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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility |OT2| “We’ve got to go back Marty!” |

Oct 27, 2017
Damn I wish I hadn’t turned on Fable 3.

I had much fonder memories of it.

The blurry motion is horrible. And the audio emulation is screwed up at times. (Some missing textures and limbs as well).

Oct 27, 2017
I am loving replaying Fable 3. The over the top motion blur is an art choice that doesn't translate well to 4k but it looks great otherwise. Not having issues with missing textures though and while there have been some incredibly minor audio glitches, they were short and barely distracting. Maybe had 4 in 6 hours of playing. No other issues.

Looking forward to repaying 2 afterward. That is the nest in the series, an absolute masterpiece IMO. I really hope this means they are going to announce Fable 4!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero XB1X enhanced patch next. PDZ really needs the input delay fixed too though and I doubt they will do that :(

If I get those two I have almost everything I want, Driver San Fran would be nice but I already have it on PC and it runs 4k 60fps no problem.