Would you kindly microwave ice cream/milkshakes?

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How do you like your frozen desserts?

  1. Microwaved

  2. As is

  3. Stir/Wait for melting without inducing it

  4. Ben and Jerry will remember this

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  1. Pedro

    Pedro Member Original Poster

    Thread written by Terraforce

    I know the ideal method for many would be to simply eat/drink your choice of frozen dessert cold, but personally most ice creams and milkshakes are too cold for my liking, so 10/10 times if given the option I’ll warm them up in a microwave. Nothing as unruly as heating it until it gets hot, but I generally heat them until they melt and aren’t as thick and not super cold. There has to be at least ONE other person who agrees that this method tastes good (and is secretly superior to cold ice cream/milkshakes). A lot of people will dismiss this alternative method without even attempting to try it, but I swear if you do this once you won’t ever want frozen ice cream ever again.
  2. PogChamp

    PogChamp Member

    I have actually done this before, as a kid. Unfortunately I did it with Butter Pecan, and let me tell you, the taste was so utterly vile I gave up Butter Pecan for years.
  3. LionPride

    LionPride Banned Member

    What the fuck
  4. offdutyninja

    offdutyninja Self-Requested Ban Member

    I'll do this if it is too frozen to scoop out. 10 - 15 seconds of nukage softens it up just enough to make scooping possible. :)
  5. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

  6. Pedro

    Pedro Member Original Poster

    I'm with you, Terra is WRONG.
  7. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    Thanks for the topic OP. Too many melted ice cream deniers out there nowadays, so this should shut them up.
  8. Sawneeks

    Sawneeks Member

    We'll get you help Terra, it's OK.
  9. itwasTuesday

    itwasTuesday Member

    Hot Ice Cream: The Thread.
  10. Mrfluffypuff

    Mrfluffypuff Member

    Hell nah!
  11. Medalion

    Medalion Member

    I like Milkshakes just fine
    but intentionally melting ice cream in microwave.. da fuck
  12. itwasTuesday

    itwasTuesday Member

    Grape nuts are okay though.
  13. Einchy

    Einchy Member

  14. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    Ice cream is too cold and too thick. Trust me, try melted ice cream and cookies just once and you won't go back.

    EDIT: And milkshakes are too thick.
  15. RetroMG

    RetroMG Community Resettler Member

    Terra, most ice creams and shakes are too cold for me, too.

    My solution? Don't eat ice cream or shakes.

  16. Supha_Volt

    Supha_Volt Member

    No, just no
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    Ice Cream
  18. Opto

    Opto Member

    Just... let it sit for five minutes?
  19. NullPointer

    NullPointer Member

    I usually just let it sit for a few minutes before diving in.
  20. sfedai0

    sfedai0 Member

    Get help please. Sane people eat it as is.
  21. Mecha Suplex

    Mecha Suplex Member

    I've slightly melted ice cream tubs from the freezer because the ice cream was too difficult to scoop out before.

    This is some other wild shit, tho.
  22. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member


    bad bear

    bad bad bear

  23. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    Five is not enough. I need my cream to be silky smooth!
  24. Sybil

    Sybil Member

    I mean
    it melts at a decent pace outside of the freezer and my tongue heat alone but ok
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    Shame on you and your puddle cream
  26. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member

  27. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight Member

    I have literally heard everything now.
  28. Sharpeye

    Sharpeye Member

    "Would you Kindly microwave ice cream"
  29. Teriyaki

    Teriyaki Member

    Microwaves were a mistake.
  30. timmbp

    timmbp Member

    Just drink a glass of milk.
  31. vatstep

    vatstep Member

    I let it sit for at least twenty minutes. Even then, it still doesn't thaw as much as you ice eaters probably think. I'd never microwave it though; something about that just seems wrong.

    I once fell asleep while waiting and woke up three hours later to a pint of cold soup.
  32. Squarehard

    Squarehard Member

    Patience, and let it melt/soften naturally.
  33. Opto

    Opto Member

    Keep it in the fridge then!
  34. ctfg23

    ctfg23 Member

  35. Yasuke

    Yasuke Member

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    My brother and his friend will microwave ice cream and they are convinced that is how milkshakes are made. They also only do this when they are high. I have given up trying to explain to them that’s not how a milkshake is made.
  37. Pedro

    Pedro Member Original Poster

    Tell me you didn't eat that.
  38. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    Sounds like you woke up to a pint of liquid gold!

    Ice cream tastes better than milk tho! And even after you warm up the ice cream, it's still creamy and is a bit thicker than milk without being too thick.

    tbh I warm up my milk before drinking cereal too
  39. Akainu

    Akainu Member

    Why even get icecream get some pudding or something.
  40. Kyoufu

    Kyoufu Member

    why can't you fuckers just be normal
  41. toohectic

    toohectic Member

    Are we talking close to room temperature? Don't' even tell me above room temp!
  42. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    No way in hell would it be above (at least the way I intended when making this topic). Sometimes it can even be kinda cold, just not frozen at all. Room temp is the max I'd say it deserves.
  43. Plywood

    Plywood Member

    If I can't scoop it out of the frozen box I throw it in the microwave to speed up the process.
  44. pirata

    pirata Member

    I...I get that ice cream soup is a thing, but to force it, to prefer it over ice cream in its intended form...I mean...you do you...*shivers*
  45. BTM

    BTM Member

    I did this when I was younger sometimes just for like 5 seconds or so to make it super creamy. Haven't done it for years though.
  46. badboy78660

    badboy78660 Member

    This. This is cool if you wanna get the cream into your bowl quicker, but heating it for any longer than that...grose.
  47. toohectic

    toohectic Member

    "Sometimes it can even be kinda cold" comes across as though room temperature (or just a bit cooler) is your preferred temperature. Well, we have desserts all over the temperature spectrum, so who am I to judge? I love soft-serve, but that still falls in the frozen spectrum.
  48. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member

    maybe try froyo

    that never seems to taste too cold to me
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    There is only one food on Earth that is good at any temperature, and it is pizza. Ice cream needs to be cold and have some semblance of texture (and this is coming from someone who did the ice cream soup thing as a kid). I do like taking vanilla ice cream and stirring in chocolate chips; the act of stirring definitely softens up the ice cream a fair amount. But intentionally microwaving it? Just... no.

    Or gelato. That's usually not too cold and super creamy.
  50. CM_Ace

    CM_Ace Member

    True way to eat ice cream: