played it, it was meh...
- The Walking Dead - Great Episodic Videogame. Good addition for the list.
- Dishonored - Good game, but not for the list.
- Portal 2 - Old good Portal! This is correct.
- Dark Souls - Of course it needs to be here.
- Super Meat Boy - Good game, but he don't deserve to be here.
- Limbo - The game was the greatest step for the Devs to create Inside. Not suitable for the list, but it is a honor playing the game.
- Persona 4- Best JRPG I ever played! Good to see it here.
- Left 4 Dead - Very good Co-op FPS, but not for the List.
- Dead Space - Great Horror game, but don't belong here.
- Team Fortress 2 - Good game, but again, not for here.
- Portal - I realized I played many games.on the list, so for now on I will write Yes or No for which games belong to the List. Let's start: No.
- God of War II - Yes
- BioShock - No
- Okami - Yes
- Shadow of the Colossus - No
- Resident Evil 4 - No
- God of War - No
- Devil May Cry 3 - No
- Metal Gear Solid 3 - Yes
- Half-Life 2 - No
- Burnout 3: Takedown - No
- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - No
- Silent Hill 2 - Yes
- Metal Gear Solid 2 - No
- Max Payne - No
- Halo - No
- The Sims - No
- Diablo 2 - No
- Counter-Strike - No
- System Shock - No
- Planescape: Torment - Yes
- Age of Empires 2 - No
- Starcr......aft..........zzzzzzzzz......
Oct 25, 2017
It’s a pretty great list that covers pretty much the consensus best games of all time. It’s missing a lot of recent games but I assume they will be added as we go.

It also seems to be missing a few games based on some backlash which is unfounded. MGS4 is a masterpiece and should be there. Same with Zelda: TP. But for the most part they nailed the key games. It’s missing some fighters, VF4 Evo come on. Sports is underrepresented.