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Xbox E3 2019 Briefing |OT| E3 Only on Xbox.

Slicer Dyster

Dec 20, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the official thread for the Xbox E3 2019 briefing. After last year's conference—for most of us, a positive one all around—and the ever-present inevitability of next-gen nearing, all eyes and ears are pointed towards Microsoft. First party games and announcements, third party games, service announcements and more are all on the way. Below is a quick summary of what you can expect to appear in the show. Enjoy and have fun!

When does the briefing start?

Where can i watch the briefing?
Mixer / Twitch / Youtube

What to expect?

These are the projects we can definitely expect at this E3 briefing from Xbox:
  • Halo Infinite
  • Gears 5. Possibly more news on Gears Tactics/ Gears Pop!
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • State of Decay 2 expansion
  • Forza Horizon 4 expansion
  • Something Age of Empires related. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition will be playable at the booth.
  • Wasteland 3 (Note: Still coming out on all promised platforms from the Fig kickstarter campaign.)
  • Outer Worlds (Note: It will still be published by Take Two's Private Division).

With MS aiming to have an "industry leading first party organization", we could be seeing possible further expansions to the current Xbox Games Studios list. Ofcourse nothing is guaranteed and there could be stuff that's not ready to be shown for this conference that'll help Xbox in the long term.

Some of the [email protected] titles that we've seen last year:

Third party stuff? Last year there was:

Stuff that we can definitely expect during the show:

Rumored to be shown during the show:
  • From's next game. (Bandai Namco published)
  • A new "Tales of" game (also published by Bandai Namco ).

Services and hardware:
Very similar to the Project Scorpio trailer of E3 2016, we could expect some info in the form of developers talking about the new generation and what they desire from the next-generation systems and/or technologies. Other news related to xCloud and Game Pass could be shown during the briefing.

Xbox at E3 after the briefing?

Xbox Hype Train:

Now with you being caught up on what to expect, let’s all...

Jump In!

Massive credit to Oluasc for the hype ship artwork, Sikamikanico for the XboxERA logo, Klobrille for the Xbox Games Studios banner, Kaironaut for the intro of the OP and Theorry for the suggested title. 🍻
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Slicer Dyster

Slicer Dyster

Dec 20, 2017
Briefing summary:

  1. Outer worlds (Obsidian)
  2. Bleeding Edge (Ninja Theory)
  3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  4. Minecraft Dungeons
  5. Star Wars Jedi
  6. Blair Witch
  7. Cyberpunk 2077
  8. Spiritfarer
  9. Battletoads
  10. RPGTime The Legend of Wright
  11. [email protected] Segment
  12. Game Pass for PC segment
  13. Microsoft Flight Simulator
  14. Matt Booty announcing new studio: Double Fine Studios
  15. Psychonauts 2
  16. Lego Star Wars The Skywalkers Saga
  17. DragonBallZ Kakarot
  18. 12 minutes
  19. Gears 5 - September 10th & Xbox Game Pass
  20. Xbox Elite Controller
  21. Dying Light 2
  22. Forza Horizon 4 - Lego SpeedChampions
  23. Gears Pop - 2019
  24. State of Decay 2 Heartland
  25. Phantasy Star Online 2 - Spring 2020
  26. Crossfire X - 2020
  27. Tales of Arise - 2020
  28. Borderlands 3 - September 2019
  29. Elden Ring
  30. Phil Spencer talking about xCloud & the next console. + Project Scarlett video
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Oct 30, 2017

Microsoft already knocking out of the park with Game Pass for PC, can't wait!


Jan 4, 2018
Let's go.

Hoping for an epic Halo Infinite trailer and Banjo-Kazooie or perfect dark. A man can dream.

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Oct 28, 2017
Give me R3make!

Also interested in AoE4, Gears 5 and Cyberpunk. And anything like Mass Effect to be announced.


Oct 27, 2017
In years past I haven't been able to resist reading the leaks... but I'm not gonna read that thread. Going in [relatively!] blind.