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Wkd Box Office - 9•13-15•19 - Hustlers Makes It Rain For STX While It Floats On Top And Goldfinch Sinks

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Nov 1, 2017
The Secret Life of Pets 2 has ended it's theatrical run with $428 Million

Total Gross: $428,057,265
Production Budget: $80 Million
US Gross: $158,257,265
Opening Weekend: $46,652,680
3.39 Multiplier
International Gross: $269,800,000
Opening Weekend: $49 million
Top 5 International Markets:
Russia - CIS: $24 Million
UK: $24 Million
China: $22 Million
Germany: $20 Million
Japan: $19 Million
Nov 1, 2017
Any word on what the P+A total was?

I'm surprised it dropped so far.
Probably around $70-90 Million.

The only article i could find was variety's Commercial tracker which only tracks TV ad's in US. $12 Million for first week and $7 Million for second week.

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