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Wkd Box Office - 1•10-12•20 - 1917 Charges To #1 Like A Boss, Shows No Mercy; Underwater Drowns


Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
I'm curious to see how Weathering With You's second night take will look like. Given that the theaters only showed it twice (1 sub and 1 dub), the ~$1.6m take from Wednesday was pretty solid. Hopefully it can do at least another $1m on night 2 of the Fathom release. It's going to drop to 450 or so theaters this weekend which is still a respectable number. A shame none of them will be Alamo Drafthouses..
The second night only fell 9% so it's at just over $3m headed into the weekend. I have no clue what sort of professional estimates there are (none of the previews seem to be weighing in), but it would be nice if it did another $3m over the next 4 days.

Chaos Legion

Oct 30, 2017
To be fair, this was originally announced as two movies... Many moons ago
Oh, I didn’t know it was announced as two films. Nevermind then.

All signs point to them actually delivering not only a good Bad Boys film, but an actual good film on this one. That should be rewarded.
I know, I can’t wait to see it tomorrow! But I just don’t want them to rush a shitty follow up.