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WJZ: New R. Kelly Accusations: Baltimore Women Share Stunning Details Of Alleged Sexual Assault After 1996 Concert


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
WJZ has this exclusive report that women from Baltimore has come to WJZ to tell WJZ about R. Kelly's sexual assault after a 1996 concert that occurred in Baltimore:

Two women told WJZ they want to see justice served regarding R. Kelly, one woman told WJZ that R. Kelly "needs to be put away" in jail:

One woman told WJZ she still believes that R. Kelly is still sexually assaulting people:

Here's a WJZ article: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2019/03/13/r-kelly-sexual-assault-allegations-baltimore/

Two Baltimore women, who accused R. Kelly of sexually assaulting them after his 1996 concert in the city, are exclusively telling their stories to WJZ decades later.

Young teens at the time, they snuck out to see their idol perform at the Baltimore Arena.

Since they came forward last month, another Baltimore woman said she witnessed what happened at a downtown hotel.

On May 31, 1996, R&B superstar R. Kelly’s Top Secret Tour stormed the Baltimore Arena.

For best friends 16-year-old Latresa Scaff and 15-year-old Rochelle Washington, it was the concert of their young lives.

They were so excited, they called into 92Q.

“They had us live all over the radio,” Scaff said. “People heard us all over the city.”

The powerful concert ends, but the night is far from over.

The girls had fliers for an after party at the Baltimore Grand Nightclub at Saratoga and Howard.

They said they were living a dream — meeting R. Kelly.

“R. Kelly was scoping us out through the crowd,” Scaff said.

The women told WJZ they were given marijuana and alcohol, then invited back to the hotel with R. Kelly.

Mary Bubala: At what point did it turn from exciting and cool you’re with R. Kelly … to terror?
Rochelle Washington: He entered the room already exposing himself to us.
Scared, Washington shut herself in the bathroom. That’s when Scaff alleged R. Kelly sexually assaulted her; something she described at a recent news conference.

“When Kelly was alone with me, he asked me to perform oral sex on him. I was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol and I did it,” Scaff said at a press conference in New York City on Feb. 21. “He then had sexual intercourse with me, even though I did not have the capacity to consent.”

In an incredible development, a local witness named Sabrina instantly recognized the women and their story after seeing that news conference.

Twenty three years after Sabrina saw Scaff stumble off the hotel elevator, these women were reunited for the first time with WJZ cameras rolling.