Wkd Box Office - 9•6-8•19 - WB's First Clown of 2019 Deflates But Still Scores 2nd Best Horror Debut, Overcomer is Somehow Still in the Top 5

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Oct 25, 2017
All I need is MONEY! Sadly, I feel like Wu is going to be one of those people who torpedo her own career with all the stories of her cast members not liking her.


Oct 27, 2017
Southern California, Mexico
I wish Ready or Not had been bigger.

A blood-spattered wedding dress with converse would be a rad Halloween costume.

Ready or Not is still the best horror film of the year so far.

Us felt too bogged down in the mythology and didn't know how to end properly. It Chapter 2 was too long, repetitive, and predictable. Pet Semetary felt inept in everyway. The Curse of La Llorona committed the sin of taking a specter of Mexican folklore and removed all of the culture from it.

Really excited for The Lighthouse and Doctor Sleep. Eggers and Flanagan won't disappoint.
I feel like my hopes were too high for Ready or Not. When it wants to be funny it is hilarious, but the jokes did not come as often as I would have liked. Felt tonally disjointed, at some points getting weirdly closer to Funny Games than Tucker & Dale but never committing to either side of the horror/comedy spectrum. That said, it is still a totally great film, just not better than Us or It Chapter 2.

I will say that Samara Weaving has one of the best primal screams I have ever heard.


Oct 27, 2017
Man I feel like I'm being crushed by my workload. Haven't had the time or the energy to post around here lately. :(

Saw It 2 last week and yeah, it's a weird, inconsistent movie that is all over the place in terms of tone. Scares aren't as good as the first movie (there's nothing like the projector scene for example), but it has some solid performances, especially from Bill Hader who sells the fuck out of a conflicted, repressed Richie.

Overall I'd give the movie a 7/10.


Oct 25, 2017

probably the best animated film I've seen in 2019. it's in a very limited engagement right now if you can get half a chance to see it I can't recommend it hard enough. It's that damn good.


Oct 27, 2017
I have no one to see Hustlers with this weekend and I'm not going alone lol

I guess I'll wait till next weekend.


Oct 25, 2017
Ok Hustlers fucking RULES. Had no expectations and absolutely loved it.
i hated it. Wife loved it. From the trailers, I expected a sort of heist, Oceans 8 kinda movie. Its not that AT ALL. Its a women-friends-relationship with Constance Wu and J Lo front and center. Which is fine, but not the kind of movie I really ever watch. Oh well, J Lo was pretty great. Didn't really love Wu (love her in Fresh off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians), she felt really miscast in the role.

The reviewers who said "this is the female Goodfellas" should have their review licenses stripped though, this is about as close to Goodfellas as The Lion King is.


Nov 1, 2017
Joker went from.

“Wow look at all this acclaim”


“Is this movie even going to be certified fresh?”

Real quick.

Just reading all the negative new reviews... I mean they all kinda just sound like Era's fears personified in review form. They don't even really trash the film for it's film making qualities or acting. But just crapping on how they perceive the movie is seen in today's social environment


Oct 27, 2017
Watched IT Chapter 2, it's merely ok. Good acting from all the cast, offset by a bad comedy/horror balance where neither of the comedy or the full horror successfully lands and feels a little too retready of the first part. Plus that ending... "I can never write good endings" is X-Men Apocalypse "Third one is always the worst" ironic (And then Dark Phoenix happened).


Oct 25, 2017
I know I'm late to the party on this but just got around to seeing Child's Play.. that was much better than I ever thought it would be. Pretty standard horror flick but it was very entertaining. Hamill knocked it out of the park and the music was incredibly good.


May 18, 2019
I've been to the theater alone many times, I saw Freaks alone last night but I guess I'd feel weird watching this type of movie without a friend haha idk if that makes sense
No one will say anything. It's all in your head. Walk into the theater like you own the place and ask for one ticket for the stripper movie like a chad.


Nov 1, 2017
I saw It Chapter 2. It was good, definitely dragged during the middle. I’m a little miffed they left certain things out of the book too.

If the first was a 9, this is like a 7.5

Gotta catch Hustlers next


Oct 25, 2017
Bountiful, Utah
Probably not so crazy prediction: Ford v Ferrari will be the highest grossing Fox movie this year.

For domestic it only needs to beat Alita's $85m. I think it'll do that.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
How is Angel has Fallen Top 5?? Lmao!

I was a big fan of Olympus Has Fallen, but I almost fell asleep trying to watch London Has Fallen. I heard the last one was terrible, so am legitimately surprised.
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