Windjammers 2 announced (Switch/PC, 2019)


Oct 26, 2017
Youtube channel description talks about 2D hand drawn animations. Althought they might be talking about cutscenes or whatever.
That would still essentially be sprite based though, even if they use high res drawn art. Not doing a pixelart style can work but we’ll have to see how it’s handled.

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Oct 27, 2017
Switch is good, might actually find a playerbase there online unlike PS4 Windjammers.. Even though Dotemu might have fucked things up, never got it to work in the beta. Will keep an eye on this!


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Oct 25, 2017
I'd imagine the guys at Windjammers France lobbied for this pretty hardcore lol.

Potentially good news! Although I'm not a fan of the artstyle so far. Someone earlier said it's spot on, and I disagree. Yes, it's colorful and tries to replicate the 90s over-the-top nature of the original game, but from the overall look is much more Western. Windjammers 1 might be wacky 90s, but it was still very much a Japanese game with Japanese designs. The entire development staff was Japanese, in fact. It gives me the same impression that (most) manga drawn by Westerners (or French artists anyway) does: no matter how hard they try, you can tell it's Western. Now, there's nothing wrong with that obviously, it's just that it makes the art pretty inconsistent between the original and the sequel (and, from a purely personal point of view, I gravitate towards Japanese aesthetics more easily). In worse cases, it makes for a weird blend of Western and Japanese styles.

Something similar happened with Punch-Out!! Wii; the game looked great on its own, but you could tell all the graphic design was handled in the West (and it was). It gives the game a very different look from the previous 2 games and, no matter how good that look may be, it feels off to me compared to the previous games. Same with the Wonderboy remake: lovely aesthetic, but a definite departure from the original game.

Hopefully Windjamers 2 looks better/more faithful ingame, and the actual gameplay feels like a nice evolution of the formula. Very curious to see the game in action!

[EDIT] I'm surprised this isn't coming to PS4 though. Is it a timed exclusive or something?