WWE 2K20 first footage and cover stars revealed and no one noticed?


Oct 27, 2017
I haven't bought a wwe game since 2008, and that ain't stopping now. I want a game like AKI or Smackdown series, especially one with a booker mode. I'm really craving a booker mode.


Oct 27, 2017
The graphics are really good in the first 40 seconds, but then they started showing the PS2 version for some reason.


Oct 27, 2017
Looks like the exact same game as last year, and the year before and the year before.


Oct 26, 2017
That Smackdown mode will be the only thing I'll mark out for.

Other than that, when's the AKI AEW game?
Nov 24, 2017
It leaked early, tomorrow is the official reveal, yes it sells... and wow the comments on this thread is silly, i had to make sure i was not on neo for a second.


Nov 15, 2017
Crazy how i can be satisfied with the graphics of the ps2/gamecube era wrestling. I think they should shoot for that as the graphics and add more lighting and worry about the resolution and animation. 2k wrasslin just doesnt look good to me.


Nov 28, 2018
googled Visual Concepts and was surprised to learn they have 5 studios—including one in LA working on these games—and another one of them is making a racing game?
We are seeking a World Designer to join our development efforts on an exciting new vehicle-based, open world project! Within this role, you will focus on shaping engaging game zones where you will create exciting missions and events. You’ll work with engineers, artists, and other designers to conceptualize, prototype, iterate, and ship large activity-filled play-spaces.


Nov 4, 2017
I would take another legends game( with better gameplay) over one of these games. The formula to me just seems tired and I'm not into the current crop of wrestlers.


Oct 25, 2017
If that special edition is true, Chyna finally appearing in a game is bittersweet. They've finally acknowledged her but after she died. Pricks.

I'm probably going to pass unless they do some major changes. I liked 19 but it was still an incremental jump from the last one.

Indiana Jones

Oct 27, 2017
2K19 was really good 🤷🏻‍♂️. Best version of the game in years—I’ve been playing it year round, rather than dropping off after a month or two. Fun career mode, decent showcase, Towers mode is super fun.

The worst part is the sound design. If they can finally get the crowd and the commentary sounding good, it’ll be a really solid wrestling game. I have more faith in 2K than I do in WWE fixing their awful shows, honestly.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I have more faith in 2K than I do in WWE fixing their awful shows, honestly.
Same, but only because I've heard chatter that Yuke's will be gone after this contract in a few years. Hell, even Yuke's themselves think these games are bad and they're making another wrestling game to show what they could do with some time and budget.

2k will probably make it a well playing game deep in microtransaction hell


Feb 22, 2019
That was a period of like 6 years. From the time WCW/NWO came out on n64 until the Shane buying WCW storyline in WWE. It's been trash ever since. A few blips of good here and there (Becky WM main event, NXT start) but American wrestling has been garbage for 2 decades now.
I agree, except I can't stand Becky or Roman Reigns and as they're both the top stars I don't watch.


Oct 30, 2017
I'm always interested, but the fact is, they have'nt changed much at all since 2k13/4 tbh, we've only just been able to get 8 Characters on screen again (since 2001 I should add which was the first time they did that) wheres my massive Royal rumble mode or at least a proper 5v5 Survivor series match, go all out!

The thing is, yukes have seemed to forget that in making these as sim like as possible, they've forgotten that they're supposed to be fun games as well, hence why No Mercy is still held in high regard


Oct 25, 2017
Looks like finally you can take you created women wrestlers into My Career (long long fucking overdue)



Oct 25, 2017
Adds Chyna but not intergender matches. Feels bad.

Least I could mod it. Doesn't seem like they've added much more, towers do not interest me at all, neither does showcase.

Host Samurai

Oct 27, 2017
The grind was one of the main reasons why I turned away from the series. Took forever to unlock all the legends and don't even get me started on the story mode grind.
Oct 27, 2017
My friends and I still reminisce about the Federation we had in No Mercy. The gameplay was just so tight there.

I can't believe it has been almost 20 years since a great Wrestling sim was on the market. All Stars was a nice reprieve, too bd it sold like shit.

Indiana Jones

Oct 27, 2017
Interesting... in the press release that 2K just put out, they say the game is being developed solely by Visual Concepts. Doesn't mention Yuke's anywhere in the release.

I wonder if Yuke's is off the series now? Could they have licensed the engine over to VC?

Edit: Just checked, previous press releases all said "Developed collaboratively by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts."